The girl woke up in a dark and smelly room. The stone around her crumbled to the ground, easily breaking as she stood up. She was cold and scared; she hardly knew where she was and the room dripped with ice-cold water. She could feel around where she stood, and only rocks and sand were beneath her feet. She guessed she was in some sort of cave, but she was still confused as to where in the world she was. She understood the things around her as well as many natural things mortals must know in their lifetime, she might even know how to talk. The only thing she simply couldn’t remember was…well, herself. In fact, she couldn’t even recall anyone else she knew at all, and had absolutely no memory of a name, or anyone else’s name. She didn’t know how she knew how to walk, or how she even knew what the names of the things around her were. Had somebody taught her these things? Surely not, she couldn’t remember anything before waking up.
The girl searched around the entire room for things she could use to see well. Sometimes she’d come across little specks of light coming from the cave’s walls, but they weren’t bright enough to see anything. Eventually though, she came upon a light bright enough to see across the cave, and it streaked in one clean line straight ahead. She noticed it shined light on a couple of objects she had overlooked when she woke up. “W-what are t-these…?” She whispered to herself, shivering from the cold. She knelt down next to what felt like a bundle of cloth, and from the looks of what the light showed they were clothes. The girl was cold because she simply had nothing to wear, and was even colder from the fact that water kept dripping onto her. She sighed in relief, and pondered on how exactly she knew what clothes were and why there were clothes lying around in the first place. She shrugged off the thought and hurried to get herself warm in the clothing. The clothing consisted of a green sweater striped with black stripes, some blue pants, some boots, a coat to wear over the sweater, and…a small rod?
The girl was finished dressing, but she had noticed the small rod lying next to her boots. Confused, the girl picked up the small rod, and the bit of light made the color of it barely visible. It was purple, and it had a black rubber grip in the center. “P-purple…” She whispered to herself, still a bit frightened at everything. She said it out of nowhere it seemed, and she knew what the color was…but how? No one had ever taught her what the color was; at least that is what she thought. It confused her that she knew all of these things, but simply didn’t know her own name, and who she was…and who anyone else was for that matter. So far, she hadn’t seen any other people walking around, so she figured she was alone until she found a way out of the dark room. Starting to inspect the purple rod a bit closer, she saw that there was something scratched upon it, but couldn’t make it out. She felt the grip, noticing its texture felt a bit funny. She gave it a squeeze, suppressing a laugh with a faint smile, but suddenly shrieked. The rod extending to a full staff when she squeezed the grip, and she dropped the rod and took a few steps back, frightened. A few moments later, she approached the rod again, picking it up in its staff form. She squeezed the staff’s grip, and it shrunk back into its small rod form. She kept doing this over and over, and she noticed there was a pattern to it. One squeeze shrinks it, another extends it. She shrunk it once more, and kept it inside her coat pocket for later use.
Feeling around the cave again, she came across a door. A joyful feeling went across her as she exited the cave through the door, making her way into a vast tunnel. In the tunnel, her every move echoed in the darkness. She walked very slowly as she was increasingly frightened of the dark (This phobia had begun when she first woke up). After a few minutes of walking, she suddenly tripped over a rock sticking out of the ground, and she feel down onto the dirt. Wincing as she tried to get herself back on her feet, she noticed a large opening in the wall, letting in an awful lot of light. She quickly crawled to the opening as fast as she could, and peered into the hole. She could faintly see trees swaying side to side in the wind outside. Laughing excitedly, she crawled through the small opening and pushed herself onto the snow outside. It was so bright; she had to wait a bit before her eyes adjusted to it. She stood up and gazed at the vast amount of snow before her, and the wide open field of trees and the sun shining above her. She knew this…she knew the trees and the sun, everything on the earth she knew somehow.
Beginning to simply ignore the fact that she knew all of this, and starting to focus on the things she simply didn’t know (like herself), she trudged along the hills of snow rubbing her hands together to get some warmth. She remembered the rod she had inside of her pocket and took it out, beginning to examine it better now that she was in the sun. She saw the word scratched upon the bottom of the rod. It read, “Clover”. The girl stared blankly at the word and just shook her head, putting the rod back into her pocket. None of this made sense; she knew what a clover was, but she didn’t have the slightest idea why it would be written on a staff. She thought it out a bit, and she knew that both her coat and her sweater were the color green. She knew clovers were green too, just like the grass and the leaves of a tree. She wondered if maybe that would be a fitting name for her. She really did like the color green, and thinking more about it, it seemed like a name that would suit her. It was decided. “T-that’s what I’ll call myself… C-Clover.” She whispered to herself.

Making her way along a trail she had found in the snow, she stops when she sees the trail led to a forest. She hesitates before finally deciding to proceed. She had gone so far from that dark room she had woken up in that she couldn’t possibly turn back now. The woods were the only place she could possibly find decent shelter in. The girl, or now as she called herself “Clover”, walked cautiously through the woods, pushing back branches in her way and walking through bushes. She eventually came upon a trail that seemed to connect to the one she was previously on. She followed it until she came to a complete dead end where trees were lined up all around her. She looks up at the sky, wondering if there was anything she could notice that would indicate shelter. She gasped when she saw a cloud of smoke rising up from the distance. Picking her pace up, she ran through the trees toward where the smoke had been emanating from. There has to be a house or cabin around here… She thought.
The smoke didn’t look as if it came from a serious fire of some sort; in fact, it looked as if it had just begun rising into the sky, possibly coming from a chimney. When Clover finally came upon the source of the smoke, she skidded to a stop when she realized she was right. There sitting before her was indeed a house; it sat there nearly protruding from the entire forest. She pondered on why exactly there would be a house smack-dab in the middle of the woods, but let it go as she couldn’t get too excited just yet. She heard voices coming from within the house, and she walked up to a window and peered through it. Inside was an average sized man dressed entirely in black, sitting next to a red-haired young lady wearing a scout’s hat and had a tail jutting from the seat of her pants. She nervously knocked on the window, but no one seemed to notice. She then decided she would try and use her voice to get their attention. Nervously, she spoke in a loud voice. “H-hey! Anyone in there! Where am I?!”