• Was it true?
    When you said, "I love you."
    It all seemed so real
    The way the play made me feel
    I never wanted it to end
    But the clock struck 12
    And the magic died away in the night
    With a final dance
    We part to meet nevermore
    As the curtains close
    It's the end of the show
    Now I'll never know
    If you loved me
    As I did you
    And my Lacrimosa plays away
    Into my mind the image burns
    Of our final dance
    But I don't want it to be
    I need one last chance
    One more dance
    For all your love
    To be mine and only mine
    And if you'll be I'll love you always
    And if you won't
    I won't force you to
    Dance to your heart's desire
    If not with me
    Then I tried
    But I'll always wait at the wall
    For my next dance
    While my Lacrimosa plays away
    I'll watch you always
    While I wait
    The clock strikes 12
    And we slip away
    Into the night
    End to the play...