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Ch.9 The secret is out
After a couple of days, Kyakou had finally recovered, and had gone back to her squad to continue her job as captain of squad nine. At the same time, Toushiro had thought about it for quite some time, and he had decided that it was time to tell head-captain Yamamoto about their relationship. He knew that it would be difficult to have a real relationship, and to be a captain at the same time, and the only other captain who had ever been married was Byakuya Kuchiki, which was different because he was a noble.

Toushiro was worried about what the head-captain would think or say when he found out about him and Kyakou being together, knowing that he would deny it, Toushiro just walked right into the head-captain's office. ''Head-captain, sir.'' ''Captain Hitsugaya, what are you doing here? Is there something wrong?'' Toushiro just stared at him for a second before he finally opened his mouth to speak. ''It's about..Captain Shiyonora...and me.'' ''Hmm?'' Head-captain Yamamoto looked confused at first. ''I think..that I'm in love with captain Shiyonora, and I really am, but, knowing that I couldn't keep it a secret for very long, I decided to just tell you now. I know that a captain can't have a relationship with anyone, but.....I..'' ''I see. So your'e saying that you love captain Shiyonora, is that it?'' Toushiro paused for a moment to collect his thoughts, and said ''Yes. Yes I do love her; I love her so much.'' ''And are you still willing to continue with your captain duties?'' ''Yes, sir.''

''Very well. You may continue with your relationship with captain shiyonora, as long as you both keep up with your duties as captains of squads nine and ten.'' Toushiro was so happy, that he almost fell to his knees. ''Thank you so much, sir.'' Toushiro left very satisfied, and the head-captain had never done anything like that before in his life; but in a strange way, Toushiro was like a grandson to him.

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