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Ch.8 Taking a break
After the day of the hollow incident, and after Toushiro had witnessed Kyakou's zanpakuto release, Kyakou was in squad four barracks trying to recover from the past events. But it seemed to go by so slow, even Kyakou couldn't bare the waiting. One day, after a captains meeting, Toushiro went to pay his beautiful angel a visit. ''Why, hello captain Hitsugaya. What brings you by, today?'' Unohana asked kindly with a smile. ''How is Kyakou? Is she alright?'' ''Of course. She's right over here if you wish to see her.'' Unohana pointed to the second to last door where Kyakou was resting. ''She's right in there.'' Toushiro opened the door to find 'his' Kyakou sound asleep. ''Let me know if you need anything, captain Hitsugaya.'' Unohana said before closing the door to give him and Kyakou some privacy.

Toushiro walked over to the bedside, and he sat down in the chair that was next to the bed. He watched Kyakou sleep, she looked so peaceful when she slept. ''Kyakou, can you hear me?'' Toushiro whispered softly. When Kyakou finally woke up, the first thing she saw was Toushiro. ''Hey.'' Kyakou said weakly. Toushiro smiled softly and he grabbed Kyakou's hand, and he began to stroke it gently with his thumb.

''Kyakou, I'm so happy that your'e okay. You have no idea how much I worried about you.'' Kyakou looked up at him sadly. ''I'm sorry that I worried you so much; but I just had to...I had to finish him off.'' ''I know, it wasn't your fault, Kyakou. You just scared me when you past out like that; I thought you were dead.'' Toushiro's voice began to shake alittle by the thought of loosing Kyakou. ''Tell me, how much of the meeting did I miss? I know I have a lot of work that I need to get caught up on, and..'' ''Stop.'' ''Huh?'' ''All you have to worry about right now is resting and trying to recover; I've got Shuhei taking care of the paperwork for you until you get better, and I'm taking care of the meetings for you, so you don't have to worry, okay?''

Kyakou just stared at Toushiro but wasn't sure of what to do. ''But, Toushiro, I can't just lay here like this for long, I need to..'' ''Shhh...'' Toushiro hushed Kyakou before pressing his lips against hers and gently kissing her, which seemed to calm her down. ''I'm taking care of everything for you, all you need to do for now is rest, you have nothing to worry about, okay?'' Toushiro said after breaking the kiss. ''Okay. I trust you, Toushiro.'' Kyakou said with a small smile. ''Good.'' Toushiro replied back with a smile as well. Toushiro sat on the edge of the bed with Kyakou. ''Everything is going to be fine, Kyakou, I promise.'' Toushiro put his hand on Kyakou's cheek and caressed it ever so gently. ''You look so beautiful, even when your injured. And don't think that that's the only reason why I like you, don't EVER think that, because it's not true.'' ''I know it's not. Your'e probably the only person I've ever known that likes me not just for my looks, and I'm grateful for that, I'm grateful that someone like you exists in this world, you don't know how grateful I am.'' ''I do, I really do, because I'm grateful that someone like you exists, too.'' The way Toushiro was talking was very different: Instead of using the same tone he would use to everyone and anyone he would talk to, his tone was...kinder, it was kinder and softer than the tone he would usually use was.

Kyakou was so happy, that even her eyes showed how happy she was; and they were just as shiny and bright as always. ''Well, I guess I better go now, Rangiku will start drinking and will forget to do the paperwork if I don't hurry. I'll come back again to check on you, okay?'' ''Okay.'' Toushiro helped Kyakou lay back down to rest, and he covered her up with the blankets so she would stay warm. ''Toushiro.'' Kyakou asked before Toushiro walked out of the room. ''Yes?'' ''.....you'll never leave me, will you?'' Toushiro just stared at her with concerned eyes, then he walked back to the bedside, he leaned down, and gently pressed his lips to hers, and he brushed his fingers through Kyakou's hair, which was so soft and silky; Toushiro couldn't stop kissing Kyakou, she was such a wonderful person to kiss, it was almost like Toushiro was addicted to her, he couldn't keep himself away from Kyakou, he didn't just want her, or crave her, or desire her, he NEEDED her. ''I would NEVER leave you...ever, nothing in this whole world would ever make me want to leave you.'' Kyakou's eyes widened at what Toushiro said, he was really telling the truth, the sound of his voice and the passion in his heart proved otherwise. ''Thank you, Toushiro. That means so much to me.'' Toushiro smiled at her. And just before he colsed the door behind him, he watched Kyakou fall back asleep, and after he closed the door softly, he licked his lips, and all he could taste was Kyakou.

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kool . hey i heart heart heart heart it

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