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The Great Journey: Chronicles of Grunt
The story behind my character, and continuing short stories every few days or so.
Chapter Four: A New "Friendship"
Grunt did not participate in any school activities at F.D, nor did he count as a student. Because of this, Zero had to protect, and conceal Grunt for as long as they stayed in the university, as the school officials would absolutely not have a stray lunatic in their school. Grunt, for them, fit that description, and Zero and Grunt left the school. With a final wave to Ponx and Cheese, they fled to Zero’s house, and made the long journey to the forest where it was located. Realizing that he could not stay with Zero forever, Grunt one night, left her house, not returning for quite a while. Grunt had spent the time away with a new found friend he had met, living in an old log cabin along the mountains.
Her name was Clover. She, unlike the all the other mortals in the world, was also demon, like Grunt. Little did Grunt know, that there was much, much more to being a half- mortal, than he had thought. December 14, 1999.
“Grunt! I made you another sandwich, now come and stuff yourself!” Clover hollered across the room. Grunt was adjusting the antenna on the TV.
“Ha, funny. Wait Clove, I think I’ve finally got a SIGNAL!” Grunt had been trying for many months to get a signal on the television, so he and Clover wouldn’t be so bored all the time.
“Okay Grunt, but just to let you know its roast beef…” Clover turns around. At the sound of this, Grunt was at the table eating his sandwich in the blink of an eye. Grunt speaks again, with his mouth full, saying,
“Hey Clover! What were you saying earlier to me about?”
“Oh, nothing. It will only make you a bit depressed. It certainly did with me…” she trails off. Grunt looks confused and stands to walk to Clover and says,
“Clove, what’s wrong?”
“Its nothing….I mean… as you know the only thing that works in this house is our radio, right?”
“Yes, that is true.”
“Well, as you may also know, the new Millennium is imminent.”
“Yes, also true.”
“I’ve heard, that scientists are now saying that this may be our…last year.”
“What do you mean?”
“The world may end, Grunt. After this, they said it’s all over.”
“WHAT?!” Grunt had not expected the problem to be THAT severe, and he certainly didn’t want the world to end either, he was starting to enjoy his life, as a mortal.
“Yes, Grunt. But, I have a plan.”
“You can stop the world from ending?”
“No! But I can protect us…We are both demon, right?”
“Yes…but what does that have anything to do with this?”
“I have… a power. I believe you do too, all demons do.”
“What can this power accomplish?”
“It can possibly make us…invincible. If we practice, of course. In your time on earth, have you ever gotten… extremely angered?” Clover asked. Grunt thought about this, he actually had been quite a normal person, but had never gotten mad before, he had always had such optimistic friends, such as Zero, who was always there for him.
“No…actually I have not.”
“Never?! Well. We certainly have to change that now, don’t we? This power only activates when we get angered.”
“But…is it safe?”
“Of course it’s safe, Grunt! I wouldn’t ever utilize it if it were not safe! Now, close your eyes.” She said. Grunt closes his eyes, and then he immediately gets pushed to the ground by Clover and lands on a coffee table, breaking it in half.
“AH! What was that for?!”
“Look what you broke. Our coffee table. You bumbling idiot.”
“YOU PUSHED ME, YOU…YOU…UHG…” Grunt begins to yell at Clover, but then feels a slight tingling sensation in his stomach.
His hands shake, his head throbs, and he loses complete control of his actions. He suddenly feels something erupting from the skin under his nails. Claws grow, long and sharp. The most painful thing was when he felt his head literally burst, and small horns ripped out of his head. The last thing that happened was when he felt his spine growing downward, and he grew a large, black tail.
“What…what is happening?” Grunt choked.
“Your powers…they are active. You will need to know how to control them later, but for now, we may have to put up with your blind fury. Now Grunt…calm down…only use this for emergencies…calm….down….” Clover speaks in a soft voice that makes Grunt feel sleepy. It soothes him, and he returns to his original state.
“I didn’t…know I was capable of this…” Grunt spoke. Clover put a hand on Grunt’s shoulder.
“You need rest. Now go to bed.” She said. Later that evening, Clover was sleeping, but Grunt had stayed awake. He was in bed, with his eyes wide open, and he feared that he may have to use his powers again. Going mad that night, Grunt accidentally used his powers, and wrecked the bedroom that he was sleeping in, along with the living room, and kitchen.
“ARE YOU MAD, GRUNT?!” Clover had screamed. Fearing that Clover would be in danger of being with him any longer, he fled, and settled on a hill, close to Zero’s house. He thought he might endanger her too, but had to remember that she was the one who had kept him calm, all those years. He walked to a village, quite a distance away from Zero’s house, and moved in with another friend he had met, an older man named Jack.
This man then taught Grunt how to control his powers, and to use them wisely. He also was quite an adventurer, he had his own ship, and “crew” of men he had to scour the seas of sunken items. He then, after a year of tutoring and helping Grunt regain strength, took him in, as a son. Jack became Grunt’s un-biological father. Together, for two years, Jack taught Grunt how to fight, they went all sorts of places around the world, and formed a bond that was equal to real father and son. Grunt, fully in control of his powers and ready to return to Zero, hugged his new father goodbye, and set off to Zero’s house again.

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