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    • Into the Darkness by Saoirse Rowan
    • When Kell is faced with the horrors of the world in which she lives, her desire to escape leads her to an adventure she never saw coming. This is the intro, that leads up to the story.
    • Untitled 5-27-13 by Alurin The Forsaken One
    • Just something small I came up with earlier today. It doesn't have a title cause I wasn't sure what to call it exactly. -sweats- Enjoy. I apologize if there's any punctuation mark misplacement/missing or any bad grammar. ^^;;;
    • The Prophecy's Beginning by ArcKing
    • This is a prologue to a story in the making: The Legend of the Universe. This little prologue story follows the great king Sofal in his struggle against his own brother, leading to the prophecy that told of the Chosen One's com...
    • The Last Song by maddiem262
    • This is just a mini story I wanted to post on Gaia. It's just something that came to my mind after I listened to a couple songs on youtube.
    • Between The Eyes by Koduni
    • After letting his latest plaything escape, an irritated control freak turns to a companion to expel his mental anguish- maybe taking things to a much darker, and overall distorted level. A short piece I wrote to clear a mental...
    • My Hidden World (chapter one) by Mika_4-15
    • When Lucy gets transferred into all AP classes her second semester of high school, she has to face her worst fear... Love. After experiencing something so traumatic that every time a boy touches her makes her puke and pass out....
    • The Girl by EpicDiana
    • Jeff is just an ordinary human boy...until a mysterious girl appears. (If you like what you read I will write more of the story)
    • Nithril Chapter 1 by Bald Aguila
    • Chapter title: First Failure NOTE: This is NOT the beginning of the story! Use the following address to get to the prologue. http://www.gaiaonline.com/arena/writing/fiction/vote/?entry_id=102780543#title I'm looking for feedb...
    • The Dream by Aerial Frog
    • Wrote this in under 30 minutes for a Flash fiction contest. The Prompt I had was "And that's why I don't sleep anymore"
    • Topps' Story by R3537 L1F3
    • Topps is a character I created a while back with intent to make him a weekly comic. This was a small back story I did for him. However, this is only the first part.
    • Serpent-An extract by Lykiya
    • This short paragraph is an extract from my current novel, Serpent. The extract is from the first paragraph and a little of the second paragraph of the first chapter, labeled Blue Fire. I warn you before hand about some of it. ...
    • Vengance of Tragedies by AkumaKenji
    • Murder of love. Bloody, violent, and graphic. Reader's discretion is advised. Sometimes there's that once tragic moment that happens and you see the main character either killing everyone in a clean way. Well, you'd be surprise...
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