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Ch.4 First kiss
Toushiro waited patiently at the squad nine headquarters for Kyakou to arrive. When she came outside, she was wearing a light purple and white silk kimono, and she looked so nice in it. ''Hello Captain Hitsugaya, are you ready to go?'' Toushiro looked up at her and was amazed at how beautiful she looked.

''You look very pretty, captain Shiyonora.'' He said with a smile on his face. ''Oh, you don't have to address me formally, just call me Kyakou. I really don't mind.'' Kyakou said kindly.

Toushiro was surprised with what she said, but he chose to accept the offer. ''Alright, Kyakou. Thats a very nice name.'' ''Thank you.'' Kyakou said still smiling. After dinner at a fancy restaurant in Seireitei, they both walked around talking about each others opinions, and each time Kyakou said something, Toushiro couldn't stop looking at her lips, they were so big and plumed and soft-looking.

''She's soo gorgeous.'' He thought to himself. After walking, they both sat down in the main courtyard in the city, then Toushiro looked up at Kyakou and decided to make his move, it was now or never. ''Uh, Kyakou, I hope you had a nice time tonight.'' ''Oh yes, tonight was wonderful, and the food was also wonderful, too.'' Then, before Toushiro could say anything else, Kyakou got up and said ''Look, I know why you wanted me to join you for dinner. You think that I'm the most beautiful person in all of Seireitei, and you think that you can win my heart by doing this, well I'm sorry but I'm afraid it didn't work. Thank you for the lovely dinner but I think I should go, I'll see you tomorrow.''

And just as she was about to leave, she felt a hand quickly grab hold of hers, she was spun around and she felt Toushiro's lips on hers. Kyakou's eyes widened alittle, but then she relaxed just as quick. Then Toushiro let go and he was the one who was blushing.'' Uh..I'm sorry.'' He said embarrased. '' Oh no it's okay, I kinda enjoyed it.'' She said, blushing. ''Oh, well then, can I give you another?'' He asked.

Before she could answer, she felt his lips gently touch hers again, then he pulled away again and they both sat down. ''I'm sorry about what I said, it's not you, it's everyone else.'' ''Huh?'' Toushiro asked confused. ''You know, all my life I've been popular. I was liked by everyone, even those who didn't know me liked me, everywhere I went people would have a smile on their face; even in the Soul reaper Academy everyone adored me. But the only reason why they all like me so much is because of my looks, everyone likes me because of my appearance, but I want them to like me for who I am not because I'm pretty. Even the men in my squad only like me for my looks, and I just assumed that you were like that, too. If I had the choice, I'd rather be ugly if this is what it's like to be beautiful.''

Toushiro finally understood why she said that, she wanted everyone to like her for her, not for her appearances. ''I do like you for you, yes I think you're beautiful, but that's not the only reason I like you.'' Kyakou looked at him and she smiled softly. ''Really?'' ''Yes.'' He said with a soft smile, and she knew by the tone of his voice that he was telling the truth. ''I'm so happy now, and thank you..for the kiss, captain Hitsugaya.'' ''You don't have to address me formally, just call me Toushiro.'' Kyakou's smile got bigger. ''Alright, Toushiro.'' Kyakou rested her head on Toushiro's shoulder, Toushiro rapped an arm around Kyakou, and Toushiro had never been more happy in his life.

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commentCommented on: Tue Aug 04, 2009 @ 07:54pm
ti amo!! heart blaugh heart blaugh whee whee whee
heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart
yay!!!it was awesome!!!! whee whee

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