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Ch.6 Kyakou's true power: Pt.1
It has been over a week since Kyakou became captain of squad nine, also since Toushiro kissed the girl of his dreams. On one cloudy afternoon, during a training session in squad nine training facility, Kyakou was given orders to scout out the forest in the eastern rukon district and to exercise a hollow. Reports of a strange hollow that has been terrorizing the people in the area.

Kyakou and Shuhei went straight away to their destination. Once they arrived at the forest, there was no trace of any hollows. ''Shuhei, I want you to go south and check the forest and if you see anyone in trouble, bring them back to the barracks for treatment.'' ''Yes ma'am.'' ''And Shuhei, don't be afraid of what happens. The hollow may be powerful, don't let your guard down for a second, okay?'' ''Alright, be careful captain.'' ''Don't worry, I will.''

After Shuhei headed for the south area of the forest, Kyakou stayed to investigate. ''Hehehehe'' A deep, hollow-like voice laughed out as it spotted Kyakou with her zankaputo in her grip, and ready to attack. ''Who's there?'' Kyakou called out. ''Little soul reaper.'' The voice said in a taunting manner; and right when Kyaku could do anything, she felt a horrible pain in the right side of her ribs.

The next thing she knew, her right side was covered in blood. Kyakou grabbed her side where the hollow had attacked. ''AAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!'' Kyakou screamed in pain and agony; then out of the corner of her eye, she spotted the one responsible for her wound. It was the hollow that she was sent out to eliminate. ''HAHAHA, little soul reaper, you were too slow to even sence that I was coming. Your'e more pathetic than I thought.'' Said the hollow. Kyakou was shocked, she didn't even see him coming.

Then, Kyakou's legs gave away and she fell to her knees, with her zanpakuto still in her hands, trying to use it to hold up her weight; but the pain was too unbearable, and she fell to the ground. ''Hmph, looks like your'e done.'' Said the hollow with a smirk on his face. Then, before he could finish Kyakou off, Toushiro and Rangiku came running to the rescue.

''Damn, there's more of you smallfries?'' ''Look, there it is, captain. The hollow that was in the reports, and it looks like there's someone there, too. He looks terribly hurt.'' said Rangiku. ''Alright, we better take care of that person first before we...'' And before Toushiro could finish his sentence, he noticed that the person..was Kyakou. ''No...KYAKOOUU!!'' Toushiro screamed as he went running after kyakou to see how bad she was hurt, with Rangiku running behind him as fast as she could.

'' !!'' But there was no response, she just layed there, and Toushiro was finally at her aid. '' Kyakou? Can you hear me? Please wake up, Kyakou.'' Toushiro was completely devistated, he had no idea what to do. ''Ugh...T-Toushiro?'' ''Thank god, I thought you were dead. Don't worry Kyakou, we're going to take care of you, but first we have to get rid of this hollow, so try to hang in there, okay?'' ''N-no, you can't, this is..is my battle..I have to finish this myself.'' Kyakou pleaded.

''No, your'e too badly hurt to fight, me and Rangiku will deal with it. Rangiku, let's go.'' ''Yes, sir.'' Toushiro and Rangiku took off for the hollow, and Kyakou tried to keep her eyes open as she watched them go after the hollow. ''Please...please, don't..don't go.'' Kyakou pleaded softly, which turned into a whisper, and tears started running down the bridge of her nose. ''Don't....go.'' Kyakou said as she closed her eyed, with more tears coming out.

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commentCommented on: Wed Aug 05, 2009 @ 10:13pm
its coming out great,butters!! heart blaugh whee heart

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