• He promised me forever but I only saw never
    He promised me the world all that I could ever imagine but all I got was tears and deception
    He said he would always be there but he's not with me now
    I was going to be dressed in white walking down an isle with a bright face
    But I'm not in white but black and I don't have a smile but a frown
    There was going to be sunshine and bright flowers
    But there's a dark gloomy sky and dark black flowers
    The preacher was going to marry us
    But instead he's saying a sad prayer
    Everyone was going to stand up in happiness
    But all heads are down and there isn't a sound
    You promised me you'd be here you said forever
    But now all I have is never and and a broken promise
    My heart used to be filled with happiness
    But now its broken shattered to pieces
    Your body in a silky lined casket
    Before me your gone never to hold again
    I promise you forever
    I'll give you the world
    I will be there smiles not frowns
    Sunshine no rain
    There will be happiness again
    Our hearts will fill up with joy once more
    When I see you in heaven forever more
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