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  • Artist Info: HIII Random Person whee <br />
    who came to look at my profile!<br />
    I don't know why you are here,<br />
    but i'll entertain you for a lil<br />
    My name on this website is Nica8860<br />
    just call me Nica xp <br />
    Well My profile is soooo messed up lol<br />
    I prbly never get on so if you see me on<br />
    You just witnessed an amazing event!! <br />
    I'm not nice and I'm not mean<br />
    I'm not that wierd but I'm not that fun.<br />
    It's all up to you to see.<br />
    Well I guess I welcome all!<br />
    These pics are pics <br />
    that I found online <br />
    and I love them! heart <br />
    I use to have more mrgreen <br />
    but I had to make space<br />
    Well I think xd <br />
    these pics are cute n yea.<br />
    Well don't hate on me <br />
    n I guess we're good.<br />
    Well I fail at writing poems<br />
    but if you'd look at them <br />
    and comment/rate <br />
    I would love it heart <br />
    Well enjoy yourself
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