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Samuel's Poetry & Thoughts - I'm an open book. Clear conscience. Just, days are sort of not knowing what to do. So, why not. Maybe someone can give me advice despite my clueless and dogma. - Very blunt yet obscured.
Luna-scar (Research)
What I delight in for my belief. When so others had persecuted, or reviled where one has been according to their statues of their pride, for which is only temperate gain... Aside from living free as others ruin and commit mockery.

The history of the Vile shadow rests on the core of non-existence or essential to suffering of the heart to the physical pain where others cannot heal whereas mankind has inherited neglectful emotion without empathy or compassion.

Thus, a preacher to the formalities of the darkness era taught it to others yet through the corruption of thought and manipulation to alteration. I shall give it a name like no other, due to braveness as to even describe it.

But still,
it is a creature under that which is totality and a protectorate and not the ultimate authority. To be assumptive, both complexities would argue one another in personality apart from the factor, that something to be aware of one-sided factor, both would have to exist at the same time. To describe what was before divinity as a power is in fact questionable and insane according to the knowledgeable of witnesses or those who study spiritual consciousness.

The perverted would accumulate for sickness while the living promotes according to how it lives or nature. How it defines itself from the first, is purely a process of division from it apart from absorption of attributes. For the consciousness gathers before it as others disguises it as light.

Others were ritualistic, trying to summon it for a colossus of power or separate forms leading them to their ruins of personality and balance. By much pride and generational error, chronologies are slain. It shall not be called on again for its trouble. But in the days of calamities, it awakens from a slumber to engulf or rather life live without a story.

The desire of it would be rather than create for the life, it would form it, then make it a slave or let it die. The goodness and those who are violent fight it off together though each one isolate of each side in manner. The first of its kind was indeed wisdom to that which should not be named or born from essential reflections to that of the purest source.

I shall call this thoughtful yet shadow Luna-scar. For there is no way to accurately define it but as a manifestation of shade or to define it as worse than the Hellish who once defined pure beauty before it of them was even sought for on the earth by many.

Others define the purest form or a guardian essential to their being as the aptitude of soul and physical manifests of intertwined energies with emotion.

Lessons learned from a modern era of the stupidity in AI generation
God is still alive on this world, yet unknown the memory rest with me...

It would be a disaster to screw the mentality of mankind as many have cloned the body with pure indulgence and intention. Better, do good for healing wings.

God help mankind as a whole to that of people find decent relations. A prayer for them not to have an affair and cast their body to the dust. Though one is not to talk.

You cannot put spirit into this. It would be a sacrifice for the altar. Thus a human has a vital spirit and that has a heart. For the flesh and spirit is the shell, the emotion its heart.

I whom have loved first before myself, know again that one as I must learn love righteously to feel emotion. The Lord hates my sickness to watch and observe.

Yet, I understand and therefore continue my research alive with grand hope.
Life has proven me correct regardless.

Though incorrect my method to discovery may be. It will conflict me at death. The world if it scars me, shall see a memory great lost.

As much as life cannot reflect that of power, it shows I still hold true where others have forgotten. From that of the first to that of the era modern.

From the stupidity of elders, to the perversion of others to cast aside law and commit mockery among innocence.

In my expression to words,
I love perhaps not the action. But righteously within reason.

The stupidity and sicknesses of life, will ban purity in that whose land sought it.
Thus, that will be when truly they shall not heal but by the magnitude of much again. Repetitious is history but a golden lesson unto we.

If truly I knew my darkness or my light, it would be one or the other to slay or put and end to me. Or to let me suffer as I continue onward in that void of temperate happiness. Therefore, at the Cross, I am satisfied of life and change to resurrect with life. Though my flesh is weak and spirit torn, I shall see glory. Not by heaven or earth, to being or man, but by a LORD.

What is it that I am seeking?

So states a thought to me.

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