Claren was terribly late. In fact, she didn’t recall ever being that late before. When she arrived to the brimstone steps of the Underworld’s very own 666 Academy, it was already past nonus, and if she was any later then she’d have to take the æfen test and wait until class ended. Of course, doing so was not on her agenda. She rushed inside, ran all the way up the spiral steps, and ran through the Great Hall, pushing a couple of demons out of her way to get to the specific class she wanted to take. She pushed open the stone door as quickly as she could, and shut it behind her. Professor Malachi stood unhappily next to the door, with his arms crossed, and looking at Claren. “…Gë earon læt. You’re late.” He said, his left eye twitching. “Yes, I know THAT much, Professor. Thank you for giving me a firm grasp of the obvious.” Claren retorted. “DON’T BARK AT ME IN THAT TONE, CLAREN! Take your seat immediately, or I’ll change my mind about the test.” He said. Claren rolled her eyes and sat herself down next to Dubbiel, one of the demons in that same class of which she enjoyed talking to, because they shared the same views. Most of them, anyway. Dubbiel was paying close attention to what the professor had to say, and she had her eyes fixed on what he was doing. Claren however, just sat there rolling her eyes, because she knew most of the things he was saying already. She was late today, because she had spent all of the previous day studying. “Hey. Dubbiel!” She called silently.
“Not now, Claren! I’m trying to listen to this idiot. It’s quite engaging.” She hissed back to Claren.
“Oh, please. I’m sure we can both agree he’s an idiot, but if you want to learn just read the book tonight. Have you heard of Amadeus Ruck’s son being banished just yesterday? What a fool, Amai didn’t do anything to have that fate.” She said.
“If it’s the UpGround meeting you’re referring to, than he must have done something completely stupid to get banished from the high court. Now please, Claren I must focus. This can wait until another time.” Dubbiel said. Suddenly, the stone door of the class opens, and a large Demon with a Grey ripped tunic walks in. He speaks in a low voice, and tells the professor, “Sir, we need Claren Vert Flamme to report to the court at once. It’s urgent.” The professor looks at the Demon, then at Claren and says, “Well, alright. She wasn’t much of a listener to begin with. Get her out of here.” The Demon nods and walks over to Claren. He takes her arm and pulls her out of the class, and walks to the court, located beside the Academy. “I’m perfectly capable of walking, THANK YOU!” Said Claren, as she yanked her arm out of the Demon’s grasp. The Demon didn’t care at all, as long as she came with him. They walked up to the large door made of brimstone, and the large Demon pushed it open. As soon as they walked in, they saw many guards surrounding something, or someone. “I have her right here, Father.” Says the Demon. There is a loud voice that echoes through the court, and it says, “Well done. You have done your task, now you may leave.” The Demon bows.
“Yes, almighty Below.” It leaves, and then the voice speaks again. “Ah, Claren. You seem quite tired today. Up all night? Well, I bet you’re very bewildered as to where you are, and whom these guards are surrounding. Guards! Show her!” When he says that, the guards immediately line up. Once they do, an old looking Demon is visible, and he is chained from head to toe. “GRANDFATHER! Let him go this instant! What is the meaning of this?!” She yells.
“Do not worry, Claren. Your grandfather is here because he is going to attend his UpGround meeting. You were his last request before his departure.” It replied. The old Demon looks up at Claren, who is shaking. Claren runs over to her grandfather, and kneels next to him. “Claren…please, save me from this!” Her Grandfather pleaded. “What did you do Grandfather?! Why are you attending this?!” She asked.
“…Because they found out…That I was keeping you safe, and giving you a home all these years.” He replies, shakily.
“SHUT UP!” A guard screams and whips the back of Claren’s Grandfather. Claren could take no more, so she attacked the guard that had whipped her grandfather, and then tried to take on the others, but there were too many. They seized her, and they had both her and her Grandfather in chains. “What is this?! This is pure treason, I tell you! You both shall be tortured for this! For eternity!” The voice said, starting to sound very irritated.
“PLEASE! Don’t torture the girl! Send her on the UpGround meeting, I don’t care, but don’t blame my acts of treason on her, she’s merely having an emotional attack right now!” The grandfather pleaded. “Hm… I suppose your right. It’s only necessary. You, Mr. Flamme, shall be sentenced to eternal punishment and torture…Not that you weren’t in such predicaments already. As for the girl, she shall be taken to her UpGround meeting, where she shall serve her-”
“I KNOW WHAT AN UPGROUND MEETING IS, FOOL!” Claren interrupted, furiously. “…Don’t push your luck, girl. Take her away.” The voice said, as the guards took Claren away, her feet dragging in the direction of her Grandfather awaiting his eternal suffering. Claren had become mortal that day, and had for once cared for one as she had done for the rest of her life on the planet Earth. She lived then with the regret of her only Grandfather being tortured for eternity, because of her foolish mistake.