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Ch.10 Responsibility as a captain
Toushiro went back to his office to finish up with his paperwork, and he was so happy. ''This is probably the best day of my life.'' He said with a smile. Toushiro didn't tell Kyakou about the good news yet, he wanted to wait until the right time so he could surprise her. Later that same afternoon, head-captain Yamamoto had called all the captains to the meeting hall to discuss the situation with Aizen and the up coming winter war. ''The winter war will be in a few months, so we must prepare our training for the battle; captain Shiyonora, I want you to gather your squad members and help them train for the winter war, everyone must be ready by winter.'' ''Yes ,sir. I will not let you or my squad down.'' Kyakou said with a confident smile.

After the meeting was over, Kyakou told her squad members, seated officers, and her leiutenant to go to the squad nine training field in the forest. ''All right, listen up everyone; this training will allow you to become strong and confident for winning the battle against Aizen, so I will split you up into five groups: Groups one and two, you will train your flash step to increase your speed and stemena, groups three and four, you will train your sword/combat techniques to improve your fighting abilities, groups four and five , you will train your kido to improve your hado, bakudo, and any other spells, and all seated officers will coach each group to help you with your training, I want you all to work hard, and try your best, and don't be afraid of defeat. Lets head out.'' ''YES, MA'AM!''

After giving the training instructions to her squad members, she watched them train, and was very impressed with how hard they were training and how they were taking their traing seriously. ''So, you really thing this will help with their training captain?'' Shuhei said as he walked next to Kyakou. ''Yes, I have all the confidents that they will do great, but this won't just make them strong physically, this will help with their confidents as well, I want them to feel like they can really do it, and I know they can, I believe in them all.''

Kyakou was very confident with her squad, and when she thought that everything was well and fine, she senced something wrong. ''Is something wrong?'' Shuhei asked with concern. ''Do you feel that strange spiritual pressue, Shuhei? It feels like a hollow, but, I'm not entirely sure.'' And when Kyakou saw a small spark of light from the ground, she realised what was about to happen. ''EVERYONE, GET BACK!!'' Right when she said that, a huge, firey explosion went off; and half of her squad members were badly injured.

Kyakou was one of the people who were injured from the explosion when she went to protect her squad members, but only her left arm and leg were burnt. ''Is everyone okay? I need everyone who is okay to stay alert; Shuhei, I need you to contact squad four for medical assistance, we need to get the injured away from here, okay?'' ''Yes, ma'am, but what about you?'' ''I'm fine, this is nothing, now go.'' ''All right, please be careful.'' After Shuhei went to assist the injured, the others who weren't injured were afraid of what was going to happen next.

''Okay everyone, don't let your guard down for a second, it must be a hollow, so ready yourselves.'' ''Hmm, your more clever than I expected.'' A deep voice spoke from out of nowhere.

Then when Kyakou turned around, she saw a huge, bug-like adjucha, who looked very powerful. ''Are you what caused that explosion, and who injured my men?'' ''I don't need to tell you who I am or why I'm here, all that's important to me is killing all of you.'' The hollow said with a cocky tone. Then Kyakou saw the adjucha getting ready to fire a cero, which must of been what caused the explosion, and she knew what was about to happen. ''Everyone get back!!'' Right when she said that, everyone flash stepped away just seconds before the hollow fired the cero, and Kyakou was right when she thought that it was the cero which caused the explosion.

The hollow first hid himself underground, so he could fire the cero without anyone even knowing, and Kyakou almost losted half of her men because she wasn't quick enough to protect them, she felt like she had failed, but she didn't show her self-pity to make others feel sorry for her; that's not what a capatin was suppost to do. ''I want everyone to surround the hollow, all seated officers will use themselves as a decoy so we can land the finishing blow.'' ''Got it.'' Said the fifth seat. Unfortunately, the hollow was smart enough to prepare an invisible cero, and Kyakou was completely unaware. Then, before the hollow could fire, Shuhei came to the rescue, along with members from squad four to attend to the injured. ''CAPTAIN!! Do you need help?''

''Shuhei, yes, I need you to keep him busy so I can finish him off.'' ''All right.'' When the hollow was about to fire the cero, Shuhei used kido to blindside him, and Kyakou came in and finshed him off. Within seconds, the hollow was dead. Shuhei looked at his captain, and she seemed abit quiet. ''Captain, is something wrong?'' Kyakou looked very uneasy, and Shuhei was concerned. ''I...I didn't protect everyone, and...I failed my duty to train my squad. What is head-captain Yamamoto going to say about this?'' Kyakou was very worried about how the other captains, including Toushiro, would think of her when the next meeting would come. Kyakou just decided to except her punishment for her irresponsibility, if she did receive any punishment.

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