• Violet realized two things instantly when she woke up. One, the boy had not moved her from where she lay. And two, she was bleeding from a small cut on the right side of her forehead. Violet didn't say a word or move an inch from where her head was propped up. After a few minutes, she grumbled a bit as she started to move. Her body felt like a board. Hard, stiff and dry. As she began to lift her back up, she cried in pain but continued to lift herself up until she could prop her body against the shelf that lay behind her. All around her were books and for a moment, she forgot all her pain. Wiping the blood from her forehead, she looked around her. The boy was next to her box of books with Peter Pan in his hand. He was staring at her with startling blue eyes. Violet stared right back. After a few minutes of silence, Violet tilted her head and said, "Well, aren't you going to help me up?"
    For a moment, the boy seemed not to understand, as if the words had just blown through him. Then, he seemed to get the connection and hurried over towards Violet. He offered her his hand and Violet clasped his arm.
    "On three. One, two, three." He heaved her up and Violet staggered to keep straight. She walked unsteadily towards the desk and groped for the first thing she could find. Great. A stranger has just magically appeared in my house and I am going to defend myself with a pen.
    Who in god's name is this girl? How the did she get in? Time doesn't pass that fast. She was so odd. Yet intriguing. She didn't seem scared of him, just curious. Could he trust her? She seemed just as in love with books as him, judging by the box of books brought in. Yet no one knew about it. Except his father. But he had warned him to trust no one, for the your best friend, could be your own death. He would have to be caution with her, quiz her without her knowing.
    "Who are you. What are you doing here. How'd you get in here?"
    The boy blinked.
    "Well, aren't you going to answer me?"
    "OK, listen. You may think your 'better' then me or something. But I swear if you do a single thing to hurt me in anyway, I will-"
    "Can't you keep a secret?"
    Violet blinked and smiled.
    "It depends. Can you trust me?"

    She passed the first question.