• Once upon a time there was a little angel.
    This angel had a lock on her heart.
    But there was only one special key that could unlock the little angel’s heart.
    It was a small winding key.
    It was so small that you could be given it and not notice you had it
    Or you could forget you had it and easily lose it.
    The lock on her heart was equally small;
    It was so small that those around her didn’t notice it and only the little angel knew.
    Nevertheless the lock and key to her heart existed.
    In the past the little angel was very mischievous and didn’t care about others.
    Due to this she was very mean and broke the winding key to a little human’s music box.
    The music box was very old and special.
    The little human cried because it was a one-of-a-kind winding key and a duplicate could not be made.
    Due to this the music box could never be played again.
    God noticed the human’s tears and summoned the little angel.
    The angel didn’t apologize because she thought humans shouldn’t cry so easily.
    But the human did not stop crying.
    As a punishment God put the lock on the little angel’s heart.
    The little angel could live with the lock,
    But she would never taste true love as long as it was on her heart.
    God sent the little angel down to earth to experience what humans go through in life.
    God hoped this would give the little angel compassion.
    The Angel’s key was picked up by strangers
    And she tried to have them love her
    And unlock her heart
    But they ended in rejection and disappointment.
    She prayed that one of the few humans that fell in love with her would be chosen by the key
    But the key did what it wanted and did not choose one of them.
    It is very easy to unlock the lock in the beginning
    But the key got worn and rusted and cracked.
    This was because of the tears she could not shed and the pain she could not feel.
    Whether the key was cherished or destroyed
    It did not seem to unlock her heart
    She realized that for humans they could only pray
    That a hero would steal the key and save the little princess inside their hearts
    But what if the hero didn’t come
    And what if the dragon doesn’t guard
    Who protects the princess?
    After understanding this
    The little angel shed tears that she shouldn’t have been able to shed.
    She saw that her heart was unlocked and she flew to heaven and asked God
    The questions that were stuck on her heart
    And God answered “angels were made to protect the princess,
    Sometimes the princess may get hurt,
    But then it is the angel’s job to find the hero to save the princes”
    The angel learned this, apologized, and fulfilled her job.