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Ch.7 Kyakou's true power: Pt.2
Toushiro and Rangiku went after the hollow that has been terrorizing the rukon district, and who injured Kyakou. ''Captain, I'm sencing strange spiritual pressure from that hollow, infact, it doesn't even look like any regular hollow.'' ''I know, it must be...an Arrancar.''

''HAHAHAHAAHH!! You two shrimps must know alot about us, and yes, I'm an arrancar. Arrancar number 19: Luichi Mieroh.'' After the arrancar introduced himself, Toushiro took out his zanpakuto, and released it in rage. ''You'll pay for what you did to Kyakou.'' Toushiro said.

''HA!! We'll see about that, soul reaper.'' While Toushiro and Rangiku were dealing with Luichi, Kyakou was desperately trying to get up and go help Toushiro, but the more she moved, the more painful it got. ''Come on..come on...I have to...have to get up...and go help Toushiro...before it's too late..tch.'' As Kyakou tried to get up, she ended up falling down again.

''Roar, Haineko!'' Rangiku released her zanpakuto, but to no success, Luichi was able to dodge the attack with his hands.'' ''HAHAHAHA!! Is that the best you two wimps can do? If you two try to come for me again, you'll end up like that other weakling soul reaper over there.'' ''Captain, what are we suppost to do? We can't keep fighting like this if he's able to dodge our attacks like that.'' ''know'' And from the corner of his eye, Toushiro spotted Kyakou struggling on her feet towards them; she was using her zanpakuto as a cane to keep herself from collapsing again, and she was holding on to her side with one hand.

''Kyakou, what the hell are you doing? You need to rest, your'e too injured to fight.'' ''I..I have to finish..what I started..this is...this is my battle.'' ''Kyakou, listen to me. Your'e in no condition to fight right now, you have to....'' Before Toushiro could finish his sentence, Kyakou stood up straight, closed her eyes, and held up her sword in front of her face upward. ''Toushiro, please, this is my battle, I have to finish it, please move.'' Without saying anything, Toushiro did what he was told, same with Rangiku. ''HAHAHAAH!! Back to get your butt kicked? Well guess what, if you try to fight me again, I'll end up killing you for real.''

''You underestimate your opponents far too much, don't you? Now your'e going to regret..EVER UNDERESTIMATING ME!.'' Kyakou's eyes shot open, and the atmosphere changed, along with her spirit energy, then without missing a beat, Kyakou jumped above Luichi. ''Cast your light into the darken-night sky!! Tsukishimaru!!''

Kyakou had released her zanpakuto. Tsukishimaru; the strongest lunar-type zanpakuto in all of Soul society: The blade is a cresent-shape, like the cresent moon, the hilt is white like the moon, a long, silk ribbon attached to the end of the hilt, and the guard is also a cresent-shape. ''HA! What kind of a sword is that?'' ''Oh this, this is just my released form, Tsukishimaru. It has the ability to absorb light and energy directly from the moon, and all of that light and energy is absorbed into the blade; the bright light that shines from the blade represents the strength of my zanpakuto, and the brighter the light gets, the stronger my zanpakuto grows.''

After Kyakou was done, she flash-stepped to where Luichi was, and was able to cut him with her sword. ''HAHAHAA!! Is that all that 'stick' can do? HA! I thought I told you..'' And before Luichi could finish, his arm, where Kyakou had cut him, began to disolve by the light; along with the rest of his body.

''Wha-what the hell is this!?'' ''I thought I told YOU, to never underestimate me. Now you shall die by the wrath of the moon.'' ''No, NOO, NOOO!! GAAAAAHHHHH!!!'' After that, he was finished. Toushiro was stunded by what had just happened, ''Kyakou, that was amazing.'' Kyakou looked at Toushiro and smiled in reply. ''Kyakou..that zanpakuto.'' ''Yes, this my zanpakuto's true form. This is Tsukishimaru (Shining moon).''

''Tsukishimaru has the power to absorb energy and light from the moon, and the light that shines from it represents the power and strength of my zanpakuto, the attack that I used to kill that hollow was one of my most powerful attacks: Tsuki Kiri haraimasu (Moon Slash). Also, the reason why I'm able to control the moon is because of my eyes, just like with you, you have emerald eyes, so you can control ice and water, my eyes are light-sage green, so I have the power to control the moons light and energy.'' ''That's probably why your eyes are so beautiful.'' Kyakou giggled at the comment.

''The moon is everything to me; the moon is life, the moon is health, the moon is faith, and it will always give me strength when I need it. I believe in it, and it belives in me, the moon will always bring life; to both Earth and sky, and to all life, and together, the moon and I will always shine brightly, forever.'' ''That was very beautiful, Kyakou.''Toushiro said with a soft smile. ''Yeah it really was.'' Rangiku followed. ''Thank you both.'' ''CAPTAIN! '' Out from the distance, Shuhei came running towards them with a worried look on his face. ''Captain Shiyonora!! Are you alright?!'' ''Yes Shuhei, I'm fine...at least, I think.''

''Thank goodness, I was worried, did you take care of the hollow?'' ''Yes, I did. He's dead now.'' ''So, why don't we all head back to the barracks, because I think I need to..AGH!'' Then, just like that, Kyakou past out. ''CAPTAIN.'' Toushiro was quick enough to catch her. ''She's alright, she's just unconcious. That's right, Kyakou's still badly wounded, we to take her to squad four so she can be treated.'' Toushiro was able to carry Kyakou on his back. ''Let's go.'' ''Yes, sir.'' Rangiku and Shuhei both answered as they left.

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