• You probably never loved me. You were probably faking it. Faking every emotion that seemed to fall on your face. They say everybody has some love in them. But in you, deep deep down, deeper than anyone could go searching, where I went, there was nothing. You had no feelings for me, and thats what made me break. I shattered into a million pieces and you never seem to mind. I told my self that I could do this, I wouldnt break, but then again, my heart broke because of what you put it through. I trusted you more than I had trusted anyone, but of course that means nothing to you. When you try to walk along the road you broke, you'll never get anywhere and you'll just get more broken pieces to mend with love. But you cant do that to me. You have no love for me. So I lay broken.
    I am the glass that fell when hate arrived because there was nothing else to break.
    I am the broken doll that has never been fixed because everyone wants the perfect things.
    I am the voice that no one sings with because people only sing with the voices that have strength.
    You have broken me. You have broken my heart, who is my only love, my fragile child, the only one that listens to me when I want to let someone in. Yet it breaks for me, tries to keep me up, helps me, keeps me happy and strong, and I feel what my heart does. And my heart never wants to feel you again.
    My heart says good -bye.