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Ch.11 Toushiro's true love: Pt.1
After the incident that had occurred that afternoon, all of the captains were called to the captains meeting hall for an important meting over the situation. Kyakou knew that she would be the one to get the lecture, and she was very nervous. ''I have called all of you here to discuss some very serious matters, starting with the incident that has happened, captain Shiyonora, you do know what I am talking about, don't you?''

The head captain ask as he looked at Kyakou with a serious look of disapointment. Kyakou tried to gather her thoughts, but she was too nervous and scared to speak. '' Yes, sir; the whole situation is entirely my fault, I had neglected my duties to prevent the hollow attack, and I will accept whatever punishment that I receive.'' Kyakou said in a deadpan tone. '' I see. And you also understand how critical the training of your squad will be now, do you?'' ''Yes, sir.''

Toushiro looked at Kyakou with very concerned eyes, but he could'nt find the courage to stand up for her. ''I see. Is that all you have to say about the matter?'' ''Yes.''

''Very well, let this be a warning to you; you're responsible for your squad and you must never forget that. The next time anything like this happens again, there will be consequences. Do you understand captain Shiyonora?'' ''I do sir, thakn you very much, sir, I promise nothing like this will never happen again.'' Kyakou said with just alittle bit of happiness, but in her eyes everyone, including Toushiro, they could see her sadness and anger over her irresponsibility.

''And let this be a lesson for everyone else as well; the situation over the up coming winter war is getting worse, we must not let anything like a mere hollow slow us down of our training. Dismiss.'' All of the other captains had left to their squads, but Kyakou was still standing in her spot. She was on the verge of tears because of what had happend, she then began to walk, but the thought of the winter war started to scare her even more, and she kept thinking of what would happen if she was unable to prepare her squad members.

Toushiro felt really bad for Kyakou, and he decided to go find her and try to cheer her up. He found her not long after he had left, but she did'nt even notice he was there until he put his hand on her shoulder, which startled her. ''Kyakou, what's wrong? You look kinda glum.'' ''No, everythings fine, I'm just...well..I need to be alone for a minute, I'm sorry.''

And just like that, Kyakou had flash stepped else where, and Toushiro noticed that before she left, he saw tears running down her eyes. He flash stepped as well and weht back to his office to finish his work, and later, would go look for Kyakou again to talk to her.

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