• A tear falls,
    Only to hit the ground.
    But it only makes
    The tinniest sound.
    People hardly show,
    They know that I cry.
    But even if they do,
    They don't really care,
    They just keep passing by.

    Every day,
    I close my eyes,
    And my pain will ease
    For a fraction of time.

    Truly, what is life worth in the end?
    A little bit of happiness.
    But all stories have an end.

    A sentimental moment here and there,
    But behind it all,
    No one really cares.

    * * *

    Once so many tears fall,
    I move no more.
    But no one cares,
    No hearts were torn.
    Just one more gone,
    One less to feed.
    I'm one of those people
    No one really needs.