Grunt lay there in the snow, completely lost in thought. Someone might have even said he was unconscious, as he lay motionless by himself. A sudden gust of wind blew against his face which got him back up, and to his senses again. He shakily stood up, still completely heartbroken and angry. Not as much as before, but it was still inside him. He walks slowly through the snow, shuffling his way back to Zero’s house. It took him two hours to return to her front door where she waited, because he had run about three miles away from her house.
When he did, Zero saw the downed expression on his face, so she ran up to him and asked, “Grunt! Mate, is Clover okay? What happened? Where is she?” Grunt stops walking for a moment to look at Zero with bloodshot eyes. “…She’s dead. It’s over. Gone forever.” He continues to walk towards her house. “Dead?! How do you know?!” Zero asked.
“Because I saw her clothes covered in blood outside where the thing brought her to be killed. It was a hole in the snow; I’m guessing it took the form of a wolf to dig it. Whatever it is, I’m going back to obliterate it. I just need weapons. All of them. Every weapon you have.” Grunt replied, still walking. Zero tries to catch up with his fast pace, and she says, “Um, okay. You can hop on my back as a wolf, and I can ride you there-”
“You aren’t taking me ANYWHERE! Leave me alone, I’m going to kill this thing by myself!” he said. Zero looked shocked for a moment, and then stops him in his tracks. “What? Why?! Mate, you need help, you’ll get killed out there!” She said.
“I WON’T GET KILLED!” he screams back.
“Yes you will! I won’t let that happen to you, Grunt!”
“Why are you being so defensive and angry?! Grunt! Hey!” Zero runs up and puts a hand on his shoulder. When she does, Grunt swipes out in anger, and hits Zero. “Zero, leave me! I’m going alone, and THAT’S IT!” he says. Zero rubs her nose which is bleeding, and she shakily gets up. “Grunt, please…I-” Suddenly she is interrupted by a call on her Codec device, a machine that enables her to communicate with others via video calling. She presses a button, and there is nothing but static. Then, she hears a faint voice. “…Help…This is Clover…I’m at the northern mountain…across….house...” it said.

Grunt, completely appalled at hearing that, takes the Codec from Zero and yells, “CLOVER! OH, CRUMBS YOUR ALIVE! I’LL BE THERE! HANG TIGHT!” he hands Zero the Codec back hurriedly. His body begins to tremble and shake, and tears run down his face. “…She’s alive…I th-thought she was dead! Zero…I’m so sorry…please, forgive me!” He said. His face was full of tears. At first Zero is quiet, then she steps closer to Grunt. She drops her Codec, and then slaps Grunt right on the cheek with great force. Grunt does somewhat of a spin when she does, then stumbles backward. “…You’re forgiven, mate.” Zero smiles lightly and pats Grunt on the back, reassuring him that she understood why he was angry. “Thank you, Zero… I’ll try and make it up to you, I really will.” He says. Zero smiles bigger and says, “Well? Clover’s in trouble, mate! Let’s go find her!” Grunt stands there for a moment, scratching the back of his head. “…Well, what was that about me riding on you again?” he asked. Zero laughed at this, and then she instantly turns herself into a wolf. “Turn into a cat, and hop on, Grunt!” She said happily.

They both ride for the 3 miles that Grunt had traveled, past the hole with the bloody clothes, which Grunt now understood as maybe a diversion for the Corruption to buy more time. They kept riding north where Clover had said, and headed for the northern mountain which was right in front of their view. Suddenly, three quarters of the way there, they hear a loud, deathly howl coming from the side. Zero and Grunt hide under a hill of snow, and then both peer out from the top to see what made the noise. Sure enough, it was very large dark wolves, scouting the area where Clover had said. Zero took a closer look, and saw that they were made of that substance that Clover had talked about. She hides back with Grunt and tells him what made the noise. “Looks like pure forms of the Corruption Clover told me about. They seem to have taken on the forms of wolves…” She said. They both sneaked past the wolves, dodging their gazes and hiding behind numerous obstacles.
At long last, they arrived at the wall of the mountain, not knowing what to do. Grunt sits there and thinks, while Zero sniffs around the area. Suddenly, Zero gets a scent, and she starts to dig under the wall of the mountain. “This mountain’s no mountain! It’s hollow, and we can dig right under it!” She continued to dig, then a couple of minutes later, the hole leading to the inside of the mountain-lair, was complete. Zero pokes her head out of the hole and pulls Grunt inside with her. Inside of the mountain, was very damp and gloomy. Everything was so foggy, and there were caves leading to different directions. “Alright, Zero. Let’s start looking for Clover. She should be in here…” Grunt whispers to Zero, changing back into human. Zero does the same, and then they both hear a sudden laughter from in front of them. “Hello?! Who’s there?” Grunt said.