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Ch.12 Toushiro's true love: Pt.2
That evening, Toushiro and Rangiku were both working on their own work, it was very quiet in squad ten, which was rare. Toushiro couldn't stop thinking of what had occurred at the captains meeting; and he also couldn't stop thinking of Kyakou. He saw how sad she was when she left the captains meeting, and he felt so sorry for her that it made his stomach hurt.

Then, without warning, Toushiro quickly got up from his desk and walked out of the office. ''CAPTAIN?! Where are you going?'' Rangiku asked as Toushiro walked out. ''I'm going to look for Kyakou, she's really upset about the incident, and about what the head captain had said to her.'' ''Oh, okay sir.'' Toushiro then left the office in search of Kyakou while Rangiku went back to work.

Kyakou was sitting on the roof of the squad nine barracks, and she looked up at the moon; it was as bright and shiney as ever, just like her eyes, only they were full of tears. Kyakou was very upset and she just sat there as tears began to run down her cheeks. Then, Kyakou felt strong spiritual pressure and she quickly wiped away her tears and turned around to see who was there.

It was Toushiro. He climbed up the roof where Kyakou was and sat next to her. ''Toushiro? What are you doing here?'' Kyakiu asked. ''I came to check up on you to see if you were okay.'' ''I'm fine, everything's fine, you don't have to worry about me.''

Toushiro knew that that wasn't true; he could tell just from her tone. Toushiro was unusually calm and he just looked at Kyakou. ''Why are you so calm?!'' Kyakou asked in an impatient tone, she wasn't used to seeing Toushiro so calm and it made her feel weird. ''Is there something wrong with being calm?'' Toushiro asked back, his expression still calm. ''Uhh...no..there isn't anything wrong with that..I'm just...'' Kyakou paused for a moment to gather her thoughts.

Then, out of nowhere, Kyakou started to cry, and she couldn't stop the tears. ''I'm sorry Toushiro, I'm so sorry, everything's going so horrible for me right now; all of the other captains probably think that I'm weak now because of the hollow incident. I don't even think I'm even cut out to be a captain.''

Kyakou was so overwhelmed that she could barely speak, and Toushiro just looked at her. ''No, your'e not weak Kyakou, and no one thinks badly of you. You ARE a strong captain. Don't let what head captain Yamamoto said get to you, and don't let the incident with the hollow get to you either.'' Toushiro said calmly, and then he lifted his hand and gently rested it on Kyakou's, which startled her alittle.

''And remember,'' Toushiro continued, and Kyakou looked at Toushiro, ''don't be afraid to cry.'' Toushiro gave a small smile, and Kyakou just stared at Toushiro for a moment. Then, out of nowhere, Kyakou bursted into tears, and she covered her face with her hands and barried her head into her knees as she began to cry, letting out loud sobs. Toushiro watched her cry for a moment, and he felt so sorry for her that even he started to feel sadness.

Toushiro put his arm around Kyakou and started rubbing her back to try to calm her, but it didn't help. ''Come here Kyakou, you need a hug.'' But Kyakou didn't respond, so Toushiro pulled her hands away from her face and pulled her to his body and rapped both arms around her.

Kyakou continued to cry, and the sobs got even louder, but Toushiro didn't care, he was just focused on making Kyakou feel better. ''Shh shh, it's okay Kyakou, it's going to be okay, just go right ahead and cry I'm right here.'' Toushiro whispered soothingly, Kyakou barried her face into Toushiro's shoulder, while Toushiro gently stroked her soft black hair. ''T-toushiro, w-why are you being so gentle?'' ''What do you mean?'' ''Normally, your'e always so serious to everyone around you, and you always seem so angry. But of all of the people in the world, why me?''

Toushiro took a moment to gather his thoughts. ''Because...I HAVE to be.'' ''What?'' Kyakou was a bit confused of what Toushiro said. ''I'm always serious around other people ecause I want them to know that I can be mature enough to be a captain, not that I'm not mature, but I want them to know.

But whenever I'm around you and whenever your'e feeling sad or hurt..I HAVE to be gentle.'' Kyakou raised her head up out of shock. ''And I don't ever want you to feel like I will do anything to hurt you...cause I won't.'' Kyakou's eyes widened at what he said. ''I don't want you to think that I will let anyone or anything try to hurt you, and I don't want you to think that I'll try to do anything to hurt you. I will NEVER try to hurt you......I love you.''

Kyakou was completely speechless, and she could barely speak, she knew just from his tone and his words that Toushiro was telling the truth. Kyakou closed her eyes and barried her face into the crook of Toushiro's neck. ''Oh Kyakou.'' Toushiro said as he closed his eyes and held Kyakou close to his body. ''You know what, your'e right.'' Kyakou said as she sat up and wiped her tear-stained face and smiled. Toushiro was alittle confused.

''What you said about being a strong captain, your'e right about me being strong. I used to think that I only became captain because of my appearance, but you've opened my eyes and have showed me that you really do love me, and that I really AM strong.'' ''Kyakou...'' Toushiro just stared at Kyakou for a moment and then smile as well. He knew then, that Kyakou was happy.

Then, without warning, Kyakou kissed Toushiro on the lips and Toushiro's eyes were opened so wide it looked like they were going to pop out of his head. But he relaxed again and closed his eyes as Kyakou pulled away. ''And I love you, too....so much.'' Kyakou said with a gentle smile. Toushiro pulled Kyakou close to him as they both began to kiss each other; then, the kissing turned into a making out session, Toushiro's tongue was exploring the cavity of Kyakou's mouth while Kyakou did the same. And Kyakou lost her balance and ended up on top of Toushiro, both still making out.

It had been a full two minutes before they both pulled away, gasping and catching their breathes. ''I've never kissed like that before in my life.'' Toushiro said as he breathed heavely. ''Me neither, but it was worth it. Your'e such a great kisser.'' Kyakou complimented as she bowed her head down to kiss Toushiro gently on the neck and up to his cheek and back onto the lips before pulling away.

''But Toushiro....what about the head captain? What if he finds out about us?'' ''Don't worry Kyakou, I've already discussed it with head captain Yamamoto, and he said that as long as both of us are able to keep up with our work, then we can be together.'' Toushiro said as he touched Kyakou's cheek and caressed it.

''I see. Well then, I'm so happy right now.'' ''Me, too. I love you so much Kyakou, you don't even know how much I've been wanting to say that to you.'' Toushiro pulled Kyakou down to lay next to him. While Kyakou tucked her head under Toushiro's chin and rapped her arm around his chest, Toushiro rapped his arm around Kyakou and stroked her hair. ''The moon is so beautiful tonight.'' Kyakou whispered softly. ''Yeah, it is, just like you.''

Kyakou's eyes then fluttered shut and she fell asleep in Toushiro's arms, and it wasn't long before Toushiro fell into sleep as well, only this time, he would get to sleep with his beautiful angel; and Kyakou had made Toushiro the happiest boy ever.

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