• The boy loved this girl so much but was too scared too ask her out.
    He was her best friend but, he was scared if he asked her out they might date and after words not be friends anymore.He heard her saying to her girl friends you guys have a boyfriend and I dont i should get one.He hears that and thinks... The next day he goes to school.
    [Announcement Dudes and Dude its big party at John's Place after school]

    He goes to the party with Scarlet.
    "Blake do you know who i like,"uhh... then he walks up to kiss her then she says what are you doing.
    Then Blake says I'm just joking around with you i got you didn't I?
    O...Very funny she says and I was joking too with who i like.
    Blake says you like John don't you?
    She says no.
    Then Blake says yes you do your just lieing too me.
    She says no i'm not.Blake then says yes you are your really like him don't you?
    No!No!No!...I love you heart You do...
    Because I love you too.

    Then Blake and Scarlet went out through high school Blake then proposed to Scarlet the day of thier graduation she accepted his proposal.
    They never went back too New York.
    Since the day there parents died in a robbery.
    So their kids won't ever be able to say hi or bye to their grandparents.

    The End