• As I walk on bye a mirror i see something in it.
    What i see is and ugly beast who needs to be fixed.
    People make fun of that mirror as i stand in front of it.
    It's such ugly thing.
    So, i punch it to get rid of this pain for him/her.
    But, i noticed as I punched her the mirror broke.
    I found that this ugly beast is my reflection.
    Why o' why did it have to be me.
    Not me it can't.
    I can't believe it that's not me.
    It's her it must be her.
    Im not ugly.
    Oh no i am not.
    As i sceam for the heavens.
    I loose my voice.
    In the morning with me in the hospital.
    I ask my mom and she says"no u are not!''

    -peer pressure for girls to be pretty sometimes they look pretty but since no one notices they feel the urge to get skinnier and yeah-