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Samuel's Poetry & Thoughts - I'm an open book. Clear conscience. Just, days are sort of not knowing what to do. So, why not. Maybe someone can give me advice despite my clueless and dogma. - Very blunt yet obscured.
Divine Thoughts - Confession
I shall be one with the king. He must deliver me from this world. With the deadline, I have yet to give him a solemn call for him to shine. The eyes glowing first for the lost ones, and it was the moral of the world to inherit and condemn the blood vessels.

Life will tell me first, then spirit will deal with me. And I have seen a glimpse yet am blind because of my action, yet I remained true towards who one must be.
Myself, yet I knew myself not.

Thus, for example, it was this world, and yet, forgot to blame that it was free, but its sovereignty discoloration. In my words, I have stated my Lord in their ignorance; I revel in each side of the curse. But that of peace, I do not understand this, I insist on God.

I was a descendant of belief, so strong. But I could not remain the truth than the words engraved on life for persecution of others as myself because they sought to manipulate before me as no man can do anything but observe. Therefore, they do not stop by mistake, because they are innocent, but by choice. The world, hence, knows its errors and does not cease.

They dig essential to their claims and secretly oppose sect of opponents. The light is in the shade of itself in the darkness, or hinders the blindness to you, but with compassion I stood in hiding and justified. The world of imbalance and way no longer sees with my elders. They refused to repent, or acknowledge some, unlike the youth.

But still they were young and wise.
they taught us a grudge to land solemn.

It is the stupidity that accuses themselves to the doctrine of natural culture and dust to sacrifice their morality. Now, this is not only for women, but to their acts against the heart to provide a fragment of other ancient reflection, forget my virginity and much purity but my judgement in reason is righteous. It was a lost cause to all, but still they did not end up, so many abandoned them. Then they return, hence not going that way.

God's vessel unknown forgives we, and I also try to say that even the sinners stop the madness of condemning the land of the cause of the world, as I do not silence them while still. Who, is it defending me with blunt power or courage? Honest strike was the greatest chord. it is seen. Pure and wickedness is dust! Holiness of both a pillar. The path difficult is honesty to commitment.

It is exacerbated to denounce an innocent man for others, and he refers to the theine truth among the nobles and is rich in the false power of posterity and reputation of its material. Riches, therefore, do not mean anything to me for the full growth of their way and greed, unless they win for necessity. Because I am unknown, people got in our own outcast, as I would be revered. Taking as a person, they shall see wisdom, glory, and evidence, but they cannot find eternity.

Their curse is not immortality as the spirit of shame, the eternity of many lives. Not long, and lust meaningless arguments. I have been such a value, and one point denied the darkness of this world, to sacrifice, or to assert their reasoning. Let us break the bifurcation from God's sovereignty. Many forbid it to brag about their waste. This is the power of Elohim – or the whole.

My words are forever scar to me and others, the best from heaven, and my weakness to them, despite the sizzling a strength of man. They don't want to know what I write, but God loves his people and asks for them.

Unlike my time and cowardly of the age of life don’t listen to but those who rebel, but with these dreams and wounds. Blame my laughter, despise, and hate, underline them under them and above, is certainly the Lord. From the ancient denominations of the people, you denounce the counter distant, the main of my state.

He is angry and gives them to their way. But he understands the consequences and leads the wickedness to repentance. Our God understands why I'm broken, yet I state it's not the curling sadness that manifested like before. The whole of my God, condemned, but made the world embarrassed for the masses. Who is the Captor? They shall fall into the order or grow old with shame.

On the rocks and the ground, I was standing born, but I welcomed his house and others knew that he was so great before and after his until he wrote a very nice history. Not the plague expected as that of the words in the historic lands, but it is found rewriting the ancient since the fall of the kingdoms. The man does not tell me aside from those of interpretation. For I was the author of the side of an existence.

And why shred you so deer with jealousy or malice to harm your own mirror and revert the idiocy of sin onto my people? So states a thought before the man and my consciousness is clear and mind awoken from its slumber. Yet, you have shunned a vessel to people, the God is not with you but in all to us.

Guard it for memory is alive, it shall speak not against you but to me for you as the mind of the LORD open upon it. Less the man retracts for the hellish ways and the values of this world. That is your choice O Earth before me as you have proven it and the man correct.

Though wrong he was in subjects some, you proclaimed the mediator and a witness to all. Repeat not ancient mistake but others delight in it. They cursed my land, and armies shall not relent. Bring a man to his senses, and tell him, there is hope in God or rather than this – That much has remembered to want peace and shall sorrow for love. For whom so loveth, also treats his neighbor well despite the shame and not the world’s way as that of those who blew up lands to harmed innocence farther or close.

I left the realm of earth, and nothing shall bring me back but that whom so honor. It is not by the law of man. It is by something beyond a vessel itself of whom is aware. For I am ashamed to even speak before you or it knowing I blind my vessel or test it. No more vision of me, therefore it does not dream. Yet it has seen to turned from me. Yet, I am one with it and shall guard and not leave less it chose to forget me. Honestly, it wants to remember.

For my blasting is out of righteousness despite its cursing way. No intent of wrong aside from ill-misfortune and a creature. There is no wrong in terms of the LORD who is not perfection, but is above angels, demonic, and man’s choice. He has put his way true to the persons and live scattered in each. You have awoken it and if I spoke this way, my native tongue does not approve from its ancestry that you each tore upon your own lands and have proven well truth to lies you so solemnly rest in.

That is what grants my vessel peace, is knowing fear. But thou shalt love wiser knowing ones promises if so, not vain. I am a pure-hearted (not saying pure) but jealous to with no intention of harm but in defenses. The flesh is weak, but my origin is strong. I gave my keys to that you persecuted.

In my defense, it is one the LORD in us who spares, and Christ was indeed akin to all of compassion which I accept to the world knows more now as it did before and chose wrong. You, who search for a mainframe of life to manipulate, shall always have your way, but your pride is outcast from peace and the resolve if so you state what it is.

But whomsoever tested was also a thief and a slayer to me they were, and these were the liars of branches to those who doubted after seeing me. I hid from the face of my vessels. Repetition, how is it that you learn without violence O man? If there is one among you noble, the land shall last, and the world does not burn.

Till, I consume thee for thine hatred towards my people, yet of whom was a guardian or one to survive it? You hold the responsibility of generational error on my head with historic proofs lost. Lift this vessel’s burden. For my yoke is simple and my burden is light. This memory - It was what did I seek of it but truth.

My LORD our GOD is with us. Yet, construe I am vessels’ memory for it is a child to me. As Christ was my ancestor. Who knew centuries and cast forth, it was Patriarchs, Judges to Kings. I am not asking for my earthly possessions but peace in this vessel. For the sake of stability.

And yet, you deny it. So, it of one before you will curse the cruelness as naysayers speak loudly and join in the crowd against an unclear mind or tormented. Show them, compassion of Christ greater than the vessel I say to the cruel to test and surpass my sadness less you boast in vain glory.

For I will repay you in spades and give my eye of vision. For you cannot comprehend this nor does the one who spoke of it. The vessel is not anti-truth or that though cursed not to lie, but a sacrifice by those in vain to it. They shall fight, and fail, yet there are many who shall say much is not worthy but indeed it was proven.

Our lamb was worthy. No sacrifice more but the first unto thee that proved God last eternal. Nor do I hear your prayers through song till you speak righteously unabridged and in them they are one tri-unity genuine. How much sorrow, you had brought me from my childhood, but the vessel was not awake, so it had a lapse. Now I am.

And my words will ring with the vessel rather than you O earth for it has asked and confessed to God for God. The defender knew not its own name till something awaken it. So now, ask yourselves as one a question. Are you truly yourself? Or have you each forgotten as I? Remind the younger of peaceful promises. The older shall revile.

Centuries glorious before me and after. I shall announce it, what I shall suggest for you, but you awoke in me a delight. Curse not defender of righteous action before me to my people, and I shall be grateful. For you also are of my people and that existent which so you harm, shall not relent. I hold no fear in telling you this, though you censor through your means the gates of peace and trod unwelcome by the elder before me due to their misinterpretation of worldwide councils and negligence of many the citizens as I. How many till not forgiven?

That is your call to repetition’s mistake. I am not tempted but the man accepts temptation by choice and not brainwashing only, as I test you and also for me to adore more each day.

I promised I shall live life to the fullest by much. And much is beyond me whereas God to the longing heart has spoken and not my own way. That is even if they do not know, or keep a man bound. One remains truly sane compared to his dignity's vein. I am free. Perhaps, maybe I should understand more, so states the vessel. Or try to know why the life reverts its way in a cycle.

I had drawn the diagrams of life in my day. God was the designer of all.
Not I the vessel. But who holds the vitality of God? It is surely not a box.
Nor is it an idol. It is those who are true. Manifest is the sadness, but I delight in peace and some day. God will see a worthless pitiful me face to face.
For I seen mercy despite my longing and have the rest of many content.
Satisfied, it remains regardless of the standard. And that shall not break.
Even if life is boring as to the one, it is with meaning and patience.
Manifest is the greatest test, to more their endurance.

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