• As I sit, a shadow along its shores
    the moon nests around my brow
    feathering at my beating heart
    I venture forward as if by,
    nothing at all.

    The sand leads me to a grey ocean, a setting sun
    I am greeted by the Black Sails
    whats they whisper, I do not want to understand
    the words for a chorus that sails through my open body
    but it's something I would never want to know.

    Its in my blood
    as I was born
    but theres nothing at all

    I want to be on them sailing into somewhere
    to hold hands with despair
    a factor I know far to well
    or can i just be a monster?

    Nothing from nowhere
    I am just a monster
    but I have all those tears
    I saved them just for you
    just call me Melancholy
    I'll call you despair
    and i have always longed for you...
    ...towards a setting sun.