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Samuel's Poetry & Thoughts - I'm an open book. Clear conscience. Just, days are sort of not knowing what to do. So, why not. Maybe someone can give me advice despite my clueless and dogma. - Very blunt yet obscured.
In The Light
Of my ancestors they cry spirit wound. Yet it heal.
The house of the common stands firm in the truth.
It is not mine alone, but that of what stood.
I rebel not the divine or mankind, but nature in twine.
Arguments of life proved my belief true.

So love tested, so action fail - strange thought.
With dignity strong it accustoms right.
In the passion of indecency nature mockery.
Not for me to fear it but the practice and applicable.
Inconsiderate forced banes or unstable systematic way.

For a man to state of burning flame.
Impure or pure the flesh, pure the mind's intention to insane.
The heart knows the ancient sign.
Mortified is the stone.
The shell broken yet mortal.

Incarnate the wound yet not immortal.
Ever lasting is the way.
To seek and know is pointless.
But to understand not invites.
The boasting of intellectuals is vain glory.

I saw a barren darkness - much opposed.
It shall not encompass but to my end.
Less life gave new beginnings to the mercy.
Or the darkness find its rest to change.
Silence it the counter.

What truth is this? - Others gave their soul.
They ultimately destined for life to gravel.
Of they who cured to escape, a blessed peace.
With those cursed, pray for them.

For it was not I yet their submission.
To O so great, many seen their captors.
To know it not but bound...
Even the law to courts must be re-found.

Indeed seeking to solve puzzles together,
That before and after me - to I was free.

I sought thee in modern to past.
I recite the past to future.
Live for the day mortified.
Up to the fullest life gave, cast not I.
Nor should I blame it with first of stones.

To know the liars of the truth.
They devalue and are dogs of their own actions.
For they know their outcome insecure on the trees.
Their choice, greater the dawn to shade.
O forbade my decision, yet established have ye.
My fortress, my strength, O LORD, thine way.

I cannot curse though had.
It will remember my blasting.
But validity in reason I shout.
For it was the sight wrong.
Grow from thine tongue.
Behold new visions!

Ultimately if guilt and life not refine.
It is I confess it to silence.
In the brightness of holiness to righteousness.
The LORD strong - the truth thine bounds.
Mankind weaker - powerful aggression towards own.
Unite they shall, yet nothing vile shall see or harm.

Thou observer - Love them.
Even if the emotional chains break.
You are set free.
Mending forever thine choice route to destination.
Accepted by life, death, man, and eternity as a memory.

Why sorrow thou? You of sight can see it.
Yet, I of mercy spare you.
It is so I delight in each.
And nothing wrong in thine hate to calamity.
Shall you disclose the hatred, and break them.
For thus is not yours to repay. It is LORD's.

Council and others shall gossip behind your back.
You expect it, so granted it is not.
Yet, they still do, so it does not re-fracture.
Nor should you define yourself as they.
The faces and indulgence of many mirrors.

Of which you shatter great O fist.
You are blessed to not see the greatest of sin.
For the wrong you do.
Cross and change took burdens.
The yoke is easy, and your burden is light.

Choose not the angelic or demonic.
To be thine own and it sets you free.
In mankind's dishonesty some stumble.
They of council refute if true authorities.
Yet, they see righteous a jury to the scrolls.

For they rewrote history before you.
Ashamed the mockers hide it.
Yet the old kept torn or omitted portions.
You of all hold an ancestry.
Of the forgotten foundation stone.

A man and a servant.
You are a friend unto them.
And not an enemy of each.
One is beloved.
O merciful and peaceful.

Adore that which saddens you.
Admonish that which gives hope.
It is not in I, it is not in man or divine.
Before it, was darkness impure of malice.
Yet you are the shine pure.
Not by body or mind but righteous.

Breaking a seal.
Not the other's scroll.
As their page is yours.
And I shall resolve you.
And build council within you not know.

Expect it not of thee or me.
But understand.
I shall not manipulate.
But test ye.

You are blameless.
To blame yourself.
You took on sin deep.
Let the burden not manifest.

For man to spirit shall take from the author.
Restoring ever hopefully with promise.
More than I though blind could perceive.
It shall last, natural love in thee.
And that compassion I give to thee.

My face, revealed in your ancestor.
Know with my gaze.
My tears unwanted.
Life prefers the positive to delight.
Not pride or glory, nor of vanity shall shine.

A dream to peace.
Ever of the current they shine.
Not in mine, but thine.

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