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The Great Journey: Chronicles of Grunt
The story behind my character, and continuing short stories every few days or so.
Chapter Five: Five Years' Visit
On Saturday, a couple of days after Grunt had left his father, Grunt stands on a hill overlooking Zero’s house. He wondered what she would say or, if she would ask why he left so abruptly. Grunt walked down the hill, and knocked on Zero’s door. He waits… and there is no answer. He knocks again, louder this time, and still no reply. He knocks for a third time, even louder, and waits. Ten seconds pass and still no reply. She’s gone, he thought. She’s gone and I missed her. This is such a waste of time… Grunt lowers his head and starts to walk away. Suddenly, the door flies open, and a red wolf jumps out of the house, pouncing on Grunt. Grunt and the wolf fall on the floor, and Grunt started to laugh, because it was starting to lick his face and neck.
“HAHA, ZERO! You trickster! What took you so long to open the door? Haha! Stop licking me dang it!” Yes, the red wolf is Zero. I have forgotten to mention, that is one of her many skills. To turn into a Red wolf, and back to human, at will. Zero rolls off Grunt, and turns back to a human.
“Haha, me mate is back! Aw, Grunt! I have so many questions for ya’! Oh, and I apologize for not opening the door, I gave Mochi that duty, but as you can see, he fell asleep on the job.” Zero points at her couch, visible through the open door, and there sits a small black teddy-bear looking creature, with a zipper running down his throat and his stomach. Mochi was one of Zero’s “friends” she got stuck with because the original owner had left him there on one of his visits. Mochi was also capable of pulling any object out of his mouth, even if it was bigger than his whole body. He is also a backpack, which also explains why he can stuff things in his mouth and pull them out later.
“HA! I can see that, Zero! How long has it been? Couple of years?” Grunt said to Zero. Zero started to laugh hysterically.
“Mate….haha…it’s been FIVE YEARS! HAHA!” At the sound of this, Grunt stops smiling and thinks: was I really gone for THAT long?!
“Are you serious?! Wow… sorry I kept you waiting, bud!” Grunt said.
“No problem mate! But let’s stop apologizing and eat something! C’mon, I made brownies!” Zero said. Grunt had remembered the last time he ate Zero’s brownies; they were burned to a crisp. Grunt and Zero walked inside, and Grunt looks around. The house looks as it did five years ago. With the addition maybe of a new microwave. After waiting for the brownies to finish, they both sat down and ate. To Grunt’s surprise, the brownies didn’t burn. While they ate, Grunt and Zero caught up and talked about their lives, exchanging stories.
“Haha, yeah I remember listening to the radio, back in 1999. Those scientists sure were wrong about the world, huh Grunt? Its 2004, and look! We are ALL still here! I wouldn’t be surprised if the world isn’t even close to ending.” Zero started. This was a big mistake on her part, though. As soon as she said that, Grunt immediately started to have flashes of his past, remembering the destruction he had caused Clover. He saw himself swiping and gnawing through everything in the house. He saw clover yelling at him, “ARE YOU MAD, GRUNT?!” Grunt begins to shake… he starts moaning,
“C-Clover… Clover…CLOVER!!!” His hands sweat, and his nails grow, and sharpen into claws, and he scrapes the table he is sitting on. He can hear a faint, “Grunt! Grunt! Grunt, are you okay?! Grunt, What’s happening?!”
Grunt could feel his spine growing again, and his head about to burst when all of a sudden, he is drenched in water, and cooled off.
“WHAT?! What…what just happened…” Grunt sputters. He looks up at Zero who is holding up a bucket, now half full of water.
“You…started saying things, mate. Clover, I think it was.” Zero replied.
“Oh…yes…she’s a friend of mine… a good friend.” Grunt trails off, and then closes his eyes. He was suddenly very tired. Zero thinks: if it’s a friend he was moaning about, then he must have lost her.
“Mate, stand up. We are going to take a nice, relaxing walk.” She said. Zero helps Grunt up, and he changes. They then go outside, and take a stroll around the woods.

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