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The Great Journey: Chronicles of Grunt
The story behind my character, and continuing short stories every few days or so.
Chapter Six: Gramps and Returning to Clover
The next day, Zero tells Grunt about a special team called MGH. This team supposedly fights everything evil, and corrupt. They stand for justice, and good. Zero was in it, and had many friends in it also. Zero also tells Grunt that their leaders, Snake or Mark, would most definitely let a friend of hers to go in. Grunt refused at first, but looked into them. He left Zero’s house the next morning with a hug before leaving, and sets off to return to the mountain where he had met Clover.
He makes it halfway there and then settles in a nearby cave. In that cave he sees an old, chubby fellow with a beard. Grunt at first avoids him, and goes on with his day. Sooner or later, the man start to talk to Grunt and also starts asking personal questions like,
“How are you doing fellow?” or, “Do you have a family?” or, “Where are your parents?” He finally gets to Grunt, and Grunt blurts out,
“SHUT UP, OLD MAN!” The man’s smile goes away immediately and he says,
“Ok sonny… I just wanted to get to know you, is all…” Grunt looks at the man and he suddenly feels guilty for yelling at him.
“Look guy, I didn’t know who you are, is all. I didn’t mean to yell. Who are you anyway?” he said.
“Why that’s quite fine, lad. I seem to have a habit of trying to figure out who is who in this world. It’s an obsessive compulsive disorder I have, that I just simply must know who every person is in this planet. Heh, odd isn’t it? Oh my, I don’t believe I’ve answered your question, lad. My name is Christopher. Chris, as people call me. For the holidays, I will be migrating south, as that is the location of my new er; I suppose you can call it a manor.” Chris replied.
“The Holidays? What’s… the Holidays?” Grunt said, a bit confused.
“You mean to tell me you haven’t heard of Christmas?! Golly mister that simply won’t do.” Chris said.
“Christmas? I’ve heard that name before. Don’t know what it is though.” Grunt remembered Zero mentioning something about Christmas, a day before he had left.
“Well, lad…er, what’s your name?”
“Grunt. Allow me to tell you all about Christmas. I mean, unless if you must be on your way, I could…” Chris trails off.
“No! You said you are going south, correct?” Grunt said quickly.
“Yes, I am headed that direction.”
“So am I. I’m seeing an old friend. You could accompany me if you wish…” Grunt said. A grin suddenly stretches across Chris’s face.
“I would love that Grunt. Thank you.”

Grunt and Chris walked cautiously up the spiraled mountain where Clover’s small cabin was located. They exchanged stories and got to know each other better on the way. Grunt now started to think he would have to take this man in, he was too old to go on by himself… but if this was routine for him, he supposed it wouldn’t be much of a bother. They make it to the old cabin and Chris stands away from the door.
“I…wouldn’t want to impose on a friend. I should go now.” He said.
“Oh, nonsense! Watch, she’s friendly.” Grunt replied. He knocks on the door and waits a bit. The door suddenly creaks open slowly, and a head pokes out of the door.
“Y-yes…?” it says. Grunt smiles and realizes that Clover hadn’t recognized him.
“CLOVER! It’s me, bud!” Clover looks up and sees Grunt for the first time in 3 years.
“Grunt! Its you! You came back! Where did you go? Why did you leave?!” she yelled. Grunt was surprised at this, of course, because he thought that Clover would be much angrier.
“Well, I left because I wanted to protect you… I knew if I told you the day I left, you wouldn’t have understood. I’m…sorry.” Grunt replied.
“Well woop-dee-doo. I have the same problem too, I mean you would have understood…wouldn’t you have?” Clover said. Grunt stood still and nodded his head. He was also shivering from the cold. Clover noticed this, and she put an arm around Grunt.
“C’mon in, Grunt. I can make some hot soup for you.”
Grunt and Chris walked into Clovers house, which is also Grunt and Clovers old cabin, and took off their sweaters. Grunt looked around, everything was nearly the same as the last time he saw, minus the total obliteration he had caused, which Clover had cleaned up. While eating their soup, they conversed across the table.
“It sure is quite nice of you fellers to let me stay with you. It makes me as jolly as a roger to know that someone cares for an old chap like myself.” Chris said.
“Oh, it’s nothing, Gramps! I don’t get visitors often, so you may stay for as long as you want.” Clover replied.
“Haha, hey Clove, could I stay too?” Grunt laughed.
“No, you’re not invited. HAHA! Just kidding bud!” Clover joked.
“Ha, Clover how’s the TV working?” Grunt asked, with a noodle sticking out of his mouth.
“Actually, it works just fine. I got digital, but I don’t see the point, I only have 11 channels. Might as well switch back to antenna, huh?” Clover sighed. The rest of the night Grunt and Clover caught up, and shared stories.
Grunt told Clover about Zero and how she was a great friend, and if she could ever meet her sometime. They now referred to Chris as “Gramps”, because after four weeks he had forgotten about his journey and continued to live with Clover and Grunt. Grunt later, after seven months called him that by nature, as Chris had adopted into Grunt and Clovers life. The three were a happy family, and neither Clover, nor Grunt ever spoke of the incident that separated them, again.

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