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    • Elemental Surprise by MOMO_MiMix
    • Inspired by the item Superior Form this novel flourishes with life and originality and i hope everyone will like it cause i have poured some hard deep though into this and so have a fun time reading.
    • secrets by Adriana Pineda
    • This is the first draft.Sorry about the spelling I just want to know if this should be a longer story.If you have any ideas pm me.Thank you.
    • Wolf story chapter 2 by XxxChinatsu
    • OK, it is chapter 2! I added two, no three new characters and yea. i adopted them. ok, so the new characters are in chapter 3. Comment nicely and rate!
    • Untitled by jePomme
    • Er.. This is random. Note: I posted this on my other account earlier. But it got hacked, so I'm going to post it here.
    • Vampire Ruler 3 by pretty_little_indie
    • This is the 3rd one! i might not update this for oh i dont know another year or so ive already written my side story -wink wink hint hint- all i need to do it type! and thanks to my fans who have read this far!
    • A Day Never Remembered - Ch 1 by suizome
    • The first chapter of "A Day Never Remembered" Placed: In the Land of Aureste Main Character: (Grandma) Halliya, Daughter of the Bastiam, Owner of the Water in Aureste Other Characters (in this chapter): (Grand daughter) Arie...
    • -name undecided- by WrymZero
    • Kind of thought of the idea in my head whilst i was attending class today, and from my boring perspective of my class, i wrote this down. Hope you all enjoy this small piece of literature.
    • Nithril Chapter 9 by Bald Aguila
    • Chapter Title: Breaking the Blockade Chapter 4: http://www.gaiaonline.com/arena/writing/fiction/vote/?entry_id=102786463#title Chapter 5: http://www.gaiaonline.com/arena/writing/fiction/vote/?entry_id=102787963#title Chapter 6:...
    • Celebrity in School? by Th3On3F0rY0u
    • When EVERY girl in school finds out that the biggest celebrity will be in their school they are freaking out. But what will happen when one girl is chosen to take the celeb around school?
    • Living Hell: Entry 4 by code_monkey3000
    • Tomarrow we're heading for the Grand Canyon, that's where our next check point is. Well let's just hope that we make it to the camp. This is entry 4 of my series. Like I useuly say, if you haven't read the other 3 you should...
    • Zero Kicks Puppies by Ame Kuruma
    • Vampire Knight fanfiction. Headmaster Cross decides to get a dog. Guess who ends up taking care of the furry monster? Yeah. Zero and Yuuki. Fluff. Tell me what you think and rate. This can also be found on my fanfiction.net acc...
    • Dilemma by kibsfllwr
    • When a young female werewolf pup falls for the exiled prince of the vampires, war breaks lose as both tribes battle for total dominance of the other. Can true love prevail over all that is lost to hatred and death?
    • What Fate Wills: Part 1 by Ty Gwynnia
    • A boy meets another boy, becoming friends with him after an encounter with his girlfriend and the son of a mob boss. Little does he know how his life will change. I might continue this if people read it and are interested. One ...
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