• I woke up the next morning..... why do these things keep happening to her... I wish I could help her.. i feel so weak and helpless.... i have to help her.... cry I hear foot steps. oh its Mendo...
    I thought. Uh hey Mendo.... Yea? He said. I need help... I said sad and worried. Whats the
    matter u look down. sad He said sitting at my desk chair. Its these dreams.... its so weird...
    this dream was much more different than the last one.... it was as if i really was there!
    I actually talked to her and she told me her name!I said. Ria? Mendo interupted. How did...
    you know? I asked anxious. Shes a girl that was different.... nobody liked her....
    shes still alive and u can contact her.... i dont know how but u and her are linked some how....
    tonight try to ask where she is ok? He said patting me on the head. :3 ok... thanks for the
    help, no wonder were friends.I said No problem what are friends for? He said walking to his
    room. Later that day... Tyoshi started to have flashes of Ria out in the rain and shes running
    from something... After Max started to feel better he went down stairs to watch some TV.
    Oh, hey Max, whats up? He said with a grin. Nothing much ive just got a headache is all...
    I said rubbing my eyes. Thats a joke compared to mine.... got pounded on the head twice
    thanks to you! Now u talk to me about headaches! Tyoshi said pointing and yelling at Max.
    My bad man rofl I said laughing.ah.....my head.... I said in pain. Max?! Tyoshi said.
    I dropped to the floor unconscious. Its that dream again.... its raining now.....
    shes at the park....i have to help her this time! I run to see Ria as fast as i can.
    I touch her shoulder. AHHHH!!!! Get away from me! She screamed. I backed off. sad Oh.... Max, im sorry... im just scared is all... She said frightened. No, its ok i under stand why
    you would be scared.... are you ok? You were hurt... I said. Yes im fine now, you dont need
    to worry about me. wink She said with a small laugh. Shes so kind... and so nice...
    I thought. We have to get you out of here, do you trust me? I said calmly. Yes, i do.
    She said. Thank you meet me at the fence right there ill meet u there in a second
    i promise. Ok stay here ill be right back, ill see you then. I said. Good luck Max smile I wake up and its raining where i am too..... is it possible that....i wont know unless i
    try.... I rush down the hall and wake up Tyoshi and Mendo i told them where to go and
    that Ria needs our help quick. who is Ria? Tyoshi asked. Its a long story... Lets just go!
    As we arrive at the park i see her with my own eyes.... there she is right where i she said
    she would be,at the fence...... it wasnt a dream.... Ria! I yelled. She looks at me and smiles.

    To Be continued :3 Comments!