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Samuel's Poetry & Thoughts - I'm an open book. Clear conscience. Just, days are sort of not knowing what to do. So, why not. Maybe someone can give me advice despite my clueless and dogma. - Very blunt yet obscured.
Let An Author Be an Author
Life I shall not blast besides this, that my ego gets the best of me.
Yet, at its cause or worse is the intellectual indulgence of those who are aware
to commit over the action of writing that summarize. For others of the industry
more and rebels, chose to not let people be. Therefore, settle it so down, to reveal truth before them, for a greater debit is owed by the causes more than that which was passed down. To contribute to the cause separates one from the continued value or such of life.

For which sinners prosper and care is not a problem with the heart of pure values contrary to the vitality of mankind and natural care for their persons. The foolish mother to those who give birth or care not for life then murder.

It is not for me to state what reason but understand, for that is the life of more than the story or vague view explained by myself.

Others and the corporations took our work or hacked accounts destroying it, thus, by no knowledge have they but judgement and those who got away were spared compared to the world allowed it of wrongs to progress. A righteous judge is needed, compared to perfectionism and chaotic.

Compared to this the intellectual spiral is that no man is prosperous if such there is no rotation or experience of a barter for the world to change, enhance, or preserve, rather than the natural decline. To me entertainment and knowledge is useless for repetitions of censorship or forgery.

They understand more experience because of their possession, but the value of experience through possession does not beat the heart of nobility where others work. Others agree or predict, but life that defines evidence belongs true to the authors. Thus, I also an inheritor, of a crown.

Intellectual theft or data through the purpose of machines is frowned upon. Though life itself blasts and be a hypocrite to the standards. True is the formality of the words compared to the witness of eyes that perceive and cause. The author, a void in the existence, knows no limits, compared to one on the grid, yet vital is a spirit that roams free compared and binds by a chain.

The industry does not want people to be an author for they dictate the life as existence. But the problem with this concept is we grow and see our way clear compared to the generations that were corrupt before us. Thus, they the younger in their own way, and hopefully not the fraud to wrong are authors in own distinctions. Others will argue power, but nobody knows true worth. For they had given history to the common man. And the man became himself an author.

For I had seen, and yet was wrong, yet I was proven. Is the argument made to define the author was true. For life reflected the truth of authors. It is not life I argue, but mankind bashing one belief, for they must choose to agree to disagree or bash all in the process, as so to define the truth that life forgot or forgiven the troubles thereof. Not to forget, the worse is forgiven. And each to the other have their own story and purpose.

In ignorance I act yet contain our truth. That which the world forgot, understood yet knew not stability at its cause. Thus, the author shall have forth more compassion or lack of remorse than the practitioner on their fellows.
For in this, life itself and us, are authors more than the executioners and those of slander. For they see the truth and denied life a chance. So, they shall not see the gates of majestic glories. As I weep for a story states the author so shall it be that experience defines more the mankind, and the stories define the old and new.

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