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Samuel's Poetry & Thoughts - I'm an open book. Clear conscience. Just, days are sort of not knowing what to do. So, why not. Maybe someone can give me advice despite my clueless and dogma. - Very blunt yet obscured.
The World's Heart
In the land of the rule maker, there rest knowledge of the people common. I the man speak from my perceptions about the foundation and the humanities of the man. The nature of centuries, perverse, vile and wicked before me was a world. The enhancements for vain and usefulness of the craft in powers, boastfulness to those of pride and integrities. In the time of the dawn, existence brings forth life to the vessel. It sought me to prove that something on earth was righteous. Regardless of my judgements and actions, it is how should one live fullest capable rather than set forth the perils of the execution. For what standing to validity in that which others had done in reason? Such question, mankind has manipulated for their naught and regression to non-standard and much corrupt sends them into a deeper slumber. My treasure is sought, the world unable to find, because it persecutes the man's life to truly spoken words and witness of others. But yet, at the cultivation, there exist a peace within the heart. Yet, they accused my people. The eternal one gave forth memory to that of which blesses or curses it. I shall speak no more negatively of God or divine than the captor to those of transgressions against it the lands whom taught me. Or that which grows stable according to my peace. Though, I deem myself not worthy, yet life spares the incarnate mockeries if innocence be found in the vein. The truth of this, is astonishing. Knowing my mistakes, who am I to define perfection? Such a meaning to others exist as the norm, when it cannot define the necessities to what makes also the person desire of it. The aggressor will blame compared to the holiness, yet the honorable will shine forth like a brightness or be shunned by the realities of own. Hence the sight, behold the people, and life refutes to show forth its voice to its ego without intention. A fleet of respects shines the man, and no compassion compel the sickness of days, wait within, and the bitterness of the harshness. But in them, I find such great delight. To understand them and not call myself immortal or a spawn. Compare it to one as a creature to not the sickness of man or dogmatism of nature found and life would honestly confess before it. When the time comes, it will try me. And it shall say to me has one truly sought me? And I shall say to it this. By whose commands I could not keep and required, yet have kept them in the back of my head, for the day I dread coming for the generations and those who repeat the devestations caused by the persecutors. By no means, have I witnessed like they. For each one to their story, and the environment residing by those whom they ought to understand. In context, what is such a treasure to me besides wisdom and truth that could settle or manifest my Lord before me. In this I dream for which sight and vision was taken from a man. For that which he sought, turned a blind eye because I knew not its lesson. It forgave a man while living. My understanding is this, it is not by the belief of violence, though others defend. It is by that whom accepts compassion and can at least express to show. Though vital is the challenges towards that, to others they call forth fakeness. Desire not the vain principles of those who seek destruction, but to relearn, gather, preserve, and enrich kindness. An issue of me is not the man but spirit to confliction if so one has confessed everything. Greater it is shown on reflection, more than the practicality. I see it like this, as one on the seat of much spared. To admit a fault, they would find blame or weakness. Yet it was the strong man who was kicked down, or those of the ideal who spoke it rightly that were blamed by the accusers. In such grow not bitter, and let life prove one rather than argue. It unfolds, a greater form where life brings forth its complexion. Manifestive it is seen, where even the dreams become a reality. This is power, energy felt, and dangerous. To live, be oneself, and control the tendencies, avoiding the sickness, despite our purity when it has to due with relations. Avoid preferences discriminating not. Be your own but love not lustfully with affairs but righteous. Though, it takes the elder to teach the younger they say. In correct, when it is those of similar ages suffering. Those whom did not teach or held back from us, perhaps. Life grows to understand the sanity of a child. Intellectual its parent and more of it to that of conformity. Because they are young, they read the soul and the treatment. The young in us. I am in no way worthy to be a father, nor can one adopt. But it makes me prepared to tackle on the bigger challenge, and to put up a restriction on ego to that of darkness accuse. I not to boast in this, but rather express my deepest concern for change and to relearn the life I once lost due to my way in silence, or that of humanity. No true intellectual speaks their mind, without a persecutory in it. For those judgement understand their laws to the violence they cause, or the hypocrisy of the man. Yet the true honor rest in that which teaches a disipline valueable to the human. Though it is up for one responsibility and adjustment to become used to it. It is not to say one shall restrict judgement from the unholy or unpure of motive rather than those who try to build decent relationships. Though in their sickness, the dogmatism which stricken, also accumlates me as a creature. Thus that is the nature and not the fact one is with wrong. A falicy on the cases, or the intention of what taught decency. In this people argue a source defined from pure hatred or disacknowledged goodness. Accepting as it existed and the wrong of ill-moral treatments, they know not the first of the birth, and therefore expect it the vice from nature which passes away. Unless it is the body of a woman, mankind fails to define spirit or the sanity of sexes rather than the sicknesses which others as myself have witnessed or defined. In our own context, better not to read all and understand it, to that of witness it some had and therefore cannot unsee. The way, one has committed an affair with life, is truly an altercation, but I challenge it everyday knowing it eats one up, when others cannot admit how they need to heal rather than harm. The man in denial will state, you hurt me with truth. It has intentions to bring a light on darkness and heal to guide with deep wings. Or have we forgotten, this generation of that whose truths we read? Yet, of them life persecutes? Repetion in a narrow mindset of a world whereas others have no methodology to progress. As myself from observation, because we pressured by that system, go forth with a flow of own. It is to state some perceive the options or force it upon a mass. The elder more responsible for the deeds of brainwashing according to its laws are not righteous for the foundation I grew. Cause it was not the basis of a man to that will which so was divine or could bring forth a guard of support to the development of the mind and body, and sowed a seed against the life showing forth transgressions by the council. What is taught unto them, is humanities and subject matters of histories associated to the living structure to that which shows forth ancient wealth given unto its sucessors. Ancient relics of time to the idolism of much that corrupts should not exist as a solemn means of peace in reference to that practical unless it contributes to the modern. But it is the lore that people find interesting and the comparison of life farther than the earth. This is lessons of much learned or a theory, since the days of the East bringing forth a foundation to the West. Yet, I was not born at your birth, it was the middle of a story or interception of a golden age. We the innovators of a society to more, had helped the world or centuries build ontop of them to repair, yet they understood not what was free, till leaders and people of own disacknowledged what indeed were true defenders to sovereignty and actual law and peace whereas the world did not know till it stole from us or blamed its mirrors. The only problem. People call the nations under God a ring of hell, but they are indeed people who fought and conflicted those of many beliefs that would tare through fabrics of innocent life. Those people who scatter a people, uncover the greatest civilizations for which life had destroyed many of itself. And others who were practitioners or researchers are free to roam to discover more of the histories that reveal a tapestry of millinial chains. Yet I question the intentions of them compared. The earth awaits the man's trial and the elements surround. But the deepest of doctors cannot understand truly the capabilities beyond that, though have studied beyond the aspects of humanity and spirit. Conforming also they, to a modern science, skeptical of the human basis. For centuries people fought, but life failed at its peace. To understand the beginning of an age to the end, they must establish a boundary to more of reason and balance. Not to conform to the way of the world, but for us to know the aspects of kingdoms to the judges. The highest power is no entity of man, but the value beyond the realm of spirit to what forumlates truly a conscience being to inspire it. My research on life to others or insight rather, was to progress and understand my sanity to the values null but not empty. If a shell is empty, can it truly heal? The way I know this, is if a man loses all memory and yet the body still holds emotion in it. Thus, this is something that no machine can do. For it serves not purpose of life or free will. We are in the age of advanced technical means, where people have used restricted tech, ancient tech, and modern tech. Eventually, the interfaces would overlap and therefore what is proper with the use of it? For a foundational structure which is lost with the respects of mankind teach others who are chaotic to manipulates living stability.

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