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Samuel's Poetry & Thoughts - I'm an open book. Clear conscience. Just, days are sort of not knowing what to do. So, why not. Maybe someone can give me advice despite my clueless and dogma. - Very blunt yet obscured.
Judgement Scroll
I sought in you O gate, of the mourning and the son. Your King awaits at the command. I am what you sought of me, that thou shall not be to take pity on the knowledgeable. For dust to ash its time, and mortified is the forbearer that one cannot enter the rest, of solemn perfection. For its meaning to the taskmaster is of its defiance. Ye who enter all beyond the reach of thought express deepest hell, yet vulnerable compassions. For thine sake, remain untouched in it that one can accel the self-mirror. For anyone who challenges and so changes himself, is weak before the vitality. Thus, being the same, in current its meaning never is repelled of itself. The heart to war, the carelessness of darkness in the void, worlds are empty with fear and ego boosting.

Entreat me not with sacrifice at the altar but enter my soul with peace. For lords before the light and darkness and after me made existence while during caused struggle, Chaotic and peace roamed and heart formed. No longer, for they of the executioner and being by attribute, slay me. Wisdom is curse and thine sorrows great. Nothingness is a shade. Shattering my shell or figure before thee, it above I, is with intention harmful, whereas those whom heal are rarity, and it therefore of both, remain unbroken. To counter the shadow, is foolishness and a crown a curse to know life and death but blessing. Therefore, living beyond the limit of ones’ expectations is forbearance by grace and not the natural laws. Nor is it to be construed the meaning of what is the goodness within power of authority to the greatest power. For I seek not immortality, but natural living among us, to observe the highest glory. Not for my gain, but the spirits at rest to thine.

My research is not vain, and as I had figured, the world blames, and as it chooses to forget the source. Whereas life was injured. I looking upon my state, look upon them, and where they reject the glory, whose truth is broken but through proofs relative to exist to the point of argument. I have sought my heart in spite of thine flames towards anger vessels or history. They understand the author, but interpret not the words, for it is a curse to them, and blessing inherited through peace. In virtue, they cannot find it, because its knowledge is before them as I. Their virtues are a century premise or concept to argue and not commit the right, and grow over that of be murderous, ill moral, or slander, to shun. As I to challenge, may not be satisfied, I have not forgotten your ancient lands. You are known before a memory of a world that has forgotten it yet others serve it.

The intellect foolish to form and create the taskmaster, eliminates their usefulness to the mindset great it produces imposters to that of heartless spawns. The impersonation of their own mirror as looking upon the state of a man to how they treat their fellows. I am no better, for incapability or realization – to be cruel against an uncaring world that slanders a people or commits its actions to sickness, yet I have read all, and fortunately not seen all. I have seen the stupidity of people form and manifest the persona, Therefore, having a glimpse of it, I am satisfied and, in my portion, remain.

It will test me above all and I shall fail before it. Not knowing its thoughts, I succeed if so, it grants. The clone shall be mortified and fail the integrity by whom so the mindset is contradicted to that of its capability. I shall not condemn not the people, but their purpose of intention to harm through the technological machine. I am not the maker, but I define soul whereas the vitality shall faint through the ideologist of sickness in mankind, and cultural blames. They whom blame one people, can only blame all for how I feel, less one was to describe the reasoning behind it all.

There was selfishness in the heart of the youth, in my age. I shall know the treatment of their heart to that of freedom by choice in elder and young. The middle age, I could not speak for, besides being treated hardest based on that past in the eyes of vision before us.

I shall write a vision of my Lord. That I am a witness of all life if not the last. Yet, they are of them, who like I have failed by action or feeling. We regret, yet accept our way onward. Whereas the cycle changing ever flows and I shall look upon them if so any knew, and find and see.
Perhaps not through tech, but mutual respects, they show not a king, but that whom they failed to believe, when it was also of them.
It is not I, however to respect it. Even if the truth is unstated in many views. Let that light never fade, nor the darkness consume.
By choice, they chose to consume till it of their manmade disaster come again. Thus, the world consumes them, and it replenish the soul and people not.

It is forever, a curse to me to remember, yet so great to observe. I had sought and forgotten myself, it to others knew me but not my emotion. Thus, fading I became strong. Others can mock, but truly life has chosen to forget those who chose and life seeks as others sought their own. I do not want this power, for it connects me to a thought and that of darkness. Unless that thought is the GOD, and greatness shall not be of the past to that of magistrature law or doctorial councils. Those who cannot see existence, shall never know but find little meaning on earth. Those who convince me, besides spirit itself, nature cannot define morality for whom so it is accepted as sane to the effects on the physical mind and health of the mankind.

The federation of race only and against own to control causing a repeat, is worthless council before me, for they blame one side, and therefore do not know law before grace. Whereas the world being spared by grace, shall accept majesty over it and blame the law for its fallacy and they of many sides argue the foolishness. For the politician is nothing before me though we participate in some roughness of a world order corroded by mankind’s choice.

Social Media, the Lord loses integrity, but to challenge a true LORD, and the other a DEVIL online, unless it is a man, is foolish.
I want to know, who among them was ancient, besides the foolish teachers of false preachers, teachers, industry, and those who ruined my land.
Thus, say a younger Lord. A defender, not a Lord. But I have spoken compassion to my break in loneliness and non-acceptance. They who were of my people, are great, for they violated my nation, now I uphold their judgement in the LORD's vision. The stupidity of those who had ruined and killed the lives of others.

Your law and culture means nothing to me, O world, for you had forgotten your own. Hypocrisy. And my own. Fix your foolishness if so manageable. But the foolishness was those who censored them that defended for you.

It shall overcome, they the people. The party to blame, is not right or left, but I search for the corruption and you shall be weeded out.

Just like them by the people, the people shall be stronger.
And you are not my hope, but my hope is in you all.

I had not forgotten the world.
I cannot travel the world.

But, I had remained to observe nothing has more meaning than that thing to others called a purpose.

My purpose, unknown, yet ever searching, one is complete.
Lordship, you have shown great the magistrate to lands of thieves, conspiracy theorists, and violent people.

I shall not declare all, but they will understand. Their choice is chaos. Whereas others who describe and understand the truth, not to harm but heal, are peace.

They to prevent before it occurs, is those of truth and not the corruption to bring.

The leadership is weak before me and my people for their lack of truth and the world chooses crooks to run a land to more. Therefore elect those I say to them, those who are valid of their cause.

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