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Ch.3 First date
Toushiro was at his desk, holding his head in his palms. He could not stop thinking of what happened that afternoon. ''The new captain of squad nine...shes so beautiful.'' He thought as he closed his eyes to visualize Kyakou's face. '' Her eyes..I could feel her spiritual pressure just by looking in her eyes, and they were so beautiful, too.'' He said to himself.''I have to see her again.''

''You have to see who again?'' Rangiku jumped from behind, almost scaring Toushiro half to death.'' RANGIKU!!! were you there the whole time?!''He growled with a vein popping up. '' Just enough to hear you say 'you have to see her again.' Who are you talking about? Do you mean captain Shiyonora?'' Rangiku asked with big curious eyes, only to be given the cold-sholder-technique.''Yes. I want to see captain Shiyonora again.'' Toushiro said calmly.'' I..I need to see her again, shes..shes so beautiful, I just HAVE to see her. Is there a way that I can see her without anyone getting all curious?'' Rangiku thought for a minute.

''GASP I know. You can ask her on a date!!'' Rangiku said excitedly. ''WHAT? A date? I can't do that everyone will see us.'' ''Well it's your only way of getting to see her again and this time, you guys will get to know each other. Aww, my little captain is in love, he's growing up so fast.'' Rangiku teased as she left the room to await for her captain. Also to see him steam up a bit.

Meanwhile, outside the squad nine Head-quarters, Toushiro waited for his angel to come out to ask her to go on a date. ''This had better work.'' he said to himself as he saw Kyakou walk out. ''Hey, captain Shiyonora.'' '' Oh, hello. You must be the squad ten captain, right?'' '' Uhh yes I am, um I was wondering if..if you would want to go to dinner with me. You know just to get to know each other.'' ''Well sure, that would be nice, I would love to, it would give me a chance to get to know one of the captains.'' She said with a soft smile. '' GREAT! uhh I mean uh good, I'll meet you here at six.'' ''Sounds great, I'll see you then.'' As she left the headquaters, Toushiro sighed in relief. '' Yes.'' He said happily.

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commentCommented on: Tue Aug 04, 2009 @ 05:49am
Aww...my bestfriend's(Toshiro) in love...

commentCommented on: Fri Aug 07, 2009 @ 01:22am
FANFICTION!!! OMG SO GOOD! U might want to put it into paragrafs so people can read it easier, but it's sooo good! Now I understand your art more 4laugh

I-Chan Mayu
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