Mochi looks at Grunt with a confused face. “What in parlay are you thinkin’ of doin’ with that bloody thing?” He asks frustratingly. Grunt extends his rod. “Just hold on tight.” He said, grabbing Mochi. “That doesn’t answer much at all!” he replied. Grunt sprints toward the Corruption and before making contact, he leaps into the air, spinning his rod in front of him. Doing this was quite a clever plan, as the Corruption wasn’t very hard to tear apart, and his rod had acted as a propeller, slicing and splattering the Corruption away from them, also creating a path to hop through and get away. Grunt landed on the ground and began to run at top speed away from the slowly reviving Corruption, and the two unharmed companions. Grunt runs with Mochi on his back in random directions this time, hoping it would lead him somewhere important. It was almost as if his eyes were shut, except they were wide open, looking for places with light. Mochi decides to finally help Grunt in the pitch black darkness of the cave, so he directs him as to go left, or right. Soon Grunt becomes tired again, but they come to a bit of light. Grunt is overjoyed at the small amount of light, but there was something blocking the light’s entry. A large Corruption based wolf guards the path before them, of which also appears to be a small door behind it. Grunt is completely and utterly sick of this, so he sprints right up to the thing and slides under it. He then opens the door quickly and skids to a stop.
He puts down Mochi and gasps. They were both in a large room illuminated with green torches on each wall, and the ground seemed to be covered in filthy grass. Grunt then notices something truly frightening. Zero was being attacked by a Corrupted wolf, and Clover was merely standing there, laughing at her demise! Mochi looks at Grunt and says, “I’ll go and see if I can distract Greeny over there, you help Zero! Now!” Mochi runs off in Clover’s direction, and Grunt runs over to where the Corruption based wolf is attacking Zero on the ground. He took out his rod while he ran and roared out in anger. He extends his weapon to a full staff, then jabs the thing straight in the wolf’s eye, the rod also coming out from the other end of the head. Grunt twists the staff while it’s still in the wolf’s head, and he yanks the front part of its face clean off. The wolf topples over, leaving Zero on the ground unconscious. Grunt kneels over next to her, and checks her scratches. He slowly lifts up her head and sees that there are marks and claw scratches covering her neck. “Zero…what did they do?” he asked softly. Zero slowly opens her eyes. They weren’t the same blue shine that they had been before. They started to lose the color. Grunt takes her hand and it is quite cold. Zero closes her eyes again, and takes a deep breath. “…Z-zero? Bud?” Grunt says. Suddenly Zero’s eyes are wide open, and a completely different color as well.
They were glowing bright yellow, and Grunt knew from experience now what that meant. He lets go of her hand and backs away, keeping hold of his rod. Zero shakily stands up, and looks at Grunt. “Oh, Grunt. You look nervous. Here, let me make you feel better…” She said. As she did, she transforms herself into her wolf form which looked slightly different than before. Instead of red and white fur, she had red streaks mixed with blackened parts of fur. Her eyes glowed yellow as she bared her to teeth to attack Grunt. Grunt couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Zero, his best friend was about to try and kill him. He readies himself and tries to figure out if there was any way he would be able to get the Corruption off of her fur.
She pounced, Grunt dodged and rolled to the left where he could see if there were any places he could take the stuff off her. Zero ran as fast as she could to Grunt and as soon as she reached him, she bit his arm. Grunt yelled out in pain, and he took his rod, smacked it against the back of her head and threw her off him. Just as she was about to lunge at him again, Mochi jumped in the way and said, “STOP THIS, ZERO!” Obviously defying Mochi’s word, Zero bit Mochi and wagged him around like a chew toy, and tossed him to the side. As she did this, Grunt spotted a leakage of Corruption coming from her back. Immediately taking action, Grunt jumped right over her, and kicked her to the side. Zero howls and Grunt wrestles her down. Seeing the mass of Corruption oozing in and out of her back, Grunt uses his hand and jabs it into her back, then yanks out the Corruption on her back.
The rest of Zero’s body became normal again, and her shadowed fur disappeared. Grunt threw the glob in his hand away, and put Zero next to Mochi. Zero was again unconscious, and it was Mochi’s duty to watch her. “Whew…Gee Zero, you put up a fight, you do…” Grunt said, breathing heavily. “Mochi, you know what to do.” He said to Mochi. Mochi nodded, and guarded Zero. Grunt ran over to where Clover was, and he saw her merely standing there nonchalantly, as if waiting politely for him to finish fighting his already injured friend. “…Well that certainly was unexpected. Bravo, Grunt! You always surprise me, you do.” Clover said to him in a happy tone. Grunt ignores her, and readies his rod for a battle. “Already? My dear, dear Grunt! Must we always settle things with violence? We should talk…” Clover said in her soothing voice. “We don’t need to talk….You betrayed me and Zero, and nearly killed us. You deserve to be punished…” he said, shaking. Clover laughed at what he said and replied, “Punished! My god, Grunt! You have no clue of why I chose this, do you? It’s for me and you…understand?” Clover said. Grunt shook his head and yelled back, “HOW COULD THIS POSSIBLY BENEFIT ME?!” Clover stood with a bored expression on her face and she rolled her eyes. “The Corruption….it’s in our demon nature, Grunt. Of course, you can’t hide what’s truly within you. You and I…we have the power to rule this entire planet, understand? We can do it, and we can do it TOGETHER!” she said.

Grunt gritted his teeth. His anger was at boiling temperature, and he couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Zero, now awake and watching the two, whispered to Mochi. “…I couldn’t ever bear to see those two kill each other…” she said. Mochi growled and looked at Clover. “You won’t have to…” he replied, taking something from Zero’s leg. Clover sighed, and looked at Grunt who was fuming. “Oh, alright fine. If I win, you obviously have to give in, and then together we can try out my little plans on Saturday.” She said, casually. Grunt screamed back at her,
“Well, I suppose that could be worked out too. With my current power and ability, I’m sure anything is possible.” She retorted. Grunt had enough, he sprinted toward Clover as fast as he could, getting ready to attack. Clover slowly took out her rod, and extended it to a full staff, preparing for Grunt’s attack. When Grunt was about 2 feet away, he swung his rod toward her. Clover blocked with her rod, and countered it with a swing to Grunt’s shin. Hers had a knife attached to the top, and was much more powerful when she swung due to the Corruption powering her swing. Grunt was knocked down and pushed to the left, and Clover swung at him on the ground. Grunt blocked with his staff, and then kicked her away to buy him some time to get back on his feet. Clover swung at Grunt using the knifed edge of her rod, and then used the other to pack a powerful hit to his ribs.
Grunt gasped, and then swung his staff upward to hit her jaw. He kicked her back afterward, and then decided to add a right jab heading toward her face. Noticing his fist, Clover used her own hand to block his punch. With her strength she pushed him back on to the ground and punched him in the face with her right hand, even stronger with the use of Corruption. Grunt’s face bled. He tried using his leg to trip her while on the ground, but she caught it with her staff, and stabbed through his ligament on his left foot. Grunt screamed in pain as she twisted her rod into his foot. “Now…for step two…” Clover said, taking her staff, and lifting it above her head, ready to finish Grunt. Grunt lied there twitching, trying to do something, but he couldn’t as his ribs were shattered, his jaw was half broken, and his left foot unable to move. Clover prepared for the final blow, and cherished the bittersweet moment watching Grunt in his pain.

Suddenly, when Clover was about to end Grunt, a loud sheathing sound is heard. Then, moments later, Clover’s scream. Looking up, Grunt sees Clover standing in the same position, with a slight change. A blade is seen jutting out of her chest, stabbing right through her heart. Grunt gasps when he sees this, and Clover drops her rod. She drops down to her knees, and coughs up blood. Grunt is horrified at the sight of this, and he shuts his eyes. When he opens them, he sees Clover now on the floor, and Mochi standing triumphantly behind her, grasping Zero’s sword. Grunt blinks at Mochi with the sword in his hand to make sure if what he was seeing was true, and sure enough it was. Zero walks limping to Mochi’s side, and they all stare at Clover, now motionless on the ground. “You… did it…” Grunt said. Zero laughs quietly, and extends her hand to help Grunt up. Grunt stands, but puts all his weight on his right leg; as his left wasn’t safe to use. Mochi looks up at Grunt, and sighs. “You choose the worst girlfriends, yah know that?” he said. Grunt shook his head and turned around. He began to sob lightly, and Zero put an arm around him. “It’s alright, mate… It’s over.” She said to Grunt. He shakily shrinks his staff into a rod, and puts it in his pocket. “Let’s g-get going…” he said.
Mochi yanked at Grunt’s pants before they started walking, however, and said, “You serious? Yah can’t leave a highly dangerous Corruption-infected demon here just lying there! Yah gotta do things right, eh?” While he said this, he walked over to Clover’s body, and picked up the purple staff Clover used. He handed Zero back her sword and said, “There’s a seal you have to conduct here. It’s crucial. Dem demons can’t be left as a carcass, yah know. The weapons you and her wield contain an equal amount of energy. Yah gotta know how to use it, though. Here, take this and plunge it into the dirt next to Greeny here.” He handed Grunt the purple staff. Grunt did what he said, and he
jabbed the staff into the ground where Clover lay. Mochi nodded, and then put his hand on the staff. “Cacheter ceci demon toujours plus voir Au- Dessous de’s puissant main!” Mochi said. Suddenly, Clover’s body began to turn a dark grey. She became very pale, and then a cold breeze was felt around her. In an instant, her body was turned to stone. Grunt and Zero gasp. Mochi walks past them and says, “Now it’s done.”