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Samuel's Poetry & Thoughts - I'm an open book. Clear conscience. Just, days are sort of not knowing what to do. So, why not. Maybe someone can give me advice despite my clueless and dogma. - Very blunt yet obscured.
Blessing Of Memory

Your word strikes my soul with pangs.
I can no longer see your vision, nor do I dream.
The light and the darkness mourn thine sorrows.

Modern age engulfs your way and they are devious.
Mortified is the captor yet they take hold of councils.
Against your people, the malicious.

I an observer, sought.
Failure by sight, to understand and to know.
Yet my vain truth, is your provision unto me.

There is not an honest one among them the shade.
Apart from the factor of me hiding as a creature.
Mend the soul of stone and mourn not my sickness.

Shine a light, that I may change to understand.
To question those who have wronged me.
Yet, none have done so.

It is therefore I cannot complain.
Because their intention made them suffer.
Yet, I to see the impure action, shun it or fight temptations.

Failure in nature of man, your glory.
Intelligence of stupidity in the management to intellectuals.
You shine forth glory uplifting the burdens of those whom are so.

Longing for a purpose of the currents a generation.
They shall not know but to depart.
Such a folly of those of hatred or sadness of own.

The man of violence shall be your defender.
I am not of such, yet they shall repent.
To understand you as I the first.

Evidences point to carelessness of own who let things happen.
But, the skill is not taught to them.
They whom believe true and not seen are greater than the seeker of deeds.

The deeds honor the man.
Yet life believes on existence.

The Lord is not with my land, for it allowed the law to break.
The Lord is not with the Mideast, for it allowed slaughter.
The Lord is not with the Western hatred of its mirrors.
The Lord is not with the Church, for its way was hidden by man.

The Lord is with me.
Till, I observe the fullest.
And life it shall prosper.

For my treasure is Christ's change.
The violence was in their soul.
Teach them compassion.

Their diversity, is the fault of generations in justices and right to wrong.
There needs to be consequences for those who are violent.
Accountability for those who hurt and brainwashed people.

I wish no curse as my sadness for which I had seen.
I wish no curse for that which I had acted.
There is no such thing as a shatter or meta verse to my LORD.

For my LORD is consciousness and spirit.
I shall not set myself above.
Nor should I set myself below.

The void is great.
Yet, with compassion there is hope.
Piece of chasm awaken not.

Nor shall I shatter reality.
As it manifested and I seen and missed.
I was not lost when blinded though I saw.

My hope is no regression.
The light of those who speak not.
It is in those who seek valid reasons.

The truth was not in the world.
Nor could own understand the young.
For the old regret and therefore ponder.

O Holy thought.
Your ground stand.
No darkness intent in thee.

I had seen death of the body.
I had seen the stains of people.
You guarded my eyes from Death.

In my heart there is pain.
Because of my activity and denial.
May I gather strength.

In it, I find pleasure to stay young.
I am your servant and a friend.
In you, much loves which ought to shun me.

There is nobody in my time I know.
For they had left the LORD.
Even those of doubters.

There is one that loves.
They know not the LORD I knew.
Yet they follow a peace and living.

Those of a generation who hated you.
Hated their people.
Or reviled their living way.

They could not find peace.
Whereas I found peace temperate.
Own up to it, we shine.

I pray for them all.
Even those different from me.
Shine on them and be content.

You spared them.
To I have seen your grace.

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