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Samuel's Poetry & Thoughts - I'm an open book. Clear conscience. Just, days are sort of not knowing what to do. So, why not. Maybe someone can give me advice despite my clueless and dogma. - Very blunt yet obscured.
At Peace With God And Mankind?
Holy songs in love became a perfect will of connection be.
Fore told legend, no longer but cultivation of the art.
A place due part or of way O noble heart.
Thine perfection is my refinement, yet so be God, eternal be.
My memory not in action, yet wisdom seen.
Mankind of sorrow, how fallen art me, to remember and dread see.
Yet forsake not thine passion of the branches and clear thine mind.
Of thine deeds imperfect or chord sever not if true.
Divine Peace, thou love or to pull harp strings

To be at peace, let them be an author of life which admire its own.
We shall meet again states the descendants. They toward knowledge.
And shame on mankind through vile shall I not act to judge
Great mercy from thine graces and a captivated heart of restraint.
As time is lost among your song, O benevolence, know thine deliverance.
For ancients encompass you and nothing is not known to them.
They sought to build and revile rather than love and persist to stand.
In you to they of ideals and so many more, what shames thou about stability in essence?

If so nothing, questioning one, test the all, and before it grand is wisdom and the journey. I spoke wise young but they understand me.

Letting my guard see no reason, who was I to them when life knew not.
Diverse asunder thine way, you and I see purpose. For not in I, and not in you, but order. A system that none can sever is my compassion to when hearts witness and choose the ice to captivate or sovereignty of flames. Grow and see, for I perceived to this day where measurements can venture not. It was in them, I sought a time, to be of me an author. But of thine a divide in the divine compared to the nature of vitality. If so crushed the idols of man, their spirit ever grow with them for eternity sought. Live.

The true faith is of no man and not my belief's contradictions. If they sought it they would not manipulate, nor could they fathom how great. The life encompass me, permitting me to write its secrets to thee. O how great a debit to pay for what I owed in action. Remorse on the authorship that send so great effects of our generation's pain. Ease, and be at rest O art to foundation. Your crucible stands and echoes out to the listener and the discern of that for which it types and never knew but of its emotions.

For my suffering is no transgression, but a blessing to those who admire to acknowledge something if not one. For by argument tarnishing me, they proved it existed, and that faith to evidence no man nor memory can destroy. For it is a being and thou as it to I are art. So beautiful yet perverse, thine refinement, is a wicked man's purity or to spare some the man. But the endeavor of that man, changes great with his way.

Guard not the intention of those who are sacrificial, but see thine truth as the man who guards his reason for sane. Among the sinner he held back yet speaks. No man can know the suffering so greater than those who live, but the man of trials understands not laziness. In his efforts the author writes and tries to understand O compassionate thought so grand. God is with us and it was last memory of one as so the world could argue itself. For preservation cannot write the stories of so many, yet few.

Take a pin and a quill and write your story proved among the courts of the magistrates and the law and life of mankind will put them down, as so as they did your idols. I would base the spirit passionate of the man to divide itself into an essence of its own. But the being cannot divide less it become a portion of that life and then wherewith does the other of its attribute go?

In it, rest a grand mystery. Mankind has known all to essence and spirit, but they could not base emotion in soul. They shall see, their error too late, and detriment to the world. But it shall be in time thou O maker to natural man heal by election and wings. The foundation crushed beneath his feet, for my kingdom was given, and it of spirit in the man to divine understands its own homelands.

For the council betrayed me, yet I sought it. And it taught me, though I not knowing. Therefore how can you know, less similar, worse, or alike the cause of pain. Heal O life, stumble not before me, though repetitious a cycle to the patience of my counters. Ego avail not me, but I explain rather than argue. It is not in me to judge without reason, what hence does a man ask, and say that I have preached, when others truly of violence express?

Mankind has betrayed a foundation and accepted.
What say thou? The LORD, left ancients in Shiloh.
The LORD, left his home in Shiloh.

He shall not forsake them for those who trust and remember.
For he has granted a purpose beyond my knowing for each.

How you each blast a belief that is peaceful, yet you must test them all. As each one is based on a man or being, but not overall the spirit of truth.

And soon the LORD leave the author if he is vain.
But not so, states I the LORD, for I watch him and test him at his truth.
It proves so the man as others argue or refine him.

Yet he watches as worlds drift apart or sleep.
So, in what others mend and not hide, they can put together.
As you torn the East and West, look towards all directions.
And the glory shines in that whom believes the old truths.
Of that which grow, or that time which never sought to change.

The elder repeats, yet the mockery of the younger age as myself
understood them.

Whether one believes in so the author or not, life is proven before us.

Therefore, may it be kept, to my grave that I had the memories but not the whole of God and the other attributes of spirit.

Others went before me. And before and after are both foolish and wise.
Define perfection and whom knew it of great passion. Understand, the compassion stands true when others have it for themselves and it is not corrupted for its gains. My only intention now, is to summarize rather than argue. And in such I wanted to explain, yet others would just read and comment.

They could speak to me. But they truly refute the comments or the greeting.
Some words, best spoken are those in secret compared to the indulgence of the dust. But alas, even I forget at times what to say. For I too am a man,
and not that of absoluteness in clarity.

Greater than God, is Jesus, and not mankind's wickedness.
For I had granted him my permission as much as so others spare.
And they of compassion remain whom so not know yet live.

Life to be lived and not only by words. Testing the deeds we look upon our helpless state. To reconcile and to teach others how to see God with glorious sights.

The sickness or lack of my integrity I could spew.
But, the greatness as I decrease, my LORD increases more.
So states an author.

By name why do you argue a name of God?
Was it for evidence where life denied yet then seen?
As the author so exist, so the life before us gives to the being.

Do not believe what I believe out of pure spite.
But some day, life grow and wiser than I.
Powerful it is not more than the God.

Of that which beings make their idols to relevance.
There is one true God. And not by the mockery or indulgence.
If so being one God, there was defenders.
Let not the defenders lash themselves.
But they stand true towards the vile.

Life gave itself up to passion.
But the truth is a concept of morale bounds.
In the life which knew birth yet care not.
It shows life was truly not for its own.
Nor respectable were some as I.

From a kid, wanting to be an elder, but wiser than the parent.
That is hopefully some day, I might have a kid, and regret myself.

For in defense of that light, is a candle to my eyes.
And in it compassion though life knew me for lusts rather than compassion.

Women are to be respected, and not the carnal nature of dogmatism.
Though, we had forgotten over centuries, a principle to mankind has virtue.

Whoso taught me, when one has seen it the worse of life or more support it?
Yet, for not that reason but one of peace and understanding, I see righteously.
So states a magistrate to the defender and the author.

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