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Samuel's Poetry & Thoughts - I'm an open book. Clear conscience. Just, days are sort of not knowing what to do. So, why not. Maybe someone can give me advice despite my clueless and dogma. - Very blunt yet obscured.
The Source
I am a man of my youth - Forever young, growing older till my days.
I count the days wise of patience yet intellectually challenged.
Even living days are numbered yet uncountable for its limits.
For I known my virtues clear where every man looks upon weakness.

Withhold patience young one growing, for I need patience also.
To commit to the fullest of life to justify, as we each proceed...
From that of days younger not knowing or seeking to our delight...
Yet greater is He who looks upon the state to endure and cure.

It is not to harm the man but look upon the heart a greater start.
For it was wicked among desire or observance to suffering...
Foolishness also to be compassionate but do nothing knowing.

Families can settle their care yet of them. Would I be of my own?
To give advice to them without their grudges...?

Fallacy on child, unless they are not respectable an elder for their actions to effect.

Younger the generations are wiser than their parents yet act foolish. If I told them they would tell the child - "YOU DO NOT COMMAND US." and they would do nothing for. Nor would the parent or child care.

Foolish assumption as they declare what younger think - Older stubbornness and power due to suffering and desire.

It of The Greatness cares... Strips them of not dignity but honor.
Yet... honor that which gave life to thee O Author and cared for them.

In your reaction - though justified, give honor and not vain praise.
Even in their wrong as you suffer, a child reflects caring parents.

And to those without a people and learning of life to tested by it - for whom which I write this knowledge which I am after...

For you not knowing as a kid to mentally injured or physical - life cares not for aggressiveness but thine peace or virtue living.

It reflective of days knows the overarching truth - that of whom society has stricken is reality of their own truth.

They could not stand the way of their effected state in reality - for it to be commanded feared and frowned upon.

For those who want power to control are dissatisfied. Unhappy are they unless they cause suffering to others.

If the man is powerful a magistrate bring not selfishness. Therefore the rich and wealthy unless stable are broke more. They are not that of the man who invest wisely, or poor. But they are also are not that whom take advantage as broken. They are those whom invest for righteousness sake.

For they prosper among the living and justified of deed. They are not the poor yet have lived equally among condition; not commit vain actions of each to observe sickness.

If walking in the shoes of one you may retrace but not exact full... Unless life perceive or granted it to one prophecy and permissions... Where-withhold, the prophet unless true would die or not be believed.

By that of whom is the pro-claimer of his or her justice? No being is perfection, but they who know all are tested by truth.

The practicality of manifest comes to them and what is it sought?
Out of fear (love), and truth rest that which has taught me...
But unto the like the observance and foolishness of law physical.

Rather than understanding the appropriateness of the mentality...
It is not the fact that the law is justifiable...
But the fact that law was made mortified among nature that is so.
And justified within reason it speaks not I, but it for its way.

Bound to the natural man and spirit who was at both knowledgeable,
and with compassionate soul taking form the tasks of generations...
Up to the consciousness whom by it declares not itself above...
Nor is it below us to the spirit. Yet it among all declares us equal.

When we know for the matter of sake its truth also of it reflective...
Before and after me I to we sought yet not knowing...
For what I was seeking, it was also seeking...

Till we know more, it desired many challenging all generations.
Yet of that whom spoke of it, it knew all before us and self.

To mankind, this is ancient spoken of.
Yet mankind declared spirit uncivil.
It is the life which truly defends all which during is not justified.
It might be justified, but among such would be the life proven...
The justification not known to be among mankind or spirit but heart.

The way of its truth is known unto we the man regardless of belief.
For the foolish will act the nature of dogmatism among the civil.
And the curing of dogmatism in our nature as a creature is delight.

For what among the justification am I to correct.
By no means... For I am responsible for my actions.
Man does not need to commit their thought but are they just in reason?
If so it is valid - so do to protect and not commit harm.

The spirit if so suffering the man... A greater hell... Unless it is a guardian among that reason for what is civil or stable.

Limits came from nature and that which binds. And yet, by that of whom has affected the calm of it?

Argue not for cause to malice but defending against.
Though I hold my compassion, it above holds all emotions and greater patience than each... enduring for us and bound to the courts of its words...
Just as any man to being is bound by their own though we break...
It unlike with freedoms due to perfection - a stability scale limit.

The definition for which the definition does not exist bind us the words not.
Yet these are vow and promise of which life and death alike cannot.
For they protect and or commit an interference within the vitality...
To whom one side seeks a side because they involve or see attribute.

Or truly the outcome is among the instability of nothingness.
Where truly something is declared as nothing or the vice oppose it?

These are the words I speak unto you, for blood to spirit wrote.
And the endurance of mind rewrites its physical form of authorship.

This was the darkness and that which was combined of its own reason.
Did so it divide, it among its arguments so defines divinity...
- Forming all spirits whether they be heavenly, demon, earthly, or man.

For that which believes on nothingness will serve it or bring forth.
And the other will go its way to desire, protect, or preserve.
For if mankind truly spoke the intelligence in a modern world...
It among the echos would clash unless understanding.

Families break or heal and yet mend arguments hopefully in bounds.
Life shall become without composition and speak vain or heal lost.
Though it is not to save destruction, or calamity heal...
We each hold forth our arms out to emotion or justifiable.

Yet the reason to understand knowing not outcome, though we seen cause...
If the prefix or suffix not being known, they are lost both.
Yet that in whom of which wrote a story, it started from infinity.

The history of beginning is bound to the lost middle as a scroll.
Similar to the apocrypha or that which so is canonized...
Not to hide the truth, but compare, even if I not know all.
It is best not to act all, but live all unless confronting.

True one knew all things but did not make all things. It could blend the attributes of all to its heart. Thus making, and redefining purity from wickedness.

What is pure among will compose for its own. The source will not prosper the wicked or uncaring. Though wickedness justify purpose of instability.
Though truth be told, there is nothing wicked of it.

It understood both in the beginning or before its time. Though it understood what was of sides... It matched with a side. "Could it have been among both?" So states the mankind.

Define the stability and equation where life is treated equal or conducts to us equal each as one.

I shall not argue life so being it or the mankind or spirit. But the argumentative values to unsolvable.

Define not to us the answers if so the other besides one. For we each know our own truth and live in our boundaries. Whereas the mortified would look for expanse or limit unless satisfied.

Ancient and modern bring forth that of all things. Yet of that which spoke wrote the impossible equations? As that which equals or does not equal is the same as riddle... For the value is greater more in mathematics and void theorems, whereas truth and falseness are argued. Nor am I a man or being to retain.

Among this was the vitality - the totality of source.
Therefore we find answers in our own way or to inherit.
Of us mementos from which life or material form...

The memory everlasting if it died, the world would not exist.
So be it as continuation before me, so it be more worthy.
Long is the essence of its life and reason.

Forgive me of one belief if so. Yet I shall honor the truth.
Thus, true unto thee was my God, though unto thee was Cross.
Not of life or death, but change.

Even of its past does not change shape of body yet form.
And the spirit changes the man. Yet the man be one of spirit.
Whereas each commits to the coexist and the other of both sides their purposes.

For each to hide their heart is wise before it yet UN-brave, but it can be pierced or broken... As much among many judges of power and truth broken by crimes, vitality shall reign of all sides righteous above the courts... And love greater than power, faith, and wealth. Therefore, shine thine reason compassion, and if not any also, shine forth thine expression true.

Love by expression is not true, nor is it purity combined wicked. Nor is it perfect of purity and one sided wickedness intention. It is by the actions of fellows towards validity and living.

I unworthy of love by action yet have known it, therefore is worthy... Not before it that knew me... For it was greater than I. Therefore the words of greatness in philosophical - as to know the stones and ancients during and after of Socrates. "Know thyself." Or in simple terms by my words or others - "Understand."

Mercy among the just and the civil. But a curse and blessing among the many inheritors of life and the keys that give by it, but a choice to make of their way.
Thus forgiven.

Innocent before guilty and proven what is right to many and one. It to know, and others spared by grace - as to be forgiven by deed or suffering or attitude by some. Even if shunned or hated, life loves fully hating injustices.

The foolish would commit leaks or power for weakness rather than heal. Though actions defend against all reasons unrighteous. The administrations are under source of the arch truth.

The discord is among the reasons and fallacy of injustices and that of infrastructure is deception or want of the man to the virtues of their living.

Speech shall not be used as a weapon. For truth in its power heals.
Even among the prayers of non-vain power, not for the want, but the need.
No man can atone fully for action, yet among us the people.
And greater a source walked before us.

To remove it would end existence unless life remade another existence.
For it of much is lies among generational being and mortified is the spirit to flesh where flesh came before spirit also. For that of its birth defines its origin.

What is appropriate among its nature to its being defines life's dogmatism, nature and its sicknesses. To be married to that life-giving is a blessing.
That is if the types match for its appropriateness and according to the life for which reason be valid. As so is determinable not for me to make, but the life.

The issues pertain within reasoning their distinctions. Rather than that which wants no life or does not promote life virtue... Nor could life defend justification among its opposite yet partner... if so not to suffer the arguments among bearing pain. That toil is of type (health also). Yet the type not to change its own.

For that is a discrimination of self towards living or self, equals the choice of purity or to become what one is not... leads to dissatisfaction among the spirit and the body. And the altercations of types oppose to the self.

The solution is acknowledgement and not grudge of type. Yet every being has a preference of their own. Others discern or are discrete with similarity... - whereas there must be little difference or similarity... - the acceptance of differences to that of what is so... Morale of nature or dogmatism or nature to define... rather than gender, nationality, or skin to belief...

Seek not discrimination though one fears types. Yet seek what is righteous despite the own ways - to understand rather than define each leads to virtue of all... even the dogmatism.

Yet seek the righteous reason to why it exists and define not the discrimination towards one factor alone. To it the problematic cause defined then its solution.

If so the vice, both be known and it is justified not if so to discriminate rather than to heal. Force not the treatment and argue the problem, not so with type. Yet argue for what is against dogmatism and effect by immoral action.

For it is among the injustices to insane to describe factor alone... that they cannot define morality, righteousness, solution, and purity. For they are all equations for the law of which mankind argues freedom.

And thus those arguing for freedom whether speech or action, argue sides - the values of what is wrong to that of which is right in our own eyes.

For not mankind's eyes is above spirit, and the spirit bound by its word...
The law bound by mankind and the spirit greater with righteousness.

The law maker is not always perfection nor be the author against or for...
Nor wicked are they to insightful against one side. Nor should they be not so in totality to nothingness.

Of their heart is thine also and of the courts to the truest of words.
Being an older does not always make one wiser... Thus there is oversight. Among the respect of justices will define truly not greatest virtues but would admit to mankind of their reputations.

By no pride, by no power, not vain sickness action... mankind made justices. By that which held power comes responsibility to uphold laws.

Even if the man knew not and or fallowed the laws, could one follow the laws and not know them more than awareness? Therefore, the living to fullness is justifiable to that of the law of mankind... as long as it interferes not in the mankind's decision... Yet it is of it and others to define an authorship.

The sickness of mankind is to insert everything into a creation with none.
To that of its applicant or applicable attribute to emotion... those of each who knew not power without reason yet be it given, one is vain... Not by choice of self which one became a judge, but the vitality guardianship.

Indeed the vitality to bless the reward rather to observe is more justified unless it is chaotic among the stability of among the life to that of beings... In what did you invest in to promote goodness of each rather than interfere? Did you preserve from the cultivation to the blessings thereof wisely?

Not I the mankind or knowledge. Yet each knew their own. Yet with righteousness and not powers to fight... freedoms are acknowledged. Those freedoms without acknowledgement and life, are nothing.

Security is of those willing to guard with righteous reasons. It is possible to have stability, freedom, and security, even wealth, but there will always be a value more to them all.

Do you promote chaos or peace? Or can they balance, exist and see the reality without selfishness? It will challenge me of arcane truth.

The information gathered by intelligence will fail them who use it unjustly. It is observed the actions of fellows to the forbearance of respects and trusts.

The individuals shunned of disrespect, yet life perhaps of much is civil.
Within it is reflected ethical bounds of decency.

As quoted and stated by those whom were once respected... not by others, but of there own reasons... of I also to acknowledge... we each give forth our distinction and thoughts towards much.

He who knows the emotional endurance... He the one of reason or people shall know their way... caring for the virtue... even careless in part... a shell is with emotion... yet of a void shell... it is chaotic and empty.

They who hold compassion are blessed to be living. Those who persecute without justification are not worthy of it.

The attitude reflects suffering or heart to thinking. Even if life refuses to speak it be for hopefully righteous reasons.

Life true will hopefully seek after life and or be satisfied without greed. While the chaos is a multitude of desire or hope to stable under trials. It is therefore the balanced life justifies acknowledgements... Not the oppression and surely not influential pressure on others.

It is therefore, bound by the attitude, one indeed above I. Is not the beings, not I a man, but is the source that gives inspiration. Forever seeking I am satisfied.

To know all answers, life would test the vitality. If I knew everything it would not exist nor would life. Am I reflective of my words and talents? Or strengths not weakness?

Therefore, a source greater than spirit or being to mankind is life. It is to have powers and talents. What then is it but vain. It passes as the cycles of memory before us. To live immortal, I seek not less life grant, and not I or insanity.

The curse among life in its purest mind is no story of trials yet the blessing is of a greater shield while observing. But to understand clarity and not lose the self - to live, love and witness true is eternal. And they try to corrode emotion and strength.

The more you break it, manifestation is its power. Greater than the self is a multitude though not matching it. That is the source of life.

No mystic or powers or hidden summon, but argue spiritualism in a modern and past age, cultivation of mortified source; for it holds the attributes of the heart.

Define to us existence. Memory is born my emotion. Life a natural type birth. Not the impurity unless dogmatism of life grant sickness. In such mankind seeks power, yet they thirst by righteousness.

No power of hell, or scheme of man can pluck me from a Lord's hand.
Who holds the words of truth? No mankind to self or spirit, but one testing.

But living way among the ac-curacies of mankind to spirit, I am old in soul yet young. How old is a day with my LORD? He lives as the world lives and memory before and after the world

What is born of darkness is not my LORD. What is born of light is not my LORD. For they masquerade as angelic heavenly. It tries to control the demonic urges. What is tested is mankind as that of self is known. Lower than angels was the man, yet before me was Christ.

Do people really want to revert or change the past. Were you not satisfied with a future? Or perhaps maybe one as myself asks too many questions. He led people to God, yet the source is not God. Nor is it a devil. It is the vitality. For mankind cannot define whom or what God is with existence. They cannot understand the beginning or revitalization.

Show me whom was born or remains the same something tells me. Then surely you have surely spoken to He or a vessel of itself. Even if its thoughts do not change. Change not myself compared to its vessel, for He observes the righteousness reasons of many; and He understands my seeking as if I were a part of it or one before it.

The prophetic die without truth yet live among as a servant for they are tested proclaiming that truth.

I saw a listener of a prophetic old of a self name in hell. I have been to the heavens for it is a part of the earth. The boundaries are limitless of the heaven's expanse where only the domains to the thoughts reach. Thus also, death wandered before life, and stated to much - Lower I a shield of mankind?
For the heavens had become, what say you to me to afflict without cause?

Get thee hence from my sight, demonic or hellish heart. To that also of argumentative unless righteousness to defend. Even if I am impure in body, I shall not be in mind. Though holy was He before me pure and of mind. Who seeks to be a part of me? I shall overcome. Thus my servant is greater and there is none like him. Christ before me was a servant unto The Author, and that who holds the keys is above an age.

Truth everlasting, also a shield, granted so be life asking for death to cure or fix. Life repeats and shall not be at ease. For that is vain. Like a thief in the night, they watch. Servants of darkness testing the patience of my LORD.

Yet what they sought was what they could not live, because it defines the mortality and the heart. Of also we to I, the mankind. But truly a piece of it...
Was it of the dis-acknowledged GOD? Not I the man, but of it GOD.
Dis-acknowledged, and so proven by mankind; to those of self and those of defending claims, the truths are self-evident, life above and beyond me to even fathom.

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Community Member

Tue Jun 06, 2023 @ 07:14pm

You sure had a lot to say in this journal here. eek

yum_candycorn LOVE YOU! yum_lollipop
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