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Samuel's Poetry & Thoughts - I'm an open book. Clear conscience. Just, days are sort of not knowing what to do. So, why not. Maybe someone can give me advice despite my clueless and dogma. - Very blunt yet obscured.
Ancient Basis
In the land of the author, there lives a man unknown to the living. Guarded by many they call after the name but one cannot live according to the ancient formalities.

Nor should one call himself truth to falseness of the divinities that promote existence. For the man who is hidden from the chaos, shuns the unrighteousness of the world laughing at the sight of the indulgent actions according to the dogmatism of self-action to sickness of nature in the violent aggressors. Though the deeds are hypocritical in retrospect unto the man if so, tormenting the righteous to the witness.

The totality or creationists of the earth determine also the birth of the beings and creatures. The truth rests within the essence of life and how one predetermines a purpose in a loss of the intellectualism that rests within the cores of creativity within the earth and the habits of many distinctions.

How memory can be given to a successor is granted from above to given below. This was an observation of the conclusion and consequence of the ages. Or there is a question of purpose among the man to the value of existence as to live the treasures of history rather than perceive it all or to live the struggles. As some were of the vileness of promotion among the unjust of the physical treatments to uncivil action adorn not the living.

Yet, it was in the days of stability one lives their peace, yet in the attribute isolate it is distinctively vain under the multitude of observations whereas the indulgence is to progress in the negative mannerisms to effects. The man writes his story yet cannot stomach the proportionate truth of ancestors to more forgotten or slain.

Much seeks a purpose and a peace as so not to be hypocritical among the life or the possession if so, they are of the greatest in the truth towards the standards.

So it is in memory that others give honor in their overdue respect, greater more than any as one can fathom or strive. For it is in such, they give glory to that which was the life unto the death.

But greater is so not to revile it, but rather acknowledge the lessons learned from portions of it. The values of memory resurrect where something of unknown power manifests the figure to the spirit of ancient memory eternal.

Within the order of systematic morals and interpretations define the accuracy of claims to the evidence associated also engulfed with the treatment of nature and how much is preserved. It takes a guide and a teacher some state whereas much of it grew alone and or abandoned at an age of clarity.

Whereas life begins with the man and creature, the attributes begin with a source of singularity though itself is defined as a being and growth. Hence, by this means I strive not towards religiosity or law forced by malice to nature of mankind to bound. But for a setting of much to understand the concept of what external prosperity is while holding inner peace.

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