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Samuel's Poetry & Thoughts - I'm an open book. Clear conscience. Just, days are sort of not knowing what to do. So, why not. Maybe someone can give me advice despite my clueless and dogma. - Very blunt yet obscured.
In Time Anew
Ever singing of past deeds we look forward to brighter days.
The ancient grew from the times of old.
Younger understand the hearts of own.

With questions not known or rather no simple answer - reflect.
There is nothing for me to learn aside from find peace.
In a system broken of its bounds accept mortality.

I not seeking the immortal nor power as a lost sheep.
But it is our reliance on greater than us.
Wanting to understand I was blinded.

Vision for much restored in the stories that open hearts.
Their meaning - an integrity to those whom seek or know.
I cannot comprehend it fully, though see.

Their stories spoken and unspoken.
The words of songs and past to present...
It builds in accordance with harmonies.

That which is at rest or chaos...
Responsible is each for their causes.
Yet me not to argue some but try to understand.

For my intention there was none.
And mercy with compassion was greater.
Patience with each with no exception.

The innocent I shall not blame.
Though they were before my sight.
Others like me question.

The voice became silent as many accused.
In shadow they delight for chains to bind.
It shall be the light to reveal them.

Why they spoke against a people.
The council deserves it.
Greater was those of less power.

The attitude to follow and mend.
Broken they their respect towards sovereign.
When judges' roots act hypocritical.

They remain silent in media and tech.
About those who need to rise from the ashes.
Life is no criminal some say, to others a guard the cause.

Yet, it will be they accused who fight this battle.
And much will silence them to others lost of own.
They observed by their people.

That of which also does it no justice.
Rebels are indulgent in the court.
As leadership accuse its neighbor.

The truth be told.
It is overstep of bounds on the elder.
To say to a land, you shall not exist.

That of whom I speak,
Were against the false law makers to causes.
Yet with justice comes responsibility.

The world delights in violence.
I sought not vile passion.
But the people, mirrors shatter.

Piece by piece, it is taken from them.
As I have seen yet of the world worse order.
So they sent the cause to my land by their treason.

To deal with such action...
A silence at the council's cross.
Fallen a magistrate to more for their lies towards a people.

With a clear voice a ring.
The bandits hurt the side accused by its mirror.
Yet another left alone to accept, forgive, or revile.

Those who need life will come in legally.
And not oppress the righteous authority.
Those who are young, respect not treason.

As the elder commits their way.
So shall I see how much damage.
That they are responsible.

Knowing the totals rise.
And that of many scattered.
Even those who want peace.

You have a chance to change.
Rebels of both sides East.
Blame not your neighbor for all.

Those of mockery want one side blame.
Hypocrisy of witness to let it be to acceptance.
And it shall be dealt with accordingly to deeds.

The defender became the treasonous.
And the criminal the defender.
So I ask, can or will you silence the causes?

Or will you go about your hypocritical way?
Because of your benefit to greed.
And no remorse for the broken.

Justice will be given to the free.
The foundation will not let you go unpunished.
I can hear their echoes even if blinded.

You had accused the wrong people for invalid reasons.
Though they lose, a consequence on all.
Worse will come back afar.

You accept a dictator rather than freedom.
Because you indeed are a violent people.
Reverting the present, you know no bound.

Is why your side is a wreck.
Because others see not their error.
Or they turn a blind eye to chaos.

That which accuses for the wrong reason.
Shall be tested by its truth.
And it fails before the mightiest to witness.

One sided power,
The man whose treasure you stole willingly.
The man shall rise not broken.

Even if taken and hated for ego.
His pardon is by greater.
Unknown but righteous.

Though not to agree with one or the other.
The observers miscalculated this one.
So the council stands put on a hot seat.

The council accepts treason.
The systematic broken.
But the innocent man righteous.

He is not the first accused.
Perhaps not the last.
Like one found blameless.

Yet the courts reviled him.
As did people.
For heroism.

For all deed...
Of what promoted such....
An outcome is rise in security for the people.

A call to arms against that which hurt them.
And it others far shall realize.
The captor that broke them shall fail.

The one who promotes malice secretly...
He shall be judged an elder and more.
For a defender of many was stricken.

They blasted and blamed the foundation.
The one who has defended freedom.
Let others have their say of whom to elect.

Not by the rogue council man with false law.
Nor by the persecutors.
So the electorate valid.

Or what do you elect for life?
O world whom whose land you cheat.
Through the intentions of your heart.

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