• I'm sitting on my bed, listening to the storm and putting off my homework, arguing against reason with the feeble excuse that the power is out even though it's still light enough outside to see. I'm so captivated by the rolling thunder and lightning flashes that I don't hear him come in, but his fingers move over my skin like rain and I know it's him. A single kiss and I'm lost. He smells of summer and heat radiates from him as he lays me down and promises me everything he unknowingly already gives me. His voice sparks an ancient melody in my mind and as I close my eyes, I find myself in that place again.
    It's a secret place that only I know. There are no walls and there is no ceiling. There is me, the music, and the storm. In this instant, I am free.
    The music swells and I smile, knowing what must be done. I begin the archaic dance that I have known since before my birth. I am ruled by the music. Thunder grows with every spin, sparks fly with every leap. I move with the fluidity and grace of the water that falls around me, caressing me and sending ripples across the surface of my stage.
    My clothes are a second skin and my dark curls stick to me in heavy tendrils. I can feel my soul getting closer to ecstasy with every move and every droplet that falls upon my flesh. Freedom is near and my movements are becoming quicker, more unpredictable, and less restrained. The unknown awaits me and I cannot control my laughter as joy, unbound and beautiful, bubbles over within me.
    The rain is driving now, the tempo has become a rapid succession of beats and the sounds blur together as I go into another spin, pushing myself beyond anything I have ever known. My breathing is shallow and labored, my legs threaten to collapse, and I don't dare open my eyes, but I am close, so close, closer than I have ever been before!
    My feet move in patterns I don't recognize, but my steps are as sure as the sun. My balance is unshakable, and my movements are perfect. There is nothing better. There can't be. My heart can barely contain my exhilaration. Anything more would kill me, I'm sure of it. But I cannot stop. Even with my mind in such a tumultuous state, I know this to be the only fact.
    So I pick up the pace again, my entire body screaming in pain, elation, and triumph. I'm there. I've done it. I've reached my goal, though I can't remember setting one or even what it was. I can't remember anything right now. All I know is that the storm has gone and I'm crying tears of the greatest mix of pain and ecstasy. My entire being aches and my heartbeat is slowing again. I'm coming down from the high of victory and am floating back to reality.
    A humid breeze brushes my cheek and I open my eyes. Pools as dark as the night around us stare softly back at me. A smile graces my lips then his, and he pulls me closer, his front to my back, nuzzling my neck and wrapping his arms possessively around me. My eyelids are heavy with sleep and I begin the short journey to the land of dreams, the soft song of his love playing my melody all the while.