• Chapter 2: The fight; TO KIKI`S HOUSE!!!

    “NII-SAN TAKE ME TO KIYOTE`S HOUSE NAOMI AND KUROSAKI FOLLOWED HIM HOME!!!”I panicked. “Aww crud…”He said wild-eyed. “LETS GO!!!! My brother yelled grabbing my hand and dragging me to the truck. We hopped inside as he started the engine.

    We saw the teens outside Kiote`s door with a baseball bat about to hit him. “What do you think your doing?” My brother glared, stepping out of the truck. “Beating him up what you gonna do about it?” Kurosaki asked as Naomi was about to hit Kiote.I ran over to the cowering Kiote and kicked Naomi full force into a tree.

    “Hey looks like you can actually fight now since the last time we saw you.” Kurosaki smirked, looking at me. My brother twisted Kurosaki`s arm behind his back and flipped him over his shoulder, breaking his arm. “And you’re officially old enough for me to beat the crud out of you.” He snickered, as Kurosaki scrambled to his feet grabbing Naomi and taking her with him.

    “Don’t think we’ll forget about this Fujihara!!” Naomi yelled, as she and Kurosaki ran off. “You okay Kiote?” I asked, bending down to look at a bruise on his cheek. “Yeah I thought they left and came out side, Kurosaki came behind me and punched me but I’m used to it no worries.” He smiled sincerely, as I helped him up.

    “You should come over until your dad gets home in case they come back.” My brother said grabbing the bat. “Yea okay hey Zexa wanna hang out?” Kiote asked. “Sorry I’m going to Kiki`s and a concert tonight.” I frown, getting into the truck. “Mmmkay.” He said, hopping in.

    “Alright go get your stuff Zexa.” My brother said waiting in the car. “Hn.” I nodded, running inside. “Alright see you later Zexa.” Kiote smiled as we pulled out of the drive way. “Can you put on ‘Linkin Park’?” I asked him listening to his ‘Metallica’ CD skip. “Fine.” He sighed, ejecting it.

    We arrived at Kiki’s to see her and her sister Emi run outside. “ZEXA!!!” Emi screamed hugging my stomach. “Hey Zexa.” Kiki smiled. “Hey Kiki.” I said ignoring Emi`s constant squeals of joy.