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Samuel's Poetry & Thoughts - I'm an open book. Clear conscience. Just, days are sort of not knowing what to do. So, why not. Maybe someone can give me advice despite my clueless and dogma. - Very blunt yet obscured.
In The Year Of My LORD
Unto thee, O LORD,

I have none against ye for thou teach a man, and yet guide him.

The way of those who persecuted us and your people. - Whether that be Christian or Jewish to blame on the world's excuse, yet thou has defended, to the uncountable of converts, to that which also influences faith.

I read knowing your truth of many opposed to a single belief, yet, they are accustomed to the way of the world and that truth which no man can follow by one way alone.

Hence, I read something called a Grand Bible, or just discovered a project. - found evidences and their timeline - It shall be not fully readable by thee. By this I mean for me to comprehend it all.

The world was vile in the first perhaps not the last to the beginning of days.

To the Church, why do you water down the faith of others? in your way. And why is life before you blamed. It is not my belief but the sacrificial culture of some to the elder.

To the United Lands...

I notice your light O savior, and my pardon.

There is one book, rewritten throughout the ages by mankind. Yet as forsaken not is the original factors of each portion.

Whosoever prospers a peace, shall write or preserve the knowledge thereof in truth to their sight and the heart. Yet of the heart, it shall not lie to its people.
Or those isolated from.

There is no such thing as a high and low class where hence I come, if the world is of peace. But a freedom with sovereignty.

My Land broke away from you for oppression.
I see in my eye blinded on questioning the faith. I am strong in you O LORD.

The peace is not with the elder, nor is the knowledge of generations stable for the younger. But others have regathered it unto thee.

Shall centuries not repeat where the truth is destroyed, yet guarded for all eternity.

For I know in the days of revision comes generations that bow to or rewrite history of war and peace. Thus it lasted forever, till much come their way for judgement.

The world has grown in knowledge to blast their neighbor.
It has taken history from my land. Yet it gathers all in resemblance.

Therefore, where one is born, they grow with what they grow.
Love them not for the gain, but for them also as I, being a people.

For this reason,

Israel is not abandoned but by the elder to those violent.

The home of my land is loved for freedom that criminals flock to harm.
They have brainwashed my people. To the Western land.

East and West together are one to I, states a LORD to me.

The LORD will not let them harm his beloved.

Nor shall my generation understand though I not knowing all truth.
To live life to the fullest, granted by others to He more, the LORD.

They shall seek to gather it, preserve it not, then destroy.
But the word of the LORD is eternal and not the heavens or the earth.

I see it as a man's virtue with that in want or need.
Yet, what satisfies the peace was this Christ.

Why they of the desert destroyed our people for holding the faith others held of you? Hypocrites. So the criminals shall come back to their land or aggro.
They shall be a guard unto thee to me and shall not lay a hand unless life permit.

And the violent shall be judged within them, but peace uphold each.
For you are a people to the LORD, yet have committed treason.

My LORD is greater to show righteousness in judgement.
I judge not him nor should I, for I am patient and love is kind.

The LORD rebukes me. And in my blindness to see, He spares.
He spares them of each side, and I acknowledge GOD.

Those to demoralize the people in the law are not righteous judges.
Less they uphold the greater stability to understand and contradict wickedness.

For even a man not of the law, follows greater than the immoral sin and sacrifice even if one was not fully pure. But preserves and teaches his council.
They value in them to fight themselves a creature but yet they see reasons.

The desert shall come to me or I call a challenge to them.

You ignite in violence cause, yet may your purpose be peace.

Those who were against innocence cannot love God.
Less they try to rescue more in its way from the hands of the captors.

I have chosen the few to be a light of the world. They are seen as wicked because of their right to exist. Their oppression greater to the world for its cause. Yet others are born and blamed.

Thank you illegalities to elders of my country.

These people both are innocent.

The captors of man - the flesh that kills others without reason of my LORD justified.

The captors of spirit and lost hope - the devil to darkness.

You call the US a little Satan and Israel a big Satan.
But who was more not corrupted, yet corrupt.

It was all but these two.

A man who is electorate by real authorities shall reestablish and confirms its people.

The false authority argues my people such as the world argues its own laws.

The media is to blame not some say.
Contribute not to it the censorship and violence, and thou shalt not be blamed.

A man's ego shall get him. But, the situations of falseness shall twist the words of truth out of the fragments of what is important.

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