• there's a story about a girl
    it starts happy
    then ends in misery
    she always lied to herself
    no matter how many times she was beaten
    told she was worthless
    left behind
    she convinced herself she was happy
    and she really believed herself

    she became so happy
    she was ready to end her life
    but then she meant him
    the guy that would change her

    he showed her true pain, true misery, true love
    she fell at first sight
    she wanted him more then death
    cared for him more then she cared to lie to herself
    loved him more then love itself
    sadly he loved her back
    or so he said
    pretended he cared and never shared
    gave her hope like no one could
    but used her up till she was lost for good
    left her over and over
    came back when he needed a shoulder

    eventually she died inside
    she was willing to give him her all

    one day she realized
    he'd never what her like she wanted him
    he'd never care like she cared
    he'd never see her as perfect as she sees him
    just because he doesn't love her

    so, she gave up
    gave up on the hopes of him and her together

    he lost her
    she lied and said she didn't care
    he cried and blamed
    she apologized but only for his shame
    she turned
    left him to blame
    she hurts but still lets go
    he loses and never will know
    she'll always be his
    willing to give her all
    if he was only willing to let go
    and fall