• burning_eyes Creed’s Lullaby

    So it was three years ago last month. The anniversary of when my best friend disappeared. No note, no blood, just gone. He was pronounced as a run-away by our local finest and that was the end of that. I know that he didn’t run away though. Sure, he had a crappy home life, but that is why he stayed. I know that sounds weird, but I know him and his personality. He would have wanted to stay so that he could talk about how bad his parents beat him and how his father drank obsessively, and his mother…. A cold-hearted crack addict that could only worry about whether she would fit into a size 2 dress in time for the next Miss Seattle Pageant. So that was it…. He just left. At least, that’s what the police said. I don’t believe it though. I know that he was either murdered or abducted. I hadn’t seen him or any aspect of him except for his spirit guide for the past 2 years. He didn’t know what had happened to him either, and he was his freaking Spirit Guide! For those of you who don’t know, a Spirit Guide is kind of like a Guardian Angel, except it normally takes the form of an animal instead of a human. You can still talk to them, and still ask for advice, but it is very limited as to what you can ask of them. They can lend energy, and stuff like that, but it is very…… Limited, as I just said. So, the fact is, he disappeared off the face of the earth, and no one has seen him for two years.

    So, on this night, I had a dream…. Well, Let me go back. I heard a loud POP, and then I just found myself in this world…. I guess it’s Like a lucid dream, except, the dream consumed me, and I was in an alternate reality. All of the colors were reversed, and so were the roles of the living and the dead. So, seeing this as a prime opportunity, I went to find my friend Creed. As I looked for him over all of the pink fields and dark green skies, I realized that I didn’t need to know what happened to him. I realized that I am good on my own, and that although it was hard to realize that, and it was even harder to get along without my only friend, I eventually realized…. That I was a stronger person, although a less sensitive one. I realized that…… I needed a friend. So, with this thought in mind, I decided to stop looking for Creed. At that moment, I found him.

    Where have you been?
    Here….. Where have you been?
    What do you mean ‘here’? This is a dream, you can’t have been here for two years!
    It’s Not a dream. Why do you think that I have been missing? I’ve been consumed by this world. I don’t know how or why, but I don’t fight it. There’s food, there’s water, and there’s animals. What else could you need?
    Umm…. People to talk to?
    I have the animals.
    Video Games?
    Not a nessicity.
    I give up.
    Good. So now I guess I can go back start to wonder why you’re here now too!
    Yeah…. Creed?
    Yeah man?
    What is this world?
    I dunno. I just call it Lullaby ‘cause I sleep here most of the time. That’s all there is to do, mostly.
    That’s cool. I wonder why we’re here…..
    Isn’t it obvious? Creed said, abruptly.
    No….. What?
    This is where we go….. I’ve been watching you, and from this place, and you were…… shot.
    What? How? When?
    Didn’t you wonder why you came here after hearing that noise?
    Yeah, I just thought that it was a dream, or my Dog or something!
    I’m afraid not, man. You were shot. You don’t believe me? Here, take a look….

    And out of his backpack, he drew a mirror. In this mirror, was a reflection of my room, but there was something horribly wrong… With both the room and the area around it. The aura surrounding the mirror began to expand, and soon, it curled in on itself and it turned into an orb. A shadowy orb.
    Touch it, Creed said.
    I barely poked it with my finger, and there it was, my old room, but there was something horribly wrong. There was red stuff all over the walls, ceilings, and the carpet. There were the reflections of police lights in the window, and I…I… Heard crying from another room. And there I saw myself….. Or, what used to be me. There was a headless torso on the bed, wrapped up in the sheets. The hands were gone too, now that I looked closer. Then I watched the police come in, take a quick look around, and then he withdrew from the room. Then the paramedics arrived. The wrapped what was left of my body in the big black bag, and then took it out. Now the crying voice was sobbing hysterically, and I heard someone say over and over again, Why? Why? Why?

    If I had a heart, it would have collapsed on itself by now…… This was too freaking realistic. I shuddered, and then drew a breath. This was too intense. But I kept listening in. With all of my might, I drew myself up and I walked into the next room, the one where my parents slept……

    Ma’am, your son was murdered….. came from a voice with a thick southern drawl. I immediately recognize it as Officer Dale, the same person who had confirmed Creed to be a Run-away.
    More hysteric sobs from my Mom. What an a**, I thought to myself. Sure, it’s not easy to tell a parent that their son had been shot, but surely, there was a better way.
    Ma’am, I need you to sigh-n this po-leece report, sayin’ that your son was murdered.
    I heard her whimper, and I then realized that I wasn’t breathing anymore. I then took a second to figure out why I didn’t need to breath anymore, and then I guessed that ghosts, or whatever I am, weren’t big offenders on the taking-up-the-air list….
    Ma’am? Officer Dale called, making sure not too much of the hostility left over from finding out about his wife’s affair left his breath.

    Another Whimper. I couldn’t stand it anymore…… I left, and though I have no clue how I did it, I emerged from the orb. Creed was standing there, with a long look on his face.

    Well, where the hell are we?
    Still in Lullaby….
    Well, what is Lullaby?
    As far as I understand, it’s Purgatory. Not Heaven, not hell. A place in between, not unlike Earth, but as far as I know, we’re the only people here.
    I’ll be blunt. I’m your Guardian Angel. I’m here to cross over with you.
    But why? Why didn’t you cross over by yourself?
    Because I was sent here by God. I’m supposed to wait for you! I knew what would happen to me, to you, and to everyone else. It’s not like I could warn you, because if I did, you’d try to change the future…… So, if you’re my Guardian Angel, why didn’t you try to make other friends? Why didn’t you try to warn other people?
    Well, to be honest, I was to be your only friend. I didn’t want people to think that I was anyone else’s Guardian Angel. There are others?
    Of course! He said with a grin on his face…..
    Are you ready to cross over?
    I guess.
    Oh! Wait, there’s one more thing I need to show you before we leave Lullaby.
    He drew his mirror out again, only it was different in some ways, and he tapped it three times.
    This will show you your life, in any order you would like, from any angle you would like, once you’re done, get out so we can head on.

    I took a long, hard look at the mirror for a second. I then tapped it, and the orb came out again, except, this one was a sort of light-grayish color, and Creed only looked at it. I touched it, with just one finger, and it took me away to see my life.

    For a moment, nothingness swirled around me. Just a blur of motions, smells, tastes, and other tiny bits of what ever else was swirling around my head at the time. I realized that I didn’t really need to see my life, so I instantly thought myself out of it, this time I knew how to do it.

    That’s all? That was quick, Creed said. So I then picked myself up from the ground, dusted myself off, and headed for…..
    Where are we headed too, again?
    Here, hold my bag for a second….
    And this time, he withdrew a third mirror, and this one was pure black…. My favorite color. He tapped this one five times, and from this mirror withdrew a puuure white orb… White like this finest snow that covers the ground on the most perfect imaginable White Christmas.
    You first, Said Creed.
    I decided I’d do something cool this time, I jumped full force into it. I was embraced by a blinding white light, and then…… I landed.

    The End……