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Samuel's Poetry & Thoughts - I'm an open book. Clear conscience. Just, days are sort of not knowing what to do. So, why not. Maybe someone can give me advice despite my clueless and dogma. - Very blunt yet obscured.
Failures Of The World
In the land I know life has its judges, in much, the modern should break the chains of kings to the morals of the priests far. Who is the liar, is the council that commits hypocrisy among its branches and calls it righteous among each. Stop making the law for a land that you do not care for. For you are sick and unrighteous yet acted with actions and practice against that innocent.

--------Mideast, China, Russia.

Those who do not promote freedom for all - the old american values to our ancestors, are to much corrupt though there is respect for the native.
Till they are like of old, we shall take from the younger rather than teach.

------Radicals in the education system. I am so glad not to be in school with people who hate your guts for a belief system peaceful or acceptable.
I am sorry, Palistine shall be free garbage, you made yourselves not free and caused bloodshed in the Western of a far Region. Now may the Far East have its due to that of hypocrites who attacked the people each of peace.

------Remembers ISIS, the two towers.

-------The ethics of business knows their sorrow. And they will find you on the same coin as the media.
Not listing the regions against the sand of time and the western peace.
The east deserves, its damage to the sacrificial and not the peace.

----Biden, Political Judges, Arguments Against An Outsider Whose Policies worked "Your Predecessor - a.k.a Trump", The Squad. All people democratic that agree with illegality and murder to war.

You should not be in governmental power and corrupt towards your people.
They the people shall fight for you no longer and they shall be at peace.

-----Vatican, Government, Democratic & Republican Parties.
Illegals promoting what is Unjust among a populace to change the conduct of the free and moral. And life that agrees without a valid reason to excuse is unrighteous.

Defund the police. - You sacrificed people's protection for your own hypocrisy.
Defend Gaza, defend Hamas, you terrorist supporting idiots across the world.
Defend a dicator, and that actions justified by law to Putin.

After learning a historical story from my mother, it was how women degraded the self long ago in the culture of such traditions. Or I should ask, why did she find it entertaining? - It is the media obviously but the sickness of nature influences. Not to argue her, nor state because I am not a woman. Though the senate of others because of political promotional immoral bias, could not define because of the sickness of life older. Should I a man define to you a woman what it is?

------Only the righteous to that of a woman please define to a man. Sickness by nature does not count, nor does altering the body and calling it truly a sexuality.
Exception: birth defects and medical problems.

Does not excuse: Rape, Incest, Murder of innocent or straight life.
Democratic abortion or killing through law innocent life does not excuse it.

It was though I being a man, did not need to know the acts of many from the oldest of cultures when it comes down to traditions. For it is not the originality of culture and royalty that brings respect to the modern. Watching a Chinese drama of the Yin Dynasty.

-----Media & Sadness of the People of China Dramas.

As in royalty that burned down or degraded those to commit slavery unto the just or innocence. A pardon of the spoils of war, was basically the summary.
Meaning, people can argue me how insane the native respects are of a land. But if we look back, for the sacrifices of what reversed a mirror was not in vain, but a lot worse to the visual site to stomach.

-----Comparison of The sickness of the Eastern Lands compared to West In Modern Day

It of action to media progression makes one wonder, to what the hell with the dignity of women? For the bride of the groom to mock the concubine or a slave after the punishment of war towards a citizen family by making love in front of the enemy and burning their family lines as one.

------The Culture of something restricted to lands. And the worse act of a woman to commit an affair or worse.

I grew up respecting the individual, regardless of type, though not physical aggressive sickness of both. whereas the government turned morals of my country upside down, to that situation of the radicals in nature who progress ill for the conduct. Few questions to ask them, who among them understood this factor.

-------The sickness of sexuality and hypocrisy of others who had kids that did not treat the younger or older well. Therefore, there is no line respectable.

The fools of my time, referring to the elder, and the children of the time period, were promoting of ill lessons against but for their own. Thus the sanctity of life.

They as I will never fully comprehend.

What was the point of this entry?

It was just something I watched, struck a nerve in me, but I share below details of what should be the main focus.

Respect to understand generations.
Respect towards life born and unborn for what it is or was.
Respect against the cultural values or rather sacrifices of the world.
Respect to know compassion and not the way the media thinks.
Respect to be dignified even if in-purity strikes a pure nerve. Righteous intent.
Respect to claim back memory and sanity to not blast. Growth in one.
Respect towards woman as a creature though different from man.

The shades will be like blame one race, belief, or nationality alone. I say to them you are conscience of beginning yet a foolish poison.

The Nations rage and war is caused by foolish leaders to the people who elect stupidity of themselves and yet promote it radical against the peace.

To those who are brainwashed into a case. It is your choice to support where you are from.

Leave the boarder if you do not belong there. And return to a place if valid.

----Illegals promoted by law, to that of a criminal at your own place.


You promoted or caused the wars.
Now you fix it or be bound by truth and people.

Biden screwed up as you wanted, now you got America's true brutal feelings against people who are so called fake democratic representation.

You of law violated the rights of the people.
So they shall pay you back with honesty.

The democratic are corrupt, and they who are independent of both call you out.
Those among themselves who hide, they will be found.

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