• Gather around kids
    A new story awaits your ears
    One of loneliness and suffering
    Of creating your greatest fear
    Sinuhe was his name
    A man of great wealth
    When along came a girl
    With incredible stealth
    His mother warned him
    Of women full of deceit
    How they can take everything from you
    And throw you in the street
    Her husband was gone
    Her heart lusting for touch
    He was the untainted soul
    That she longed for so much
    But, he remembered the lesson
    He learned before that day
    Although it was tempting
    He started to walk away
    When she turned him around
    And gave him a ring
    Every time he gazed at it
    Her memories it would bring
    They depart
    They grow and learn
    Sinuhe meets the pharoah;
    And is named, "He who is alone."
    They meet again
    Taking Sinuhe by surprise
    Not only by her heavenly presence
    But, by the passion in her eyes
    That night, they made love
    Filling Sinuhe with glee
    His desire was met
    But, it wasn't for free
    She demanded his house
    His slave, Kaptah, too
    Although he was regretful
    There was not much he could do
    The next two times
    She got pleasure from his doom
    Demanding for his parent's house
    And then his parent's tomb
    When he had nothing to give
    She left him on his own
    Only proving the fact
    That he really was ALONE
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