• “It’s been three years since the incident…”

    A trainer say crying softly over a grave outside of the Burned Tower
    of Ecruteak City… The simple little grave beside the tower was well kept
    by the town who had felt sorry for the trainer who on this very day
    three years ago lost their trusted partner.
    *Three years ago*

    A young trainer walked into the city of Ecruteak his partner an Eevee
    who happily sat upon its trainers head. Everyone looked upon this joyful new traveling trainer happy at the innocent youth as he heads
    toward the Pokémon center to heal both his Partner Eevee and team.

    “Come to battle the Gym leader young man?”

    The Nurse Joy asked the trainer who simply gave her a simple yes but
    plans to do some training in the Burned tower and perhaps catch a rare
    to find Magmar in there. When Nurse Joy returns his team to the young
    man he smiles as his Eevee pops out to be beside its trainer for the
    challenge for Normal types versus Ghost his eevee will need to learn to
    bite… Everything had been going fine as he and Eevee trained and
    successfully learned Bite but the simpleness of this training would
    become much worse as the young trainer decides to go down the ladder to
    where the three legendary dogs use to be… The basement but the strangest
    part was of the brightly light upper floor the basement even with the
    huge holes from the floor above, it was dark… Then things turned

    “Why is it so dark down here?”

    The trainer questions how the light from above does nothing to the
    lower level even with the holes but he brushes aside the eeriness of
    the dark lower level of the Burned Tower but by doing so he sealed a
    terrible fate. The sudden cry of a Pokémon frightens the young trainer
    and his Eevee.

    “A ghastly?!”

    The trainer says in surprise as the Pokedex says that Ghastly don’t
    reside in the Burned Tower or that they should be White with Red eyes
    but again ignoring the sense of possible fear the trainer and his Eevee
    go into battle against the white ghastly prepared to use the newly
    learned move to win.

    “Eevee use Bite!”

    The Trainer declares and his Eevee pounces at the ghastly teeth ready
    to bite but they go right through the ghastly which was unheard of so
    the Eevee lands and tries again once again passing through until the
    Ghastly decides to act a spectral like nail appears and drives itself
    into the Eevee but unlike any other case of Ghost type using Curse this
    one caused his Eevee to shriek and flail about in what looks like
    sheer pain… Shortly after using the move the Ghastly vanished but the
    trainers Eevee continued to shriek in pain as he picks her them up but
    is shocked to find them BLEEDING!!!


    The Trainer shouts and runs fighting back tears of fear for his
    precious Pokémon partner but with every step he takes the Eevee
    continues to Shriek and thrash about in his arms. The Trainer tries
    running in hopes he can make it to the center before its to late but
    this only makes the pain his partner is in get worse. By the time he
    reached the Pokémon Center his Eevee was silent perhaps from the blood
    loss but when he hands them to Nurse Joy she rushes the Eevee to ER
    which terrifies the Trainer.

    “I’m sorry but, she was to far gone to save.”

    Nurse Joy tells the trainer that his Eevee had died from a Nail found
    piercing her heart but when the nail was removed from the poor deceased
    Pokémon’s heart it vanished… Later that month the trainer had his Eevee
    buried beside the tower where their final adventure together had taken
    *Present Day*

    The Trainer readied to leave and began to walk away from the grave but took a look back… He swore he saw sitting on the grave was the spirit of his Eevee she was looking at him happily unaware she was dead even with a mysterious nail driven into and sticking out of her back.

    “I’ll see you next year… Visit again master.”

    The spirit says then fades away as the trainer leaves.