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Samuel's Poetry & Thoughts - I'm an open book. Clear conscience. Just, days are sort of not knowing what to do. So, why not. Maybe someone can give me advice despite my clueless and dogma. - Very blunt yet obscured.
Thoughts To Glory
The world is silent to shun innocence in people, even of themselves.
Had it not been for the suffering, reputation would not grow in the wicked.

I to argue for the sake of sanity's peace rejoice though saddened.
The hypocritical is not of me when one seeks truth of self.

The thoughts a regret to them, yet a cure in one to more.

Who is an enemy, who is a friend? - when one is shunned by many because they too are a people. Yet not of this world. For the greatest of judges against, is the self. Others say the past puts one down. - This be true unless it builds many more.

I see the above statement like this. Who gives a kiss of Judas? Probably many, though that was a sanity that deserves death for the first to treason if so intended to harm.

Golden rule, to understand, yet not be like execution - yet people do not seem to get it. Nor can I really tolerate it of those who are close; for they depart from suffering or in ages to remain. They have failed to acknowledge existence of much. - As I was blinded, but saw it of old.

Therefore I read, knowing because my days are committed to a promise. Or I type out in favor that one continues onward - an author of my own way to its distinctions.

I can be blamed for the worse of them and not know it. Yet, in my denial or acceptance, one is at rest or ease.

Being called blameless by the world, is not the same as being called blameless by God.

What angers me is the value of instant where life is inhumane then brainwashes others towards hatred of a singularity.

But that is a different story or association, not because one is of some position.

I blame not God. I cannot blame the ancient of other sides that do so for my feeling, though they are a cause to the pain. It was darkness to the methods that life impresses upon the individual rather than adds to a solution for better.

It is by ignorance I see, where others can leave a rude remark as I have to respond in case to them. - whether that be my blasting, or a political party.
I do not discuss with them power plays compared to the news. Or rather it is inevitable based on their interests to hatred towards living people or a free world.

It is not the fact that the world frees itself, but it is people try to diminish values in others. Thus causing their perception to be hatred towards others with lands.

Some would get this confused. That which did not affect me yet knew of it, I observed. It is others' story. May it not be intertwined in chaotic mix again.

Those out of control circumstances, in much, I shall not be bitter.
Nor should they through positive means affect.

For like the eyes of them who prowl on kindness, my LORD takes them up.
Or they refined to a similar passion. I to be the creature according to intolerance.

They knew what occurred or studied a matter fully, whereas one could not.
Yet bare through each one to their own an issue. It is by hence, I knew the sight.

By them, the outcomes, yet they acknowledge not the causes because they associate themselves to it and corrupt themselves of vitality.

Not for me to be judgement, but to look with a gazing eye. It is not a corruption, nor manipulating eye - like the one denying evidence when scene, tossing it aside.

It is by the thoughts in my own head for which I perceive though the world longs to destroy its true intellect because it cannot act and choose to forget that which it was. Chaotic the means of them who are violent, yet peaceful want is the living.

Life and vain glory, is not my Christ or that which I sought. But in relevance, even in my own seeking today for a vision of prosperity, my treasure is knowing our paths will cross again. It is not by me looking when one is aware.

But O how deep so, a desire in me to know not through knowledge of one, life corrupt, mankind's law, or that which binds. For it in last visions led one to a true belief on God regardless of spiritual or mankind attribute.

This is that treasure where people want peace after persecuting it. And thus, that vessel shall not speak because of refuse. By acknowledging it exist, is a beginning.

Yet, what is true when one is strong, is the world will deny one as me as others see forth to their purpose whether chaotic or good intention to the glory or pride.

Thus, through proofs like the author, the world accepts and it denies.
But vision shown me, that it is seen. And I betray not the vision if so not lies.
Accustomed to much, is the reality of a vision and that which was a whole.

I am at peace with life, because I see content. Yet, it of life will shun the peaceful at rest. Because it of life suffers, works and sees its pain. True peace inevitable, I saw change in me to understand all sides.

Thus, temperate, real peace is of memory eternal and complete.
It is not by the pressure of man or business to entity.
Though people long for trials and journey to satisfaction.

They truly saw me in tears. Yet I neglect those tears to understand greater in them to I, if so it be found.

Ultimately, of the similar destination, there are paths of choice and that when one exist to live or die. Others a purpose on earth or domain.

As mankind searches losing their health by choice to that of grave some the vision, it is fullest of life was not in the man yet given and blessed.

There is greater purpose for existing. Otherwise life is cruel to its own. It is not to cause an increase in the statistic, nor decline. But preserve it does to expand.

The contradiction is so written in repetition. But we as all see many lessons.

It is true, they say, whom shall I trust.
Because I cannot trust anyone.
Even if I knew them, I know them not.
Family denies also its own way unless true.

One shall trust the mightiest of them and fail less bound by the condition.
The most intellectual shall be the most stubborn or wicked.

Yet, that who is of compassion not the most talented yet most wise
for the sanity of ages to prove or disprove.

Investing in the talents of many, leads to similar compare, yet because they
are more or less active. Whereas many be lazy upon the rock to rest.

Those who understand this in the world, they knew each generation.
Yet what conceals that truth to others lost or remembered?

It is they would clash and see no reason without restriction to power.

For something spared the faith in truth from all sides greater than the council who denies compassion. Unless it was by a defender to that of God.

Of them the council, who was my enemy, whom also was my friend.

For they the truest not so, would attack many people states a thought to me.
But to them who let others have peace, they are welcomed.

By the laws that guarded a man, it broke the law of physics to stability is not found in the world.

But had this be my boasting to peace alone,
It would not happen.to much worse an outcome for many more.

For there are associations to peace, faith, and love.

Others sought study in everything and further, therefore through knowledge they have peace or so supposed. But truly, they devalue the one thing that gives.

Deny not the first, and it shall restore unto them peace. Even in desperation there was a guard. Did it grant one rest.

It is no curse, but a blessing to the eyes. In that, a brightness compared to the thoughts of a figure.

Thus idols crushed, it is true compassion rest with that which holds mercy
and not in the head of I to the author, nor one who is wicked or of composition.

People will argue spirit and life. But have they worked for a solution to prove it true? And that, is something no man, sees.

Working together and not, they have proven me correct.

That I have seen God and His son convicted me at my own thought.
To the doors of heaven or hell and in the mind.

And if not, then God is defended for handing the keys to the Son.
For there were many names and defenders, that make it true before one.

No power of hell or scheme of man, shall ever pluck me from His Hand.
Till he returns or calls me home. Here in the power of Christ I stand.

A true Christian though bad example, yet pure in intention.

I want to know, what is true values of this world to find in it as others had sought.
Longing not for the world, but the reason proves relative unknown.

If I were to ask on the standards of the world, they would define nature and not purity whereas life itself now in modern is mostly pure intention, but not by choice. So equate that with what the standards were....

And law would deny its morality as would the teachers to the researchers on us and the captors who shut the gates to this generation with truth.

I am not pure and deed, but pure in heart.
And the pure in heart shall see God if permitted not by I the author, but God.

One belief is not a chopping block for chaos. Thus, I see we are hated because others deny and long for the greed of satisfaction. It will not last them the chaotic and those who indeed blame innocence.

For those who accept peace, they are not filled with malice of bloodshed like my threat to defend against the cruelty, sickness, and manner if so not permitted.

Others for their sanity, deserve morality and not the immorality of mankind.

What makes me any better?

Am I not human also?

At least, one was righteous and not blameless before God.

Yet, if one is loved by God and Man, with chaotic, can one see themselves true?
And that is life's greatest challenge.

The doctors, will try to state one is ill to the insane.
Yet are they not also of their profession and credential.

I state also to the one who makes law, do not force your people though elected.

Treat them as you and you shall see respect or disrespect from those in compare.

To them also, who was council aside from teaching me? It was those who grew along side.

Each one if the world runs by reputation, those of fame and glory, they fail as much as that who wants to elect for its position because each one did not seek peace true.

What is this peace? To I live it a rest of a LORD?
It is found in greater than I the author could perceive it.

Given of a heart by something of a being or conscience,
it is the potter, I am the clay.

Life accepts authority true over that manipulating.
The heart expects the reality. Thus, in contrast...

Is it goodness or wickedness of attribute?
And in that defines natural being to divinity.

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