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Samuel's Poetry & Thoughts - I'm an open book. Clear conscience. Just, days are sort of not knowing what to do. So, why not. Maybe someone can give me advice despite my clueless and dogma. - Very blunt yet obscured.
Census of Life
Before, within the beginning of my Lord, in honor after a man’s song, I try to find reason.The man existed; the heart manifest great glories spoken authorship to define the days. To believe brings forth vital evidence and proof, emotion, understanding unto the life.To harness knowledge interprets and teaches non-corruption unto the age.

Seldom known, born intellectuals as a child. Those to raise, a guardian. Foundation teaches others growth; to survive chaotic or imbalances. Frail the condition but respecting of righteousness to the self. Sustaining health and strength attributes guards’ flesh. Peace and being content to satisfactory the soul.

Others deemed of respect or not so towards conscience is of moral value and treatment. The mind attached to its wants or to the needs to rest among the settlement and establish posterity as a creature or man. Apart from thus, and to be known someday for spiritual cause or purpose.

Each one to that which provides life is contribution or an entity. The ideal figure represents so the divine or a teacher to example. No artifact is a maker of itself without a crafter, to that of the natural being, nor object. for it is an attribute. A cycle of repetition, in the hope or without, what does one see aside from possessions? Though, not to ask for the intention of gain.

As a system or more of a bound which conducts itself holy through righteousness or that of choice to refute or explain. A brokenness contributes itself to happiness; yet of both qualities indeed there is inequality whereas others delight in or see each in natural perspective as equal.

The attitude affects health to extreme unless needed by carelessness or suffering. How others see this value interprets the order of an outcome made by representative cause. To determine the statistic is for the progression or acceleration. For much not to be lost or preserved, nor decline, there is a matter of stability.

Hence, not to control those by law or find undignified, unless harmful to the beings, there is a physical systematic concept whereas much remains yet unnoticed based on the total of statistic to attributes and totality of manifests.

In retrospect to relations, it is generational to preference and the health. Interests indicates the hobby or dissatisfaction of person to the reputation or denial of self.

True shade does not hold its compassion for the world nor delight in the peace that stabilizes from the first. Boasting in egotistical means gets nowhere but reversion as much as mistaking the attributive habit. This does not excuse the action though others have their own capacity.

The strongest of individuals remains true and accepts reality not caused or forced upon but ultimately challenges and tests their own way. For they adore without hatred or grudge without justified reasons not relating to the historic bounds of ancestors less traditional or from a certain time to mainframe dignity with environment.

The world is harsh people state, but it contrasts with elder grudges and the non-teaching of individuals as we the child to see our own and commit isolative reason to also environmental treatment.

Hopefully within bounds and not overly sexual is the conduct of life, though I digress to speak about what I had read or done in the conduct to my own and the vitality of each.

Leaving much to management failure causes a ratio of decline to hatred apart from the habit and personal respects to attempt to not be a creature with dogmatism.

The practice does not work compared to the intention for which it was designed or inspired. Explaining history to someone like myself, is like too long of a story to explain, for it involves the reality of sickness in mankind compared to what is grown and natural.

Thus, we deny humanity within ourselves to find greater peace and ultimately acknowledge though the paths lead down the same road in contrast to what is believed. Unique is that which supports relevance and yet is proven for others knew not without altercation of such types.

Consider myself not one with the equations to know them. But ultimately this is a study or a census. To back up what I state requires the deepest care and not abuse from those who radicalize a single point too. Whether correct or wrong, it is the life has been proven.

What supports a mainframe is connected to a variety of chains. Alternatively, it is stated to be no accurate number determining who or what was of the faith to deny such reasoning but from arguments that deny people the reality to understand who or what a creator was.

Wickedness and evil people deny the existence or purpose for something to live without slavery or alteration. Even if so, is acknowledged by scientists, doctors and researchers’ improbability to solutions. Not all are chaotic but healing or to guide. Thus, the glimpse of it gives forth a blind vision in contrast to thought.

Yet in it, I saw of the first to one’s heart as people grow up with inheritance or such of wisdom. That which heals with the relic methods is uncommon or not seen of growth today in the modern world aside from prayer genuine and not vain. It does not reveal prophecy beforehand yet proves it.

Not to predict, but to understand is the reason I state this as for the concept is proven of history and the visions for which others have shredded for sanity or for the sake of preservation kept it secret. The world lasts forever someone told me, yet if the world commits towards itself, it will only lead to drastic sorrow.

Not to go against the books, knowing I had not read them all, I too understood portions by seeing and a time paradox. In contrast to the ideals of mankind, they will not understand what was indeed indulgent of intellect but to not preserve the culture and reverse modernism.

To what is right, there was a structure and people attempted to break barrier bounds. As also of old known, of so its new. It is stated, there is nothing hidden from the world which is new, but the mindset or respect of the first of the old to the new, was not within them.

Rather, it is seen in memory eternal for which one who tries to find that mainframe, ultimately becomes blind to ego, or to the reality that something will crush the idolism of darkness, awakening a LORD from a deepest slumber.

Yet, much of powers to attributes will state what do I long for? And I speak to them as life twists the views. They will state are you truly acceptable to us, and therefore note is a danger to the perspectives and stability. It is I am one, yet I too am not perfection I own nothing greater, nothing less than you each with deed.

Yet, eternal is the truth to healing wings over the lies of the mortality of mankind to the shades that filter the light within its own core as it becomes confessing and thus mortified, refined, or shunned. For the sake of the world, it is denied, but for the sake of the world and if so found before it respectable unto GOD and defenders within respects, it is honorable to the mankind.

Whoever spoke ancient with modernism, the world will understand it not, yet they speak in silence the fearful to the mightier than the naysayers and liars of truths. Though why be silent if chaotic in intention? Of we to also gossip not but understand a value greater than I could perceive of the source of vitality.

Though, nothing can break that flesh and spirit besides the existence before what made the flame to darkness exist. This is my LORD mankind’s God, spoken about from the youth, and yet unto that which no man or I have seen though evidence of past relativity to that of whom was so ancient a soul of modern to even remember.

Though persecuted or shamed, it rests and does not commit the drastic deeds for which life gives it repetition or sows. Manifest power of the words, spoken in truth, applicable to the living, and the memory of many hearts to the cause. For it cannot interfere in life without justified reason, nor can it be tempted by regular mankind. An order of councils could not clarify or answer before it their way without pride or purity corruption, so they see not as me blind to see due to what I long after. That is to understand it. Yet, it keeps life going in pursuit to the fullest of days. It is not to be in pain. Nor is it to be immortal. But to find satisfaction, and peace. Ultimately, seen of it. God if not also of I, in others. Life’s greatest work and talents sold through the cheating by others, prove miserable was the condition of wealth and those who fix upon it, it be useless as sacrifice to my LORD. Of itself, though needed a tool, it is as dust when defining true virtue.

Though life cannot act fully, it is true to its way and the keys are broken given to those of us responsible or irresponsible, so that life and darkness alike cannot touch, nor can they perceive destruction and chaos in us. And to them also; mortified, yet refined as a creature in part, or living a new life, aside the fact, a similar or same soul. They long for manipulation and cannot.

Though others defend as I express my deepest concerns for expression as others satisfy the boredom to acknowledge whatever ideals in a broken world. Ever mending, though lost. Truly the memory of my LORD lasts forever. Though the guardians some be shunned, life is reconciled to deeper understanding to the point, it can refine no more through construction or deconstruction yet only prove.

For the sake of life in mankind, this was what keeps one as me sane and not a part of the worldview, though we live in it. And we see unto a cross mighty not of death only, but life and change to growth. Others see it as a hatred to represent power or overkill, in thus lacks the concept of compassion to which was life’s greatest need or mercy given.

To the innocent or blameless, you are not my time, but generation Z to the repeat who knows GOD or names defending of it. Respect not the man, secretly some do, but I expect it of each one who knew the man not, till showing the self to them as others to some the people they want to understand. It is to not recycle the emotion but grow with the truth ever healing and more a generational family. Though, unqualifiable some of us be elders compared to a parent.

To that also of the sinner, and to that also of the peace. Life’s affair is not my matter less involved; it is how one respects the self to acknowledge and live unique to a purpose.

Even without health or talent, knowledge remains peaceful, even if conflicting the attribute of skill. Loneliness is man’s deepest sorrow or regret. I know, even with all the truth, I know God was not alone. Nor was the altar of shade. For I am a man, who chooses, given an option to more, thus was free and not bound by the system even if wanting to be off or on. Thus, who was unknown and of spirit.
An example of an order unknown but known now some attribute to the common of man.

A soul within a soul and thus components cannot be copied but defined. In a world that knows intellectuality, they decline through aspects of moralism and totality of change to discrepancy.

Hence, they had forgotten foundation for which I a man knew not knowledge, yet understood. Thus, my memory increased before me despite the fact one was injured. Love and genuine prayer heal with the truth. It should not harm less undignified or unjust.

A magistrate’s power is law and executional hand to the form of art which was true unto the author and thus, more its many mirrors. Each side, a piece and more of the keys to a path and not only a door. They challenge the ego, rebel against their darkness or their light eventually to conquer or become of it one to the other.

Seeing from both, I understand myself even if one was forced to individually choose. I see not one or the other, but some day if life told me first not so, it would be confession of spirit. For whom or what was acceptable, to righteousness? And that is mankind’s hope.

Growing to preserve both, one is with holiness. To understand righteousness’s intent is purity. And the pure in heart shall see GOD. In also reference to the mind be pure compared to the temptation of the body. To the sinner or conflicted, it is peace rest with you for you are not to be a servant, but also a dearest friend.

If so that meant be kind to your enemy for whom others grudge a peace, let them remove sorrow from the past, and look forward to days for their renewal. Without love, there is not peace in both less others saw a way alternate to define. They ask not for war but their people.

Hence those of peace and silence are great and unnumbered. Even if so many are few they speak when the time is right or to isolate themselves from the chaotic reasoning of the world. To each one their own, and to live according to their ways.

Truth beyond my years, explained.

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