• Narrator: Welcome all ye who wish to listen to a tale, a tale of death and possible sorrow.....er excuse me, i mean a tale of sorrow and possible death

    Director: Hold it, hold it! I cannot stand to hear you mess it up anymore! It's "A tale of sorrow and possible death!"

    Narrator: but that is what I said right? *pause* The um, second time that is?

    Director: *face palm self* Restart! Leonardo! get ready!

    Narrator: Welcome all ye who wish to listen to a tale, a tale of sorrow, and possible death, a tale of which none of ye has ever heard of before, it starts with a simple lad, a lad by the name of...

    Leonardo: *jumps in with a knife drawn* Leonardo! All shall bow before my name and cringe in fear!

    Narrator: *sarcastic face* Ahhhh.....what ever shall i do? a little skinny lad has a knife drawn and is aiming it at me! i sure do hope that that knife isn't compensating for something!

    Leonardo: Silence you fool! you're not even a real person! you're just a little voice who speaks annoyingly to the crowd *gestures to crowd with his knife, it flies out of his hand*

    Director: Leonardo! put a better grip on ur knife! you trying to kill some one?

    Narrator: well he dosn't have to be an idiot and throw knives to kill people, he just has to look at them!

    Leonardo: you're one to talk you half witted scum bag!

    Lady 1: *walks in* Director! i can't find my costume! i looked everywhere and was unable to find it!

    Director: did you look upon urself in the mirror? you'd be suprised as to what you are wearing at the moment

    Lady 1: *looks down at self* Oh my god! there it is!

    Director: *huge face palm then looks at Leonardo* Please for the love of all things good just continue!

    Leonardo: I am the mighty Leonardo!

    Lady 1: Ohhh Leonardo, thou are so amazing!

    Lady 2: *runs in and grabs his arm* And totaly awesome in bed *winks*

    Leonardo: Uhhhh....right! yes i am!

    Little boy: *runs in and aims a wooden sword at Leonardo* And he's also mine for the killing!

    Leonardo: In thou dreams little boy, maybe when ye get some more inches in several places, including in length of thou sword, then maybe

    Little boy: But my sword is real! see? *he pulls off a wooden cover and reveals real sword*

    Leonardo: Oh crap!

    Prince: *walks in with a big grin* Why hello Leonardo! I have been searching for you!

    Leonardo: You have? *Leonardo looks at the director* He has? Isn't that kind of stalkerish?

    Narrator: Fine, The prince is a stalker, of espesualy guys!

    Prince: *nods approvingly*

    Everyone around: *gives the prince a grossed out look*

    Leonardo: Well i challenge ye to a duel then prince!

    Prince: Haha! thou and thy sword will never beat mine! *Prince pull out a sword that is three and a half feet long*

    Leonardo: Well that is longish.....but nothing compared to mine! *leonardo pulls out a 4 foot long sword*

    Lady 2: Wait! *runs backstage, everone looks at her dumbfoundedly until she returns with a 6 foot long sword* This is more like it! *she winks at leonardo as she hands him the giant sword*

    Leonardo: Avast! i will make it so your mother will question your own gender!

    Director: Oh god

    Narrator: And leonardo plunged his sword into the prince, killing him on spot! *leonarod takes the que and tries to lift up sword

    Leonardo: *groans loudly* its too big!!!

    Prince: *smiles and does a thumbs up* Aha! the bigger isnt always better is it leonardo?

    Leonardo: I wouldn't be talking prince, you don't know of anything big until it's in your butthole!

    *leonardo growls and lifts up the sword and throws it at prince, it hits him in head and knocks him unconsious*

    Leonardo: oops, round it up!

    Narrator: And that's the show!

    Director: oh god....help us all! *runs to Prince's side* Yep...he's out cold!

    Narrator: um, that's the end off the show! please be kind and throw away any thrash that you may have! we do hope you accept our sincere apology as the play is now closed! *runs behind scenes as curtains close