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The Great Journey: Chronicles of Grunt
The story behind my character, and continuing short stories every few days or so.
Chapter Three: Zero
Not just something. It was Amai, finally regaining consciousness after a long rest. He woke up, not knowing where anyone was, and why it was so dark, when he saw a light from above. It was the light from Zero’s dorm, and she was outside, and had just tripped and had awakened him. It was getting very hot in the hole, and cramped, and that is when Amai uses the human’s language, English, to see if the things that were making noise, were human, like Below had said.
He yelled. He hears noises from outside, and then a reply.
“HANG ON IN THERE, WHOEVER YOU ARE!” It was Zero! She had come to her senses and was trying to help the man under the floor.
“YES! FINALLY! PLEASE, TAKE MY HAND, OR WHATEVER IT’S CALLED! I DON’T HAVE ALL DAY!” Amai screamed, not remembering what he had learned in “Parts of a Mortal” a written paper which he had studied on in demon school. Zero, outside, took the hand coming from the hole, and with the help of Cheese and Ponx, yanked the poor man out of the hole. Zero stared at the strange person for awhile, with a confused look on her face.
“Er…mate? Who are you?” She asked. He stands up, his eyes now having to adjust to the light. He could only see blurs of people, or figures for a while. Then, once they are clear to him, he sees three girls, one with red hair, one dressed like a bumblebee, and one with a ninja mask. The one with red hair catches his eye. He blushes, shakes the dust out of his hair, and takes the girl’s hand.
“Why, you’re a fine looking girl aren’t ya’?” he said. Zero looks around and smiles.
“Haha, see guys? He’s friendly!” Zero says to Ponx and Cheese.
“I am glad I have been fortunate enough to be rescued by such a pretty girl. Hmhm.” The man complements Zero again, and Zero replies,
“Haha! Well, I couldn’t have done it without these girls’ help!” she said.
“Who may I have the pleasure of thanking….miss?” Amai stands. Zero smiled and says,
“My name is Zero, mate! This is Cheese, and Ponx! What’s your name?” Amai puffs out his chest and says,
“I? I am the Legendary Ama-” he felt something in his leg, so he looked down and saw a rod, sticking out of his pant pocket. He took it out, and examined it. It was made of steel, and has a black rubber grip in the middle. He squeezes the grip, and chuckles at the texture of it, and then suddenly, the rod extends about 5 times its size, to a complete staff. Startled, Amai drops the rod, and then picks it back up. On the bottom of the staff, it has word scratched on it. It says, “The Mad Grunt” on it. Amai, not sure of what to make of this, squeezes the rod again, and it shrinks back to a pocket sized rod. He opens his mouth to speak, but remembers what the rod had said. He paused, thinking if telling them his true identity would affect his return to the Underworld.
He speaks, in a low voice, and says,
“I….am the Legendary Mad Grunt. You may call me….Grunt.” If that is what the rod was intended for, then he should be fine. Zero looks at Amai, or now, “Grunt” and says,
“Well, nice to meet ya’ mate!” She extends her hand to shake Grunts’, and Grunt takes it.
“And…it is a pleasure….to meet you, my lovely Zero.” He replied.
Zero sighed at this; Grunt’s attempts to woo her were just as failed as the other guy, from across her room. But that’s a different story.

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commentCommented on: Sun Jul 18, 2010 @ 03:56am
Ohhh nice story so far I write my own stories but I have not posted any yet. i came upond your profile too you seem interested in writing oh did you draw that picture the one on your signature u must like art too XD

commentCommented on: Sun Jul 18, 2010 @ 04:05am
XP thanks a bunch. You should read the other chapters, it gets better. and nah i didn't draw the picture that's on my signature, believe it or not it was Zero, the girl that i talk about in my story. She's a really good artist, in fact the best. But I am really interested in art, i love to draw n' stuff, i post some of my stuff at a guild called negative zero, but anyway this is way off topic here. sorry.i tend to rant. XD

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