• User ImageRace: Human, Age: 16 Stroy:Lunai practices her ninja skills on the side of the vilage feilds the high grass and thick trees, made it a perfect spot for lurking in the shadows and training without anyone interupting her. She pants heavily training hard from the rise of the sun to the late sunset,it was still bright as the people start to light there flames for the night. She drinks some water for a stream then starts to head back, she jumps fromm branch to branch looking above the town then jumping down onto the street. She walks up to a small cottage and light some of her own light, she lived alone by herself and her 2 dogs, that came running up to her. "Hey there you guys missed me?" They both licked her happily as she gets up and puts food in there bowls.
    As the day latens in the night she lays down on her little pad as she looks out the window. "Looks like the enemy is still moving, hopefully they won't come her, but who knows." She slowly goes to sleep as her two dogs curl up beside her. A few minutes later she hears a loud yell from outside. "It's the enemy! AHHHHH!" Lunai quickly gets up and runs outside.She hears and sees people running away from the east gate. "So there attacking from the mountians. Not a bad spot for their frist attempt." She says quickly jumping from roof to roof, before she could get any closer 3 kunai are thrown in her direction, she quickly reacts a block the 2 and grabs the other in her hand for protection.
    Three ninja appear infront of her and then charges, she takes out a bag then slams it aganist the roof that suddenly brust in a cover of smoke. She charges at them swiftly she throws 2 ninja stars and hits one of them in the chest and another in the arm. The one quickly comes from behind she turns and and blocks his attack then kicks him in the gut. The ninja gasps from her strengh as she quickly comes back around and stabs him in his chest from the kunia she was holding, they drop to the ground as she proceeded.
    Flames erupt from the east as it speards across the village as they continue their attack. "Damn it! Why weren't we alerted before they started this attack." One of commanders said in anger. "I'm sorry mam. They must have had cover from the mountains truches in the darkness before sunset." another allied ninja answers. "Bring me the 8 garud squads here. 1st and 2nd squad will direct people out of the village for safety. 3rd, 4th, and 5th squads put out these fires quickly!. 6th through 8th your with me don't let the enemy proceed through the village hold at there location." "Yes, sir!" They reply then quickly vanished to there duties. Another passes and Priscilla makes it to the battlefeild, she looks at the bloodshed and courpes on the ground. She looks away in sickness and makes it to the gate to proceed in battle also.
    Another explosion erupts near the gate again, the ninja's fight valently protecting their territory against the enemy. "Hold them back leave none alive!" The commander says patroling the northeast region of the town. Lunai holds them off as she contiunes fighting the battle it last for a few hours then everything starts to dye down. The fire burned most of the eastern area, some lives are lost, and it seems the ninja has completely vanished as quickly as they came. The commander sighs in releif that there wasn;'t any major damage to the village, the is half way in the sky as the village slowly returns to normal. Priscilla rest ontop of a roof looking down seeing people clean up after the small battle that took place. "Strange why would they attack, but quickly leave afterward. What's the catch of all this."
    A serin is heard acroos the village. "All ninja trainers and commanders report to the tarining acadamey immedeately!" Priscilla quickly dissapeares and heads toward the meeting. "This is outrageous. Our defenses was perfect how could they been not detected!" "We need more training and defense sections thats all there is!" "Would that really make it better or worse!" They continued arguing as the protested aginst each other. Lunai stands in the crowd as they proceeded on. "Priscilla! Over here!" She quickly appears besid her. "Suma its nice to see you." She says miling. "I know crazy day we're having huh?" "Yeah you can say that again." She looked upset. "Lunai what's the matter." "Oh, nothing just thinking about the new ninja coming to the academy." "Are you nervous about or new pupils." "No, just alittle considered." She says listening to the new aqcuirements for their instructions.
    "Our new recruits will be in town for right now helping with damages. Until 2 days from now you will see them divided amoung the captians and training instructers when they come to the academy. Until the you are dismissed." Suma looked bored. "That's it that's all we came for well that was a waste of time huh Luna..." She looks around but Lunai is no where to be seen. "I hate it when she just disappears when i'm talking. Like what I have to say isn't important." Lunai goes into the feilds resting in the purple lavender flowers, she closes her eyes thinking about what happened last night. "I can't beleive no one has thought about it. It's strange that this happened so quickly, as if they wanted us to do this."
    She opens her eyes again still a little confused. "Hopefully when everythings a lot calmer i'll look into the new arrivals information." She says thinking to herself. "Better safe then sorry. Who knows they might just be spies pertending to be new villagers." She smirks at the thought. "This will be quite interesting the new recruits."
    The day ends quickly into the night and the sun rises warmly in the pink and purplr sunrise; Lunai wakes up early in the morning to her daily routine arond the house then out into the town. A few hours pass and the sky is half way in the sky as more and more people start to come out, with children playing in the streets, as parents walk around in the early morning sunshine around the markets. Lunai was still thinking quietly to herself not paying attention and accidently bumps into a man. "Opps..."; she says regaining her balance and paying attention to what
    happened. "I'm sorry was daydreaming are you okay?" The man also regains his step and looks at her with dark brown eyes. "Yes, i'm fine..." He says in a sootheing attractive voice, he was at least 2 years older then Lunai tall, long dark hair and and a attractive body figure (meaning very sexy xp ) "are you one of the captians in the academy?"
    Lunai observed him for a while then answered, "No, i'm just training in ranks so far..." She says calmly, "you must be on of the new recruits coming their; are you?" "Yes, I just came 4 days after the attack." He says with a smirk across his face. "Really that's intresting." She says not beleiving aa word he said, she looked at her watch and made a excuse. "I'm sorry, i'm running late hope to see you there tomorrow." She says with a smile. "You too." He says with a smile back, she walks off and vanishes within the crowd.
    He watched her as she dissappeared from within the crowd, then contiune walking through the streets and then into the alley. The tall buildings made in dark and made it difficult to see, then suddenly three figures appear, then one step from the shadows they where completely covered with black and gray hoods. "Do you think she is one of the captains we need to eliminate." He answered. "I don't think so, she seems harmless I suppose." "But what about the mission!" One protested from the shadows. "The general is asking how our progress is doing and we..." "Got into the enemies barrier without any suppsions..." He said interupting him. ",was able to retreive 5 squads within the territory, and is now proceeding to the academy where all their secrets are hidden. I think we are doing just fine."
    He pulls out a scroll and tosses it to the silent ninja. "Give the report to the general and report back to me. You have your orders." They giive an silent nod and disappers as quickly as they came. "You really think Captian Ace can pull this off long enough for the second attack." The ninja said moving swifthly through the forest. "I don't know, but he has to if we are going to take over this land; he'll have to make it through." The leader said leading on the other two ninja. Back at the village Lunai is still questioning about the attack last night and the ninja she bumped into, she sighs and conitnues walking around. "Lunai!" Suma said racing behind her, Lunai stops as she catches up with her.
    She pants softly then smiles at her. "Lunai where were you yesturday? And why did you run off while I was talking to you?" "Sorry Suma..." She says softly, "I just have a lot of things on my mind." "Oh, you mean the attack that happened. There's nothing to worry about; the enemy was trying to see if we had a weak spot our something like that. Don't worry so much." She says walking ahead of her while Lunai followed slowly behind. "It just puzzles me that's all then..." Suma sighs loudly. "You no what Lunai you think to much try thinking about other things besides that. Now come on." She says grabing her arm in a gently friendly type way. "We are going shopping and get your mind off those silly thoughts okay." She says smiling, Lunai smiles back and goes with her."

    Ace starts walking toward her just a few feet from where she was standing. "Why did you leave so suddenly?" He says stopping infront of her. "I'm sorry, I just hate when Suma talks about my business like that. I kinda panic and left." He smiled. "Well if you want to know she didn't say anything." "Really?" She says urprised. "Well actually I didn't stay long enough to hear what she said, I was really worried about." "Don't worry I can take care of myself Mr. ... I,m sorry but I never asked for your name." "It's Ace." He takes her hand. "Ace Murkia." His dark brown eyes glow in the moonlight as she looks deeply into them bllushing. She quickly takes her hand away from him and turns away. "Well well you really are shy aren't you?" "Sometimes I guess." Lunai was deep in thought as she was standing there, he realized something. "Lunai was it?" She looked at him in response. "Is everything alright?" She smiled and closed her eyes. "I wish there wasn't but I tink something is, wether it is or not i'm rarely think it matters." She looked back towards the sky. He looked at her for long while as if he was trying to figure something out about her, she smiled. "You can't see it can you?" He looked surprised. "Don't look so surprised a lot of men think that about me." "Why so?" He said curiously. "Just because i'm a lot different from the women aroound her, I think their afriad of that. Not knowing what other women like makes it diffcult for them to figure me out." He smiled at the thought. "Really sounds like a interesting challegne." She smiled back. "You can try..." She walked up to him and whispered in his ear. "But, I doubt you can. Just like all the others that fail." "You'd be surprised about what love can do." He responsed encouragingly. "Love huh? Well just have to see." She continue walking and headed back for home, he turned around to watch her walk back out of sight. "See you tomorrow, Lunai." He also heads for home until the next day comes, she walks into the house and pets her dog before taking a hot shower. "Who knows, maybe this I really will fall in love." She smiled then it faded back into a frown. "But, still I can't let my graud down tomorrows the big day." She steps out of the shower and dries off then puts on her night close, she sits in her chair by the mirror and combs her hair humming silently. "I better go tell Master Kun before the academy starts up, it's better if I give him my oberservation of the new recruits before then." She gets up and goes to bed. "Let's just hope nothing bad happens." She says to herself before falling into a deep sleep.
    The next day begins as all the recruits come in through the fornt gate of the Academy it was nice warm morning. Lunai was up early in the evening in the Masters room. "Master Kun I hope you give this a lot of thought before you..." He left up his old and wrinkle face full of age and wisdom bright green eyes. "Of course my child, I wouldn't have thought of this unless I thought it through. I would never put or home in danger." "Did you alert anyone else about this Master Kun?" "Not yet I only told some of my most trusted ninja about this but that is all." She felt releavied yet still concerned, he smiled a very pleasent smile and left her hand with his old hand. "My dear child ever since I took you in I always hoped that you will be happy. Please before my time comes find happiness and protect your home." "Yes, father." The bell ranged for the coming of the new arrivals, she lefted up and went to the opening where the stage was set for the 6 captians and 8 leader squads. She came up and went to her spot on the stage where everyone was until the signal was given. Out in the crowd Ace appeared standing quietly in the overcrowded yard then suddenly the three ninja appeared behind with out their cloaks. "Hello captian Ace." One of them said. "So those are the captains those 5 right." Another said. He looked up and realized Lunai was up there. "Lunai's a cpatain." He said to himself surprised. "Welcome all to the Academy, please register and get to your order groups and your captain. Each group of squads will be with 2 leader with 8 groups each and 1 captain above those. So please get in line now." They orderly get in line as order and got into their groups, Lunai went to the front desk and asked for the new arrivals list, see went over the names and saw there was 35 new outsiders. "35 huh. This should good enough to start something." She said to herself before giving back the list again. The groups were all ready set up it took at least 4 hours to get all the 206 recruits in their groups. They were sent to there registered area and was oberserved be their skills. The day begins and they perpare to train. They all fought against one another to see which one's would be more fit for higher ranked missoins or lower ranked one's. Ace of course ended up in Lunai's sqauds and was captain of them. "Those you fought with strenge and honour is very lucky to have made it those who haven't try harder next." Some people laughed at the comment as others frowened with embarssment. "Come guys have a since of humor, it was just a joke." Ace was looking dead at her in the front lines. "Those who have suceeded in the frist step stay with me, as for the others go to your selected leader squad." They did as they told and went on leaving 8 people in front of her. She lifted up her parper observing the names from before. "So 3 out of 5 poeple here are from outside the village, okay then." She said to herself,m she looked at them and smiled. "I'm glad that you all have attened this day..." She says walking down from the stage, the 3 ninjas from outside had all eyes on her. But Ace was more concerned for his group then the mission. "Let's have a nice day shall we. Now let's get started."
    One by one they all fought the captain to see which one will be next in command if soemthing would have happened to the frist commander. 2 out of the 3 spies where defeated easily and Ace was the last to fight her, they all back away knowing that this will be a interesting battle. "You think Capatain Ace can defeat her?" One of the spies said. "We can only see." The other responded. Ace charged her with his blade drawn, both of their blades collide with great force, hit after hit, and blow after another. Sparks of flame sparked from the speed of metal and strengh. "You lied to me." He said holding against her balde. "Yes, I did." She said dipping down tripping him from under his feet, he quickly recovered and jumped into the air. She jumped after him, he then shifted his blade toward the the sun sending a blinding light into her eyes, he came up behind with his sword coming down on him. She quickly dodged it and kicked him in the stomack sending him down forcfully. He gasped for air from her strengh then dodge her from coming down ontop of him. She stood there in her pose as he also from a few feet away from her. "Your really strong. I need to be more careful." He said looking up at her smiling. "You didn't have to lie to me you know." She charged at him again pounding down her blade ontop of his, he grunted at the pressure from her blade. He then grabbed her leg with his free hand and lefted her up from her feet, then tossed her aside before grabbing her blade and sending it across the yard. She recovered sliding across the ground before stopping. "I'm sorry, I just couldn't take any chances." He then came at her again swinging his sword skillfully at her, she dodge most of his attacks getting a cut on her shoulder and arm. A few minutes later a crowd starts to crowd around the two skillfull fighters as the fought. "Go! Captain Lunai you can beat him." "Take her down new guy!" "How long been at it?" "I think about 1 and half hour all ready." "Man this is intense." Some one lookers responded to the two fighters proceeding. She quickly dodges him again grabs his hand with the blade she punches him in the stomack and he drops it onto the ground. He then grabs her other arm and forces to the ground, she kicks back and sends him out onto the other side of the yard. He recovers and comes at her again, they both block each others fists and kicks on after another. "It's time to finish this." He said to himself, he quickly tries to pucnh her in the face she blocks it then he trips her suddenly, she falls ontot her back and then he pins her down hard. "Looks like I win." He said smirking at her, she smiled back. "I guess so." The crowd cheered and booed at the outcome, he let's her up and she dusts herself off. "The second in command captain is Ace of group 5." The annccouer said. "All winners of second command come to the desk to discuss your missions." Ace turned around to see Lunai but see left without notice, he looked dissappointed yet glad at the same time. The day was over and night soonly came around, Ace was at home mediatating until a gusp of wind came through his opened window. "Your late." Ace responded still relaxing. "Sorry, had some groud work I had to finish. We were able to get the Captains names." He gives him the list in a white envolpe. "Since you are now in second in command we can easily explote their secrets without any notice." Ace layed down the envlope at his side. "Is something the matter?" "No, everything's fine. Tomorrow i'll give you our orders until then keep yourseves hidden." "Yes, sir." He vansihes in a glisp of smoke and Ace retires to bed.

    The moon quickly begins to vanish under the morning rays, it was a warm and cloudy day the sky seem much bright even with the clouds covering the sky. Lunai woke up and yawned loudly while streching, she gets up from her bed then to her window to open it. "Day 1." She says softly while turning away from the window to get ready, she leaves early from home and decides to take the long way to the Academy. The stream glisten brightly from the rising sun, some people was out mostly store owners opening up for their daily rounds as always. An hour later more and more people start to come out one by one, the cool air was perfect for morning walks and children had all their toys out in the morning breeze. "Lunai!" She hears her name from behind her as she looks over her shoulder to see Ace coming up behind her. "Good morning." He says catching his breathe. "Good morning." She replies softly. "Your looking nice today, how are you?" She smiles and continues walking, as he follows beside her. "You can say i'm kinda dragging this mroning." "Really how come?" "I don't really know, I was just thinking about..." He laughs softly to himself, she looks at him. "Is something funny?" "No, it's nothing." "Hard to tell while your laughing." "It's just your always thinking about everything that goes around you. Is there anytime that you just stop." She looks into the sky. "Not really. It's just relaxing sometimes, it's sootheing." He looks at her and smiles. "You know Lunai your..." Suddenly a loud bell rings closely to where they were. "If we don't hurry we're going to be late." "Oh, right let's go." He says running towards the Academy, they make it a few minutes late as they get to their posts. "Now that ALL our required me is here. Let's begin." The day begins slowly as every squad groups is given a mission. Most lower level squads have ground duty like traffic, keeping peace, and law enforcers. Middle class has regular day dutys like constrution, traveling, trade, and shippment ordeals. As for higher ranking recruits... "What!" A recruit says from out of nowhere. "Everyone else is doing something useful and we have to do paper work" They entered a room with papers stack to the ceiling with filled file drawers and other things to. "Sorry, guys." One of the captains said. "Since the attack we been busy cleaning up after the mess so we didn't have much time to file out all these things. So, good luck with that." He quickly runs and heads back to his other job. "What the hell! I'm not no, damn secretary! Hey!" "Give it a rest already." Lunai says coming in and closing the door behind her, she sounts how many recruits she had. "Great just 3 of you huh, should have known I wouldn't get that mush help." "Sorry captain." "Don't apologize let's just get this down already." She takes her list to address the names. "Let's see here Kironhi, Murashi, and Ace." "All here captain." "Please just call me Lunai. Okay since that's over Murashi come with me Ace and Kironhi over there." They went to their posts and started their work. "Capta...I mean Lunai what exactly are we filling." She grunts picking up a heavy box then sat it down to look through it. "I don't really know, some old trading papers, war suppliers, and shipping routes." "Really." Kironhi says looking around. "Yeah, since we had a lot of invasions, we had to get a lot of supplies to support our town and army forces." "I see." He turns to Ace where he was sorting out some papers. "Did you hear that Ace?" He turns to him still filing out some papers. "Hear what?" "What she just said, this is all their information on war supplies and other materails. If we can still their ship routes and information we can easily block them from reciving any nessecary items." He smirk. "Very good ears Kironihi, but how you expect to get it?" He looked surprised. "Well if we just keep looking through these files we're bond to find..." "Don't be stupid!" Ace said still keeping a low tone. "You really think they would let us just come in here and find that kind of information. Don't be so hasty to give yourself away Kironhi, it's not here." He turns back to his work, including Kironhi now silent. As the hours past they were able to get at least 65% of the work done. Kironhi and Murashi went to lunch, while ace was taking some papers out he got a paper cut. "Ouch." He says looking at his finger, Lunai hears him and looks at his cut beside him. "You really need to be careful." She takes his finger and sucks on it for a while. "Uh, Lunai..." He says blushing slightly, she takes loss her hair scraf around her dair then ties it around his wound. "That should do it." She says smiling then getting up to go to lunch. "Let's go." He looks at her as she leaves then he follows behind her. They both sat on a beanch in the court yard eating, Ace looked at her then back at his finger. "Does, it hurt." She says taking his hand looking at it. "Uh no it's fine. Don't worry it's only a paper cut." He say smiling at her with his gently eyes looking at hers, she smiled then turned back to her lunch. He finishes his meal a few minutes later, he looks at her and realizes she hasn't eaten much. "Are you okay?" He says looking at her, she turns to him and shakes her head. "I'm fine just not that hungry I guess." She closes her box and then gets up to strech. "Let's head back okay." She says going back to the room, he grabs her hand before she left. "Thank you." She looked at him a little confused then looked at his hand where she bandage his cut. "Oh, it's nothing. Now come on." She holds his hand pulling him back to the room. "We still got a lot of work to finish." He sighs then continues walking back, Kironhi and Murashi was back starting their work as Lunai and Ace came back to help. The sun began to sink down again and the moon starts to appear in it's shadowy figure, they finally finished their work as they left and went back home. Lunai strechins lazily outside as went home, Ace and Kironshi stayed hidden in the shadows. "Captain Ace let me retrive the information you seek." "No, i'll do this on my own my mission was to get the require documents. As for you and the others finish off the captains one by one, we don't want to start anything to big yet." Kironhi nodded and went off to his mission, Ace quickly diguised himself before vanishing, Lunai decide not to go home yet she stayed in her office again to look over some things. She yawns again softly. "Maybe I should've went home." She sighs then leans against her chair, she gets up a moment later and walks into a small room in her office. Suddenly the dark ninja comes down from the roof and into a room from an opened window, he opens one of the drawers quietly and looks for any useful information. A few minutes later he found something. "Hello, what's this..." He says to himself quietly, the bolded prints on the folder said New Tatic War Stragies. He closes the dresser and begins to leave when suddenly, 3 kunai comes from nowhere, he blockes the 2 and catches one in his hand for defense. "Well well looks like it was an good idea to stay." The dak figure quickly through out a smoke bomb before going thorugh the window to escape. "Oh no you don't." Lunai quickly follows him from behind with one blade in her hand, the ninja jumps from roof to roof with Lunai steadily behind him. She jumps infront him and kicks the ninja in the stomach sending him onto the plated roof, he quickly recovers and stands their ready for the next move then suddenly they hear a scream. "Captain Jouki!"
    "What!" She turns to the sound of the scream, as she was distracted he through 2 kunai at her, she quickly blocks them as he quickly appears behind her. He grabs both of her arms and holds them against her back with on hand as he holds a knife to her neck. "So sorry, for Captain Jouki. But, don't worry you'll see him soon." He laughs as she stood there, she quickly grabs the knife with her teeth and elbows him in the chest he grunts and lets go she spins kicks him, but blocks she quickly takes the kunai and slashes his pocket open. The documents fall to the ground as they both jump back with the papers between them, he quickly lunges forward, but moves out of the way as one kunai strikes down on the documents. He looks up and stares at her. "I'm not leaving without those documents." She smirks. '"Fine then both of us won't." He was confused at first then she suddenly runs away back to the Acadmey. "What is she..." He hears something suddenly he quickly turns around and sees a paper bomb on the kunai ready to explode. "NO!" He trys to retrive them but the bomb explodes, he quickly gets out of the way but looks at the ashes of burnt paper and roof remains falling to the ground. "Damn it! So close." He vanishes out into the night as Lunai quickly goes back to the Acadmey, one of the quards comes around the corner and ran beside her as she came. "The backup will continue seraching for the ninja ma'ma." "What about Captain Jouki?" She stops and looks at the guard." The guard turns and shakes his head slowly. "It was an ambush, he couldn't stop them." He pulls out a piece of paper from her armor and gives it to her. "He was still alive as we wrote his final words. He's wounds were very serious the medical ninja couldn't...I'm really sorry." He goes back to his post as she looked down at the paper in her hand, she opens it slowly as she read. "I'm sorry Captains. I should've seen this coming but, my age was also a disadvantge. Please keep the village safe in my absense, I leave with no regrets but with honour. Their skills are impressive so keep an extra eye out and keep straight on your prupose. This will not be the last time they will strike. Love you all." As quickly as she read it was over, tears falls from Lunai's wet cheeks onto the ground. "How. How could this have..." Master Kun comes up behind her and wipes a tear from her face. "It's alright my child tears only lessens the pain." She hugs him upsetingly, as he wraps his gently little arms around her. "It's okay Luna. This isn't over it's time for us to perpare. Now let us go with honour okay?" She nods and walks with him to his quarters. On the far end of town in the woods the ninja's gather to recive any sucesses of tonights raid. "Rejoice my friends for this is the first out of all the Captains we will slaughter." They laugh and cheer, as they did Ace comes up behind him and punches the ninja that made the speech. The ninja was silent looking on. "You think we can rejoice, just because of one little victory." He removes his diguise and looks at them all. "Until we take everything i sight land, money, honour, and pride. We can never rejoice!" The ninja gets up and rubes his cheek. "Looks like somebody didn't complete there mission." He laughs getting up and cracking his neck. "Let's just hope that doesn't happen again Ace. Oh i'm sorry CAPTAIN ACE." He laughs louder, Ace was angry enough for not completeing his mission but now a speech of his failure mad him more violent. He grabs the ninjas neck and plows him into a tree, and holds him more tightly the ninja holds his arm trying not to chook. "That's enough from you Ikle. No matter if I fail or not i'm still your Captain and your fate." He let's go as the ninja fdrops to the ground gasping for air, the others back away slowly as Ace turns around furiously. "Anyone else has an comment." They shake there heads. "Good let's call it a night and head back to our stations. NOW!" They quickly leave as Ace stands there by himself. "This won't happen again. Next time I won't so weakness." He vanishes also leaving a frail when behind in the cool night sky and all is silent.
    The night ends as the sun rises above the mountains in the late moonlight as it vanishes. The day dragged a little after the eciident last night Lunai stayed at home still in her bed streched across on the side looking up to the ceiling as the fan slowly went around and around. She slowly closes her eyes as she listens to the sounds around her it was peaceful the familiar sounds of children running up and down the streets, mothers yelling, wheels turning, and so on as if nothing changed. A few minutes later she hears a knock on the door, she gets up and straightens out her hair before answering. "I'm coming." She says apporaching the door, she opens it slightly and sees a tall figure. "Lunai?" A deep vioce says looking in, she opens the door wider as she leans against the door. "Hey, Ace." She says in a pale voice,she looked upset yet peaceful and tired. "I came to check on you. Can I come in?" He said looking inside her house, she rubs her head and pulls her hair from face behind her head. "I'm sorry Ace. I'm tired, thanks for coming to see if I was alright though." He loks back at her. "I understand i'm sorry about your lose. Maybe I can call you later." He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a pen and a piece of paper. "Call me if you want to see me again, okay?" She takes the paper and nodes then closes the door, she streches then heads back to room to rest. Three hours later Ace continuse walking around the village people stood out infront of stores looking at the news of the sneak-attack that happen last night. Ace then truns and goes into a bar named, "Pop till ya Drop"the bar wasalmost empty a few stood around watching television on the wall as others played pool, he sits beside one man dress in dark black jeans and a long sleeved white shirt. "Glad you was able to come." The man said as Ace orders for a drink. "I had some free time on my hands so I decided to some." Ace says taking a drink and setting it down. "The news is all over the academy won't be able to do anything, until things dye down." Ace nodes his head in agreement. "But, we still have or orders. Getting information will also be a problem, they know what we're trying to get and they'll do anything to protect it." Ace gets a flashback of what happened yesturday night. "I'm not leaving without those documents." She smirks. '"Fine then both of us won't." He was confused at first then she suddenly she runs away back to the Acadmey. "What is she..." He hears something suddenly he quickly turns around and sees a paper bomb on the kunai ready to explode. "NO!" He trys to retrive them but the bomb explodes, he quickly gets out of the way but looks at the ashes of burnt paper and roof remains falling to the ground. "Damn it! Flashback ends. "She knew how important those documents where and she was willing to destory them to keep it secret." Ace says to himself. "But, still she must have a copy somewhere if wasn't to worried about them." Two hours pass and the man gets up and pays for his drink. "None the less we must get something our we won't be able to win this war." Ace nodes and the man leaves, a couple of minutes later Ace does the same and leaves. He was deep in thought all through the day as the sun sets in a bright velet red, he stops as he sits down on the bench for the bus to arrive. He gets on and sits at the end of the bus, he looks out pondering what should he do next. He gets off then heads down the street it was now dark and the moon was appearing in the sky, as he turns to open his appartment door a knife is suddenly held to his neck. "Don't move." The stranger says in a whisper. Ace doesn't moves. "What do you want?" Ace demands. "I know who you are." Ace looks surprised and confused. "But, how..." "You think your the only one who have spies here..." The stranger says slamming him against the appartment door. "If don't want your little plan out in the open you'll do what I say." Ace nodes not to risk his identity to be expose. "Until you have what I want i'll come back for it." He suddenly disappears as Ace quickly turns around but no one was there. He opens his door and slams it behind him in rage of what happened knowing he wasn't the only one in this battle.
    The next morning was a bit cloudy and warm as Lunai opens her tired eyes to the new day. She gets up and perpares to go to the academy, Ace also does the same still angered by the encounter that happened last night. "What should i do..." He says to himself. "If I am going to keep myself hidden, how am I to get rid of the other spy tailing me." Not knowing what to do Ace still proceeded with his plans. It was 7:45 A.M. Everyone started back to their duty's as the day went on, Lunai was back on sorting duty's as before with her crew. Lunai was deep in thought on what have happened during the past days of the invasion. "So far all I have to go on with is an in-and-out assult, new comers from neighboring villages, a death of a caption, and stolen documents." She sighed. "I know there resonsible..." She says turning towards her men. "But, I don't have any evidence to prove it." She stakes a couple of papers. "I guess i'll have to watch them one by one for anything." Ace was always deep in thought. "This spy how long have he been tailing me? Maybe it was last night during the break-in or was it when I frist came here." Koirnhi turned to him. "Ace what's the matter.' Ace turns to him. "It's nothing." As he went back to his work. "I can't le the others know, if I do tell them they''l just get caught in the act." To be contiuned (i need a break mrgreen )