• Hania frowned. Kam guided her down a long corridor towards a big conference room. The door automatically opened and she felt her jaw drop. Every flat surface had files and papers on, and every computer was shut down or smashed up. She quickly closed her mouth and looked around the room. It was underground, accessible by a flight of stairs in a closed off alleyway; that was how she and Kam had gotten there.
    A man stood in the corner of the room, surveying her with navy blue eyes. She turned to glare back at him.
    “Youse da big boss who sen’ dese two peeps afta me?” she asked, crossing her arms and raising her eyebrow.
    The man chuckled. “Your English has got to be better than that.” he said dryly, walking towards her and Kam.
    She narrowed her eyes. “Youse ne’er answer’d me question.”
    “I am the big boss who sent those two after you, yes.” he said bluntly, before smiling. “I see that they did their job well. It’s nice to meet you, Hania Downhaven. I’m special agent Rowan Shunsen.”
    She grinned. “Rowan Shunsen, eh? Youse seeming more a ‘Spike’ or ‘Killer’ to mese.”
    He snorted, before turning his back. She could hear Kam attempting not to laugh behind her. She sighed, uncrossing her arms and looking seriously at Rowan’s back.
    “Wha’s yourse big plan fe me den?” she asked, replied by a cough from Rowan, before he began his explanation.
    “If the terrorists are after you, then chances are they thought you heard more than you told us. They must have a spy in the police force, who informed them how much you told us. They must think that you’re hiding a part of their plan and plotting to reveal it later on. We must know now, before we hide you, do you know anything else?”
    She scowled. Why would she do that? There was just no sensible reason to, if they were planning on killing a lot of people, surely she would tell the police everything, instead of hiding it. Blackmail? She wouldn’t have gone within a ten mile radius of the guys voluntarily. She might now, toughened by years of moving around and constant intimidation. She thought about what she was going to answer carefully, before giving Rowan a long reply.
    “I dun’t knows nu’in, but if youse peeps is be lettin’ me, I thin’ I migh joost fin’ summink. I’se not going to let youse gove’ment peeps get all da fun. Let I’se out un’ercove’ and I can be fin’ing stuff youse peeps wun’t even dream of fin’ing.” Rowan stilled, his breathing stopped. Hania would most probably die out there, he couldn’t seem to believe that she was willing to risk everything. Then Kam interrupted.
    “Hate to admit it boss, but I think she has a point. She’s more trustworthy than any of our agents, and I think she’ll do fine out there on her own. We’ve got plenty of the right technology and camera ect, we can bug her effectively, but discreetly.” He mused, looking intently at her. Hania nodded, turning to look at the big boss. Rowan sighed, agreeing. Turning to regard both of them he nodded in reply.
    “Okay Kam. I think you’ve got a point. If you can hook her up, you can get your way. But, as it was your suggestion, she is under your supervision and I wash my hands of this matter. I’ll promote you to the captain of this mission. Everything is your responsibility now.” He said smugly, obviously keen to get rid of the obnoxious girl in his presence. Hania, not noting the small disapproving tone in his voice, or the hurry to get rid of her, snapped a little at a small snippet of the speech.
    “Hai! I was da one who s’gested it!” she wailed, the men stifling their laughs. Rowan muttering something to himself after he composed himself, Hania scowled as Kam led her out.