• im lost
    very lost
    all i do is think
    none stop nite and day
    cant have fun for once with out
    being sad or hurting
    all i can do is think and think
    feel pain and more pain
    try to have fun
    flips over like a coin
    2 sides 2 ppl in one
    one lost one wants to be set free
    50 50 chance that happing would be lost afraid
    and hurt
    words from my mouth
    hurt others
    brings more pain
    to people
    my existence on this world
    is to bring pain
    thats all im gud for
    iv just realized that
    love? i had it once but lost it
    my fault again
    i would say more but i might
    bring u pain so ill stop were im at
    rite here rite now and be done with hruting everyone
    that came my way and tried to get in my so called heart that feels hurt and pain.