• Sorry for the speeling I'm rushing! redface

    It is Winter in Wellwood and everybody is wait for them. The feathers that fly south together like a big leaf floating and come back as big colorful birds, but the snow is falling hard each day of the month. Making the sun shine big and bold in the purple sky. The forests, with leaves so big and green, sleeps like bears waiting for spring. Bunnies change from brown to white so, no fox see them hopping around looking for food. Almost every animal hates the snow except for some birds . Birds like the doves! Doves blend in with the snow and are a meaning for love and peace. And the two doves that bring out that feelings are Tommy and Daisy. Tommy and Daisy loved each other from birth. Their parent were friends. Tommy and Daisy shared every thing they had with each other. After some years, it was like they were couples. Doves in love. Love doves!

    One dark , cold night, a man and his family had went camping . He had said that the camping grounds were to far away for him to drive. They had had dinner and went to bed forgetting the fire was not put out! The fire ate many leaves around, making it grow bigger and higher and also faster. The daughter smelled the fire , that was rushed against wood and ran to get help from her mother and father. They got their son and whatever they needed. They got in the car and went to go get help from a near by fire house. In the tree tops , birds were squaking , waking the animal up to help save them- selfs. The animal cops were here helping animals get away by putting they in cages because they knew that even if they hided or ran away the fire would find them like an animal hunting it's prey.
    One of the animal that they took was Daisy! Tommy was stuck in a tree with his wings on fire. Daisy went to go get help, but all the animals were caught and soon she was , too !

    As Tommy waited there , the smoke went in his lungs and he pasted out with his wings burned badly.When he woke up, he flew in pain trying to find Daisy and other animals. There was none. All he found was a paper with directions. Was this faith he thought? He then started on his trip, to Asia. It would be long but it was worth it. He would start tom. so, he can be refreshed. Tommy gathered berries, nuts, bugs,and the spring's
    clear water and patched it in his belly , for he would throw it up and give it to Daisy in case she was hungery.

    Meanwhile, Daisy was in a box with only one hole. In that hole, she saw men and women in dirty work clothes picking up other boxes with other animals in the Wellwood forest. Daisy felt and sharp point to her right wing. Before she could turn around, everything felt num and she could only see a blue light when she woke up. " She is healthy.And every pretty!" said the vet. As the men were talking, she finally looked back to see herself in pretty good condiction. More needles were in Daisy to found out if she was ok.
    But, deep inside she was not . She want her friend back in her wings. She didn't know if he was ok and she didn't want to know if he was not ok.

    The next day, Tommy woke up and started to fly. The pain shot up his wings as he turn left and then right. They were badly burn and could be sprained or even worst broken! But, Tommy didn't care he want to see his baby , too. A few days he said to him self. A few more days.
    When it started to get dark he would find a place in the trees to sleep. Sometimes the animals were so mean that he would have to fly althrough the night.

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