Claren sought no more to try and weasel her way out of things currently; she was simply too tired and scared to do so. If Below hadn’t taken away all of her abilities though, she would have easily escaped. The two guards holding her were only breaking a sweat trying to keep her from collapsing, she was so weak. Below, of who took the form of a dragon to speak with Claren, was anything but happy as he saw her return to the Underworld once more. The dragon eyed Claren angrily, and then finally spoke. “Why do I see you here, again, without correct commendations? What will it take for you to learn?! What in my name were you thinking, going to join Amai and his filthy little friend! WHAT WENT THROUGH YOUR HEAD, CLAREN!?” He yelled. Claren shuddered at his voice and spoke. “Amai….w-was…..special in his own way….My plans all along were to persuade him to rule with me, and leave that wretched Zero…” Below looked appalled. He slams a giant hand onto the brimstone paved ground, and says, “SPECIAL!? What are you going on about, Claren?! Claren Vert Flamme, the daughter of Kammen Flamme is now telling me she has begun to have FEELINGS for another individual?!” Claren winces at the sound of Below’s voice against her eardrums. She tried to speak, but she couldn’t quite think of anything to rebut what he had said; He spoke the truth, (surprisingly) and she knew she couldn’t say otherwise. Below let out a deep sigh and shook his head.
“You’re weak. It’s truly a pity, too. Because I certainly thought you’d be able to achieve your goal. Apparently, I underestimated the inner workings of your mind and the filthy world that I sent you to. For your utter failure and the fact that you truly loved another demon-Which, may I remind you is in fact forbidden for ANY demon, you shall be punished a second time. This time, properly. Your grandfather won’t be quite as lucky as you, might I add.” He said. Claren’s eyes stare widely at Below and she screams out, “NO! LEAVE GRANDFATHER OUT OF THIS!” Below laughs at her, then replies,
“Ah, but my dear Claren, it will make your punishment more severe.” Claren tries to break from the guard’s grip, but she is simply too weak to do so. “When sending you upon the Earth, I mentioned if you do as you are commanded, and nothing else, I would release your Grandfather. You have relinquished that opportunity, and now your Grandfather shall continue to suffer until further notice. Perhaps that small bit should already convince you to never break the demon law again. In addition to what I’ve just told you, you will attend…Your second UpGround meeting, and will be cursed to a second life of mortality.” The monstrous dragon said. Claren thought about living a second life on Earth, and having the chance to meet Amai once more. This warmed her, but she remembered her Grandfather’s release was now terminated….and again, it was her fault. Below then added, “But do not think I have forgotten about Amai…Just as you will soon have to.” Claren gasped, and then screamed back at the beast.
“Quiet, filthy girl. As a final addition to your 2nd punishment…When you will return to Earth, your memory of everything and everyone shall be erased. Forever. Hopefully then you’ll make the correct choices without having to bear my witness over you…” He said with a sneer. Claren wanted to attack the ugly thing, and rip the heads off of the blasted guards surrounding her. She tried as she could, but resisting simply made her more tired. She was going to have to lose her Grandfather…return to Earth….And lose her memory of anyone she had ever come in contact with. She couldn’t help but feel as though she deserved this; but her Demon side said it was simply ridiculous. She looks up at Below in disgust. “One day…you will fall….” She said, gritting her teeth. Below laughs and smirks at Claren. “I have already fallen.” With that, he opens his mouth, and clamps his jaws on Claren…her view blackened…for eternity.