The laughter stopped, and then a figure in the distance started to come towards them. The figure spoke in a familiar voice. “Hello Grunt and Zero. How nice of you to make it here. I assure you I’m in no danger at all…” it says. The voice and figure were none other than Clover’s, and she became visible from the fog as she said that. Grunt and Zero gasp. They see her perfectly fine like she said, and also wearing a cloak and hood. “What are you doing here, Clover? I thought you were in trouble!” Grunt said. Clover chuckled and said to Grunt, “Not the slightest bit. I mean…not like you are about to be.” She said. Suddenly, the fog clears up everywhere and several Corruption-based wolves are revealed from within the fog, walking next to Clover. Zero couldn’t believe what was going on. It was either Clover didn’t notice the Corruption on both sides of her, or she had led them into some sort of trap. “What is this, Clover?! Those dogs will Corrupt you!” Zero yelled. Clover let out another laugh, this time pointing at Zero as she did so. “HAHA! You’re seriously clueless aren’t you?! I’ve led you here under some serious matters… But first, I think I’m going to need you on my side. ATTACK!” She screamed at the Corruption wolves, pointing at Grunt and Zero. Each of the wolves dash towards them, and ready to pounce. Grunt quickly looks at Zero, and asks hastily, “Zero! Did you bring Mochi?”
“Yes! Here!” She replies while quickly taking off the little backpack teddy off her back, and handing it to Grunt. “What?! Why do you need ME?!” Mochi shouts angrily. Grunt sticks his hand straight down Mochi’s gullet, and then pulls out both pieces of his rod he had given to Zero. Strangely, there was purple smoke still emitting from the places where he had snapped it in two. “Come on, please work…” Grunt said, as he slowly pushes the two pieces together. Suddenly, the purple smoke was seen leaking out of the small crevice between the two pieces, and seemed to be mending the rod back together. In an instant, the rod is completely fixed, and the purple smoke stops. Before Grunt had a chance to jump for joy though, a wolf had pounced right on top of him, sending him falling backward. Zero instantly brings out her shadow katana, a sword that she had acquired awhile back, and quickly slices the head off the Corruption on top of Grunt. Grunt sighs in relief as the body of the wolf topples over. He quickly stands up and pulls off any Corruption that had latched onto him when the wolf had landed on him. He looks back to see if the Corruption of which Zero had sliced was still alive, and sure enough, each piece of the thing melted and slowly started to regenerate back into its former state. Grunt extended his rod, and then went to go off and fight the other wolves, when he heard a growl from behind. He looks back to see Zero cornered by three different wolves.
He dashes at top speed to where she was, and kicked one wolf to the ground, stomping on its head. He then takes his rod and thwacks it into another wolf, slicing off its lower pair of legs. While his rod was still in the black mess, he takes the opposite end to jab it straight through the head of the third wolf. He shrinks his rod again, and places it back into his pocket. “Thanks.” Zero said, clutching her sword tightly in case another wolf decided to come back and attack. Grunt nods at her, and then looks at Clover who is fuming. “…GET UP, YOU DUMB PIECES OF FILTH!” she screamed at the many puddles of regenerating Corruption. “Ugh, this is going to take forever! Might as well take care of this myself.” She said. She suddenly reaches for something within her cloak, and it is a small rod, quite like Grunt’s. Her rod however, was purple. Grunt stood bewildered, wondering where she had gotten the rod.
Little did he know that every cast down Demon receives on after an UpGround meeting, to fend for themselves against the harsh and “cruel” nature that filled the Earth. She extends the rod into a full staff, and then jabs it straight into the ground with tremendous force. The floor of the lair shakes, and the ground beside Clover cracks and bursts open, spurting out vast amounts of Corruption, and fast. Clover then motioned herself to direct the wave of Corruption, and then points at the two, watching the gigantic wave of Corruption head straight for them. She laughs hysterically, almost as if enjoying the pain she was about to send crashing down onto the two. “OH, GOODNESS! HAHA! THIS IS TOO MUCH TO BEAR!” Clover said, as her fangs and claws became visible, and her eyes pure yellow. The wave comes nearer and nearer, getting ready to crush the two and Corrupt them for eternity. “Zero! WHAT DO WE DO?!” Cried Grunt as he looks around frantically for a place to run. Zero doesn’t answer; she was trying to think of a plan…but knew nothing would work. Suddenly, Mochi comes from behind the two, and says, “BOTH OF YOU! HOLD ON TIGHT!” He grips both of their legs, and then shouts, “PORTERE’ AWEG!” Instantly, all three of them are surrounded by a green flame, and once it dissipates, they all vanish from sight.