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The Great Journey: Chronicles of Grunt
The story behind my character, and continuing short stories every few days or so.
Chapter One: The Meeting
Quite a long time ago, when horses pulled our cars, something was amiss in the underworld. Ruck, the founding leader of the 666 academy, stood up, and rested his arms on a podium. It was made of rock; brimstone, in fact. He claps his hands and the courtroom is silent. He announces,
“My fellow demons, it is time now for the traditional passing of misery.” But before everyone stands, he claps his hands once more, to cease the noise, about to come.
“I know, I know, you all are excited this time, but today I have a special dishonor to bestow on someone. Amai, could you please stand?”
A demon, sitting on the left of Ruck’s podium, stands up, a bit confused.
“Son! This day you have been granted your wish to finally lead in prayer, before the Passing. Please, Amai, dishonor us all with your disgusting display of wretched proportions, before we begin.”
Amai, being taken aback by what his father had said, made him shake a bit. He had not practiced the prayer in years, and had grown soft.
“Er….yes! Father, you displease me yet again. Eheh,”
At this, there are chuckled from the court, and Ruck smiles.
“and er…. Let us bow our heads…to worship Demon.
Almighty Below, I give thanks……er….to you for bringing us all together this day….er, and helping us prosper for many years to come. Oh, Crowley, oh head of Demons, we, thank you for-”
Ruck had heard enough. He slams his fist on the podium in anger, and yells,
Amai had forgotten, again, the customs of the demon belief. He puts his head down, and says,
“I am sorry… It appears I have forgotten our customs….I was simply stating I am glad we are together. I have done no good.”
There are gasps from the court.
“You HAVE done good. You thankful mortal…..WHY MUST YOU BE AN OUTCAST?! THEY prosper with good. WE prosper with evil. WHY IS THAT SO HARD TO COMPREHEND?!”
Amai stands again, saying,
“You say, father, that it is possible to prosper on either side. If that is the case, why don’t we all prosper together, and PICK A SIDE?! Why must WE be separate from THEM?! IT MAKES NO SENSE!”
“YOU CHOSE THIS PATH AMAI! If you disapprove of us, just remember it was you who chose this.”
“I am beginning to think I should have done otherwise.”
Ruck slams his fist down again, and points at Amai.
“GUARDS! Take….my son.”
Guards, in not shining suits of armor, but simple tunics, that are worn and have holes, come in from both sides of the courtroom. They grab Amai, and are about to take him to the dungeon, when Ruck adds,
“OH! And guards. Make him attend the UpGround meeting.”
The guards look at each other, and proceed.

Amai awakens in a dark, smelly room. His eyes adjust to the darkness and he picks up a rock, in which the room is filled with. He smells it, and drops it immediately, because of the horrible odor.
“Brimstone….” He mutters. Amai hears a faint noise, like a rumble, and then it is followed by an ear ringing explosion, with flames shooting in all direction. Within the flames, a figure appears, and it is a dragon.
“DO NOT BE AFRAID…..” it speaks. Amai takes a few steps back, and says,
“am I in the presence…..of Below?” The beast lowers its head and says,
“Indeed you are.” Amai stares at it, then says,
“Why am I here?” it replies,
“For committing acts of grace within our sacred court.”
“I have done no such acts. I merely tried to bring us together…with peace.”
“you fail to understand the implications of doing that. You should have listened to your father. You now know that you lack the logic to continue being here, correct?”
“The logic needed to differentiate wrong and evil. Wrong, is what you’ve displayed today. Evil, is what I would have heard from you in the prayer, having you studied. These reasons are being given to you now, do not forget them. Heed my warning Amai.”
“What in your name are you talking about?” Amai steps back, he knew what was coming.
“You are currently attending the end of your UpGround meeting. I will give you a piece of advice, if you wish to accept it.”
“…..Go on.”
“I shall, in the name of this meeting, make you mortal, and make you live among them as well. And as you know, all mortals perish. When they do, they are judged. Don’t make the same mistake you made in the court.”
Amai looks at the beast in horror and says,
The beast looks at Amai, and its lips curve, to what looks like a smirk.
“Goodbye, Amai.” It says, before opening its jaws and starts advancing on Amai. Amai, more scared than ever, starts running the opposite direction and screams,
“I BESEECH YOU GREAT ONE! DON’T DO THIS! I BESEECH YOU! NOOOOOOOO!” The beast clamps its jaws on Amai, his view, blackened, for eternity.

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