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The Great Journey: Chronicles of Grunt
The story behind my character, and continuing short stories every few days or so.
Chapter Two: Maintenence, and the Floorboard
Ten years later, in the college F.D University, (Earth) one unlucky students’ dormitory is obliterated by a falling object, leaving a hole in the floorboards, and wood pieces everywhere. Of course, this particular student, Lenny Crocker, was not a particularly superstitious individual. He ignored the object making the gaping hole, and simply called maintenance.
“Be here at 7:30 AM sharp tomorrow, and I want it fixed by the same time at night. I’ll pay you whatever it costs, just clean my station.” Lenny was a man of reason, and simply could not do with a hole in his floor, especially with the possibility of friends coming. The next day maintenance comes, with six men, two equally strong twins, a short and scruffy looking man, a man with a box full of tools, enough to fill a closet to the brim with, a man with a sledgehammer, and a man who looked quite like an animal of some sort. They did as Lenny had ordered, and did it quite well, until the animal looking man, began to rebel.
“I dunno why I’m doing little smarty chum here’s dirty work, why even try when we’ll get paid the same amount? Feh. He’s mental if he thinks we’ll finish THIS load of rubbish in time.” The others ignored him, and continued to work. However, that man was assigned a specific job to arrange the floorboards to their original state. Of course, the other men DID do his work; a few thought it was unnecessary. When Lenny returned that same evening, he was appalled at the sight of one lone floorboard sticking out of the ground, leaving a small opening in the floor. Knowing he could no longer trust the maintenance people, he simply switched dorms, leaving the old one behind, open for anyone.
Rumor started to spread among students that a “ghost” had scared Lenny to a new dorm, and that beneath the hole was some sort of beast. They were half right.

Thirty more years passed, and F.D University is still in tact. However, it has many new students coming aboard this year. One of which being a young woman, about seventeen at the time, named Zero. She had just moved into a dorm at F.D and was new to the school. However, she hadn’t heard number her room was, and it was room 333, the room where the gaping hole in the floor used to be, forty years ago.
Still, in the same place, was a lone floorboard, sticking out of the floor, due to the carelessness of that maintenance worker of which Lenny had hired thirty years ago. Now, it still wasn’t tended to, because of the so called “ghost” still lurking in that very room. Zero, and her new friends, Cheese and Ponx, were goofing off yet again in Zero’s dorm, making quite a racket.
“HA AHA CHEESE! YOU COULDN’T CATCH ME EVEN IF YOU TRIED!” Yelled an over-enthusiastic Zero.
“SHUT UP! I RUN SLOW OKAY?! WAHHH!” Cheese yelled.
“You two have got to calm down and- OH CRUD! ZERO! LOOK OUT!” Ponx screamed. Zero looks in front of her, and sees a big piece of wood jutting out of the floor, and she trips over it.
“AHHH! Ugh….” Zero lays on the ground, dizzy.
“woops….” She says.
“Zero?! You okay?” Cheese runs up to Zero on the floor.
“Ha-ha, yeah mate I’m fine. Just a bruise!” She said. Zero gets up, and looks at what she had tripped over. It was a floorboard sticking out of the ground, with a hole next to it.
“GUYS! LOOK!” Zero exclaims, peering inside the hole.
“Er, Zero I wouldn’t try that….” Cheese said.
“Wha-? Why ever not huh?” Zero replied.
“Because! I’ve heard stories….” Cheese begins to lower her voice.
“Aw, mate! You girls don’t know who I am, do you? I can take on whatever I want, easily. If there’s something in there, then I can take it out.” Zero says, heartily.
“Besides! What could possibly be in there-” She gets cut off by a noise from inside the hole, and it was a voice!
“H-hello?! Anybody out there?! Its FREAKING HOT IN HERE!” it said. Zero jumps back and screams,

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