• i was really stressed due to yearly exam(i'm a very sensitive person) and apparently one of my friend was being annoying by her endless complaints about how she did on the exam. so i kind of told her off and started to avoid her for a moment. also to hide and get rid of the stress i tried to laugh and and be bubbly all the time. one day when i was having lunch with my friends thsi two girls came up to me nad told me to come with them. they took me the girl's change room and asked me if i had a fight with my friend so i said no.

    Soon after i heard someone sobbing and it turned out to be the girl who i told off before. she locked herself in the showerbooth and was crying the whole lunch time. obviously i had no idea what the heck was her problem so i tried asking her but she just cried and told me to go away. and one of the girls who were watching managed to get in the shower where the crying girl and then i heard my friend talking about her problems to that girl. i was pretty pissed off since i was her friend and she told me to go away adn she goes and tells her problems to some other random girl! i over heard almost everything my friend was spilling out to that girl and most of them was about how me and my other friends were not being nice to her and always neglect her. well that wasn't true because i did avoid her for a moment but i wasn't going to isolate her. it's just that she didnt dare to join the conversations or even try to be involved.

    as days went by i heard more backstabbing talks from that friend and i got really annoyed and most of the people either thought that i was a biggest b**** or confused because they heard my story as well as the other girl's. i felt really betrayed and heartbroken since she was one of my close friends. also this event brought up all the bad memories of being neglected and bullied when i was in primary to early highschool years which made me hate her even more. however i kind of found out the reason she was being so mean to me which was because of the high expectation from her parents, unsatisfying grade, and also that i looked too happy when she thought she was miserable. i was really surprised about the last reason because as i said before that was my way to get rid of the pressure of the stress i gained from the exam.

    now we dont fight as badly as that time but i think we both till have the pain and memories inside us but we're just ignoring it, which i dont think helps. we're back together but we're not close as before. i think this was my worst memory in highshool so far (all the others are like looking like complete idiot at front os someone i really liked) because i'm really afraid of people leaving me and getting betrayed, especially from people who i trust. and this was the first time i ever cried at that school(how embarrassing). anyways that was my story thanks for listening